Racing Winners Overview / Day 1 Results


The "Racing Winners” system is a horse betting system that encompasses Turf meetings only (Flat and National Hunt racing). To understand the system requires some previous experience, patience and time and on that basis this system is probably unsuitable for beginners.

Selections can be found using the Racing Post Online (recommended by the author), there are currently no costs associated  with viewing the requisite information on this site. The selection method is, in my view, at times ambiguous so it is possible that people could identify different selections on any given day which clearly should not be the case. Consistent reproducibility is a key requirement for any system.

To quote the website directly "Discover how you can double your betting bank within the first three months through backing the correct horses in certain types of races using a brand new system for 2010 called Racing Winners"

System Claims

"With these methods you will have all the necessary requirements, to have long term success with your betting & not to blindly follow the crowd. With the backing odds of these methods, we only need an approximate strike rate of 20%, which means we only need to win only one in every five selected races. Current strike rate using these methods is 23% at average backing odds of 6.8. Since we began applying all of the methods back in August 2008, we have experienced 21 months of profit; 2 months of small losses, the biggest winning month of profit to date is £2112.35; the highest losing month to date is -£279.73.

You do need to be able to follow rules, spend approximately 30 minutes per betting day on form study & to be able hold your discipline due to the strike rate of about 20%, but because of the odds these methods find, it will enable us to continue to make a steady profit."

The System

The system arrives as a 47 page document and costs £19.00. Given the overpriced non-performing fare we are regularly exposed to, this makes quite a refreshing change. The system comes with both email assistance and a 60 day money back guarantee via ClickBank.

The "Racing Winners" system is a ratings based system which concentrates on the top 6 horses in the betting for particular handicap races. As the author suggests placing no more than 2 bets per day there will often be more qualifying races than bets. There is no reason at all why you couldn't have a bet on all qualifying races if you so wished

Selection Method

1). Identify qualifying races (UK only) using the Racing Post Online service.

2). Analyse a maximum of 4 qualifying races using the Racing Post Online service.

3). From the analysed races pick the best value bets to a maximum of 2 bets per day.

4). Betfair is recommended for placing bets, qualifying bets should be greater than 3.0 (Betfair) or 2/1 (Bookmakers).

Your first 30 days for just £1

5). Bets should be placed at least 15 minutes before the off.

6). Individual bets should be no more than 2% of your betting bank.

Starting Bank

None recommended but for the purpose of the review we will use £500.


2% of betting bank.

The Review Period

Initially the review will run from the 21st August - 30th September 2010.


Day 1 Selections and Results – 21st August 2010

Selections today:

Newton Abbot 16.30 - Misamon (6th 13/8f, opened 9/4) - stake (2% of bank) = £10.00

Perth 16.35 - Bari Bay (5th 5/2) - stake (2% of bank) = £9.80

Loss on the day =  - £19.80

Accumulated (Loss) = £19.80 (Accumulated bank = £480.20)

Check out Racing Winners here.

Happy punting.


Your first 30 days for just £1