Sams Lucky 9 Lays Review

Sam's Lucky 9 Lays

Sam's Lucky 9 Lays

Sam's Lucky 9 Lays is promoted and  maintained by Betfan by their Bet Management Service. It is a laying service that supplies 1-2 selections a day and available at a cost of £9.99/week. On signing for the service you are supplied by Betfan with login details to their website that allows you to see the selections as well as previous results. One small point is that the results do not deduct commission but are at BSP.

Every morning at about 09:00 an email with the Sams Lucky 9 Lays selections is received. Betfan send out the selections and answer very promptly any questions that you may have. All my questions were answered within one hour.

For the duration of the Sams Lucky 9 Lays review the selections will be recorded to a 1pt stake with 5% deduction for 45 days. The selections suggest a maximum lay price of 9.0, hence the "9" in Sam's Lucky 9 Lays. 

From the start of the review it was generally the norm to receive one or two selections per day. However, on the 15th February after receiving this level of selection from the service there was a radical change in the number of selections coming from Sams Lucky 9 Lays. On the 15th there were 8 selections, one the 16th there were 11 selections, 13 selection on 17th and 18th respectively. I contacted Betfan who send the emails out to the members and asked if Sam was still sending the selections, to which I received the following reply:-

"I agree that this seems odd and thought the same myself when I sent them out to be honest but it is 100% still Sam sending me the tips."

Then later received this from Sam Messenger:-

"Hi there
The selection process remains the same.
Before i was narrowing down to try to find the best lay of the day,but was finding we were missing out on many succesful lays.
Any further questions feel free to ask.

It is my belief that any service that radically changes the conditions should inform all the paying customers why.   I can now, at the end of the review period, report that the service now appears to have returned to the original style of 2-3 selections a day.

At the end of the review I can report the following results for Sams Lucky 9 Lays.

Including all the results up to the 26th February, over a period of 45 days.

114 selections at an average odds of 5.26.
89 winning selections at an average odds of 5.44.
25 losing selections at an average odds of 4.59.
Starting with a bank of 100 points it finished with a loss of  -5.20 points.
A strike rate of 78.07% was achieved.

Sams Luicky 9 Lays had its worst period between 29th January- 14th February with 19 selections producing 10 losing selections. It was at this point that the service changed and in my opinion the selector started to "chase" in an attempt to improve the results. This worked until 25th February when four horses won and removed some of the previous gains(it could have been worse as one selection, out of odds range, won at 15.50)

In the short period that the review took place the selections did not appear to form any pattern. It did not select from any particular type of race but did appear to choose horses in the first three in the betting and did at times find some short price winning selections ( some part of this was due to non runners)

With the selections that are being made it requires at least an 80% strike rate to make a profit. Sams Lucky 9 Lays' results are not good enough to make a profit, the selection process (if there is one) is not working.

With the change  in the number of selections that are being given and with the fact that this change happened without informing the subscribers I cannot recommend Sams Lucky 9 Lays.