Fast Finishers

How It Works

The Fast Finishers (FF) report displays a list of those horses who finished more than 2.5% quicker than the race finishing time in the closing (C) section.

It is sorted by race time but users may change that by clicking any column heading.

As well as today’s race time, track, and horse name, the report displays the date, course and finishing position in the FF race, as well as that race's tempo, the number of runs from this horse since, the race and horse finishing speed percentages, and the percentage difference between the two and, finally, the sectional upgrade figure achieved by the horse..

As with all Geegeez reports, there is a ‘Today’ and a ‘Tomorrow’ (for the next day’s racing) view. And users may select qualifiers at a specific track from the dropdown.

Qualifiers may also be exported to csv.

HINT: Look for a recent FF race (perhaps 0-3 runs since) and a race tempo that today's pace map suggests might be similar.

[ Please refer to our User Guide for further information ]