Horse Racing Tracker

The "Geegeez Horse Racing Tracker" is an excellent tool for tracking your horses, trainers, jockeys and sires to follow. Simply add your selections to the tracker and we'll send you a notification email the evening before racing to let you know when they're are due to run...

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How It Works

Keeping on top of your horses to follow, favourite trainers and jockeys can be a tricky old task at the best of times. But the Geegeez Horse Racing Tracker makes it easy to do and, like everything else on, it’s fully integrated into our race cards.

There are a range of different ways to add/remove horses in your Tracker. You can search from the search box; add from the card itself; or search within the Tracker tool, and then we'll send you a notification email whenever one of your selections is running.

[ Please refer to our User Guide for further information ]