August 2007: Lay365 Review

A couple of things stand out about this service immediately:

1) The contact email address is a hotmail address. Would you trust a service that doesn't even have its own domain emails? (Maybe, but I sure wouldn't!)

2) There is no free trial

3) There is no money back guarantee.

Now points 2 and 3 are interchangeable. That is, if there's no free trial, that's ok as long as I can paper trade and - if I'm losing money - get a refund. Equally, if I've been able to trial something to my satisfaction, I should then be prepared to part with my cash without a guarantee.

In the case of this site, there is no online payment option. Rather, to sign up you need to set up a standing order.

Whilst this is not standard, there's nothing especially wrong with it: you have control over the Standing Order and can cancel any time. But I'd still expect to see an online payment option (like PayPal or Clickbank or Nochex, etc).

Be all that as it may, how do the selections stack up?

Well, from June 27th to now, one disappointed reader writes to tell me:

"After about 3 losers he gave a 7-1 winner, then a couple of
bets later he gave another good odds winner. Then I was over �300 down
but going on his past results I thought I'd have a good chance of recuperating
the loss - very nearly did.
I stuck it out 'til July 27th and was almost at break-even so I decided to continue.
A BAD decision. His bets that win are always at much higher odds than
he claims and after writing two very straight emails to him, he didn't reply
I have asked twice to a refund but they say that they don't give refunds.
My �600 starting bank using only his tips at 5% of the bank (�30) I am
now about �350 down and if you include the 2 subs of �30 each I'm
well over �400 out of pocket.
You can NEVER get the advertised odds
I was one point short of break-even near the end of July when he gave
2 winners from 3 bets (maybe 4) This knocked me further back then he
gave another fair priced winner so I've had to stop or I'll be in the workhouse.
He gave a loser on August 1st but since then hasn't dared to put his results up
A good piece of advice to anyone trying a service is to ask if there's a money
back guarantee if not satisfied."

Indeed, since the start of August, things have taken a turn for the worse, with the following results:

Won 7-2,
no bet,
Won 11-4,
no bet,
Won 9-4,
Won 2-1
no bet
no bet
Won 4-1 Five winners four losers with one day missing.

Lay365 gets a big thumbs down from me, based on this evidence, and - as my correspondent correctly points out - the owner of the site has stopped putting up the results now.

Avoid this one.