Review: May 2009

System Claims - 2008

As stated in my initial overview of The Protege, very bold and impressive claims have been made for this system in both the advertising for it and within the manual once you purchase it. To reiterate a couple of examples:

“752 points level stakes profit to SP achieved in the 2008 Flat Turf Season. 1082 points to Tote enhanced odds and 1131 points to Betfair SP.”

“Out of 212 betting days the system was operated in the 2008 flat system, on only 18 of those days I didn’t go to my bookmakers counter to collect.”

Overall the returns for 2008 are shown as £75,248 at SP; £108,288 at Tote and £113,167 at Befair SP. Winning SPs of up to 66/1 are listed.

Mode of Operation

The system itself appears very simple to operate, but can be quite time consuming, using the Racing Post Online, Sporting Life Online or the Racing Post newspaper. In essence the system covers specific race types and specific trainer/owner combinations. These combinations are quoted as “making up about a third of the whole flat racing calendar.

It quotes a 100 point bank as being sufficient which would equate to £1000 at £10 per point, level stakes are recommended.

System Results – May 2008

Qualifying races = 177

Winners = 102

Losers = 375

Average selections per race = 2.7

Days without finding a winner in the month = 1

Level Stakes Profit to SP = 72 points

Actual Results (12th May – 30th May 2009)

Qualifying races = 133

Winners = 52

Losers = 229

Average selections per race = 2.27

Days without finding a winner in the month = 1

Level Stakes Profit to SP = - 72.8 points (loss)


The overblown claims clearly do not stand up in our review. Only 18 losing days out of 212 are quoted for the whole of 2008, yet we have experienced 16 losing days out of 19 in 2009.

It appears very clear to me that this “system” was developed on the basis of back fitting the results of 2008 and such hindsight does not necessarily equate to foresight, as our review has shown, for subsequent seasons.

The trainer/owner combinations identified in the system have been around for a number of years. To that end, I would have expected any genuine system to have provided data for at least 3 years not just one. Additionally, any serious system should provide photocopies of betting slips or Betfair statements to back up any claims. None of this is provided.

Save yourself £95 and an awful lot more by steering well away from this system. This system is no road to riches more a road to ruination. I have provided Matt with a detailed spreadsheet of all selections and this includes a full analysis by race type etc., In the meantime, happy and successful punting.

This spreadsheet is available here: Protege Horse Racing System Review Results
Final Score: 4 out of 10