Hot Form

How It Works

Hot Form allows users to specify a time period – 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, or 90 days – and the report will display the subsequent race performance for all* races associated with today’s entries.

*To be displayed on Hot Form, a previous race must have satisfied at least one of the following criteria:

4 or more winners out of the race
8 or more placed horses out of the race
20% or more winners out of the race
50% or more placed horses out of the race

This is a great report for understanding the merit of a horse’s form. Was it a good race that our fancy won last time out? Or were the horses he beat very slow? This report tells us.

Users can select today’s racing or tomorrow’s, and can sort the report by whichever column heading they prefer.

HINT: The key to using this report may be to find those horses who finished close up in the ‘hot race’ in question, where that hot race has worked out well since.

[ Please refer to our User Guide for further information ]