Sire Snippets

    How It Works

    Understanding the influence a stallion (or sire) has had on his offspring (or progeny) can be very helpful, especially when a horse has little or no form, or is trying a significantly different set of circumstances in today's race.

    The Sire Snippets report shows the TWO YEAR record for all sires with runners today/tomorrow. Each blue button is broken down by sire into groups, as follows:

    • All runs for the sire in the last two years
    • Race Type
      • Flat Turf, AW, NHF, Hurdle, Chase, Hunter Chase
    • Distance Range
      • FLAT: Sprint (less than 7.5 furlongs) / Middle Distance (7.5 - 11.5 furlongs) / Staying (greater than 11.5 furlongs)
      • JUMPS: Speed (less than 19.5 furlongs) / Middle Distance (19.5 - 25 furlongs)/Marathon ( greater than 25 furlongs)
    • Age Range
      • FLAT: 2yo / 3yo / 4yo+

        JUMPS: 3-5yo / 6-8yo / 9yo+

    Clicking on any row will reveal the entries for that sire/range pairing. And clicking on the entry will open the race in a new tab.

    HINT: Look for a good sample size – ideally 25 or more – combined with a decent win percentage (15%+), and an A/E of 1.2 or higher.

    [ Please refer to our User Guide for further information ]

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