Below are today's non-runners

All of today’s current non runners are listed on this page. You’ll also find further information here about the horse racing non runners today which includes the time of the race, the course, the trainer and the jockey.

This report is perfect for those searching for any horses not running today that were previously amongst the final declarations.

Some trainers are more likely to declare their horses as non runners than other trainers. This information can be quite useful and is found on the BHA website here.

There is only a very short delay between the BHA publishing non runners and those same non runners today being published on this page.

There is a full list of non runners above and these are the horses that have been withdrawn for a variety of reasons. The reasons can include the going, travel, not eating up, a vet’s cert or a self cert.

On days where there is unsettled weather you can often see a huge number of horse withdrawals due to changes in the going.

Non-runners not only have an effect on the deductions that will be applied to a race but it can also affect a number of other important race factors such as draw and pace. A runner with an unfavourable high draw will break from a lower stall for every lower drawn non runner there is in a race. So if a horse is drawn in stall 8 it may be considered very poorly drawn at some courses. However three lower drawn non runners would mean the horse then comes out of stall 5 which could be much more favourable.

This is why the geegeez draw tab and draw analyser allow users to look at which equivalent stall runners have actually broken from, taking into account non runners, rather than just the number in which they were drawn. The draw data may otherwise be quite misleading.

Withdrawn horses can also have a huge effect on how races are run. A contested early speed might compromise the chances of runners that are expected to be up with the pace and improve the chances of runners that are likely to be held up. If some of those pace horses become non runners then you could end up with lone speed, or even a very sedate gallop. In many races that there are non runners the eventual result can be affected, even if the withdrawn horses weren’t going to play a part in the finish.

Fewer runners can mean a more compressed draw, less early speed and less traffic problems during a race amongst other things.

The rule 4 deduction in a race is dictated by the prices of the non runners at time of withdrawal with a given bookie. Depending on the price of the non runner the rule 4 can range from 5p to 95p. Runners that are pulled out at 16/1 or above do not create a rule 4 deduction.

You can find out more about rule 4 deductions on our rule 4 page.


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