May 2008: Lay 51 Operation Review

Scumbags and scam artists, dear reader, are rife in these waters.

But this time they've actually gone too far. With a new product which is authored by someone called Dean Jarvis.

"Lay 51 Operation uses a little known betfair element that 99.99% of punters don't know about", goes the marketing drivel.

Believe me, its tosh. But worse than that, the whole system is predicated on a single unforgivable, inexcusable lie.

There are two rules for the system, and the example didn't even match one of them! It was claimed to have satisfied the criterion, but a (very) simple search for the horse on and examination of the form to locate the race, demonstrates beyond question that this was an outright lazy lie.

I try to keep an open mind when reviewing horse racing products, but this is just not cricket.

Beware the charlatans who can't be trusted.

I'm done now.

And no, my horses didn't run very well today... ;o)