The Selector2 System Review.

The trial is over and while the Selector2 didn't exactly go out in a blaze of glory it did manage to go out with a much needed 2/1 winner.
This enabled the trial to end with a profitable day and only a very small level stakes loss for the fortnight.

Firstly the stats;

The selector2 picked 90 selections over 13 days from which it had 22 winners (8 non runners). Just under a 27% strike rate.

The biggest priced winner being 6/1 and the shortest 2/9.

It's best day's trading saw a profit of +8 points (twice) and it's worst day gave a loss of -7 points.

Overall, it lost -1.87 points at starting price to a level stakes of 1 point.


As I have said throughout my review the software itself is pretty basic and the selection process quite simple.
It definitely takes longer than 2 minutes to retrieve the selections but it is all automated and the days picks are laid out clearly for you.

Once you have seen the selection process you may feel that the software application is not entirely necessary and perhaps it would have been better to create an 'air of mystery' and just list the days horses without showing the selection method.

I've also had a few issues with the spelling and the lack of an Instruction Manual but the vendor James has assured me these problems are being addressed.

As for the results themselves, I don't think the small -1.87 level stakes loss is anywhere near a disaster and it was showing a healthy profit for a long time.

It's a real shame that after such a promising start the Selector hit a bad patch just as the trial was coming to an end.
Every system has it's losing runs and evidently this one is no different but it also has shown that it can pick winners too, and decent priced winners at that.

Obviously, all you Betfair savvy punters would be helping yourself to the enhanced odds on offer and you could probably argue that the Selector actually showed a profit using Betfair SP.


Either way it certainly didn't make or lose anyone a fortune and I think this is where this system the middle.

It certainly isn't a bad system but I don't think it's a great one either. Obviously a two week snap-shot isn't going to tell the whole story but from what I've seen it only takes a couple of bad days to wipe out some hard earned profits.

For those of you who like backing plenty of horses a day and having winners on a regular basis then you'll find the Selector2 delivers on both counts. It has shown itself more than capable of having it's good days with plenty of decent priced winners and if that's what you are searching for, then you could do a lot worse than The Selector2.

But our search for that infallible, Holy Grail of systems continues............

You can see the sales pitch and read all about The Selector2 by clicking below;

The Selector 2