Football Betting Code

Football Betting Code: Code Breaker, or Code Red?!

A new football betting service, called Football Betting Code, landed on my virtual desk today. It appears to be from the Rochdale Road gang and, if you're familiar with this crew, then you'll understand me immediate concerns about the product.

First, though, let me get the administration out of the way. It's an email advisory service, it costs £29 one off for six months (strange for an advisory service, more alarm bells ringing), and there's nowhere to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email (the alarms on the alarm bells are now ringing!).

This looks like a total list-building tool for the scammers. And, whilst I suspect that's what it is, I'll keep the faith for a few days, and track the results on this page. So, before this kangaroo court damns the Football Betting Code beyond recall, let's give it a fair hearing...


Final Verdict:

I've been tracking Football Betting Code since for the last month and, in that time, it has proven to be a yo-yo system. Early small profits were consistently wiped out the next day.

More recently I've found the staking to be erratic to say the least, with bigger stakes being applied to claw back deficits. Had Manchester United not been so fortunate to overcome West Brom on Sunday, the service would have been showing a loss of 19% of the bank, with no real idea of how to recover it.

As it was, the bank took a hit of 12.8% in four weeks. Not terrible by any stretch of the imagination. But... But I just get the impression that this isn't a reliable long-term proposition.

The number and range of bets are reasonable, in my opinion, but the staking is scary. Level staking would have also shown a loss.

Ultimately, I'm not happy that we've yet cracked the Football Betting Code, and I can't recommend this one.