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Ron. Marmite. Marmite. Ron.

Ron. Marmite. Marmite. Ron.

...but we like Marmite here at Geegeez, do you?

In last week's reviews roundup, I promised you a fuller evaluation of Ron Robinson's Post Racing service, which is a complete racing package as opposed to just a tipping service.

David Sutton has written an excellent review (which you can read here) of the service, at the bottom of which is a fairly extensive overview of his experience with the Post Racing service.

Please do read the whole review and appraisal, it's interesting stuff, but here's an edited version of David's findings...

Profit - £608.62, ROI - 13.5%
Bets - 547 ,Winners - 100

On the basic figures it was a resounding success.  If this was just a trial of the ratings, I'd recommend the service to the Geegeez readership.  That said, as a Geegeez reader you'll want a bit more and many of you will dig a bit further so, I'll try and address a few of the questions and concerns I have found from the trial.

Aren't the results skewed by a 63.2/1 winner on August 30?
Yes, they are but why should we ignore it?  It's a 60-day trial of all selections and we don't manufacture results to suit our own purpose. Perhaps a better way to look at the results is to add a little statistical analysis (and I'm mean a little).

Actual winners - 100, Expected winners - 111.85,
A/E ratio - 100/111.85 = 0.89, Archie score - 1.58
So, what does this say?  Simply, it says that we didn't get as many winners as we expected based on the price of the selections.

What about the breakdown of selections?
Simply put, the Top Rated selections performed best of all and were the only ones to produce positive figures.
Top Rated - 48 winners, 347 runners, £794.63, Of Interest 30/203, -£82.02,
E/W Double 3/16, -£104.00

Your first 30 days for just £1

On a month-by-month basis, we get:
August : £703.82
September : -£60.45
November : -£34.75

I felt the drop off in September was mainly due to the changing conditions as the flat season meanders to a conclusion.  Similarly, the results for November were slow to pick up until the NH season warms up.  My gut feeling was that the results and selections were becoming more consistent in the final few days of the month and they were on an upward trend.  The figures don't lie and the final few days were very good indeed.

What else does Post Racing provide?
A lot!  As a service it does appear to be value for money and well-priced.  The basic membership is certainly value compared to many other sites but my original recommendation would be to take the 500 Club option. But either options are fairly priced (click here for details)

You also get Ron Robinson's comments which I've no doubt will divide opinion and I don't think he'll object to me saying so.  Let us just say he has an opinion! He also provides comment and reviews on the racing and ratings.

The comment will provide detail on how he sees the race and how to utilise his ratings to be use.

Some win, some lose but he does hit some big forecasts and tricasts along the way. Ron Robinson is also an advocate of dutching, 20/80 betting and exotics, if that's your style you should consider Post Racing.

My conclusion?  Post Racing is recommended as a value for money, successful and profitable service.  If you want more information about the service or to avail yourself of a package, simply follow this link.


Post Racing is just one of a number of services we've reviewed here at Geegeez and they can all be found in our System Trials section of the site.

Meanwhile, here's the state of play for the current reviews...

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Our overall aim is to have around 10-12 active reviews at all times during 2015 and we've just brought another couple in this week (more on those next week!) and we'll be at a full complement by New Year.

Until next week, have a good one!
Chris & the Geegeez reviews team.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. diesel2 says:

    I commented about the high priced winner on the “proofing page”. My main problem with Ron’s “non tipping” service is he feels he must add comments to the ratings. So we have four top rated winners that I know about…from here or his comments on Facebook.

    “FAKENHAM 1-00
    RUBY VALENTINE….+6 – WON 14/1
    * – THE OMEN….-5

    MY PLAY – I’ll not be. I expect my third highest rated to prove up to the job as the pair above need the ground better than this.”

    “SILSOL – This has a strange “feel” to it. I just going to work with my three bearing the * icon to October Rules but if my top rated bolts in I’m sure those playing “old school” will be quick to let me know about it!”

    “HEY BIG SPENDER – As aware as I am that Tizzard has only sent two ‘chasers to Newcastle in the last five years and both won, I have to play the three directly under my top rated because they have won on the going as currently described.”

    and the doozy

    “§ – TREASURE THE RIDGE….+13
    §* – VIEWPOINT….+13
    §* – FORGOTTEN HERO….+10
    §* – TINGHIR….+10

    MY PLAY – My top rated has been making hay on the sand and I want the trio sitting below him running for me”

    So out of profits of £608.02 Ron has advised AGAINST backing these four horses who contributed £1062.29 leaving a LOSS of £454.27.

    This seems to suggest that Ron’s Ratings are profitable and that it is Ron’s advice which is poor. However this is not as clear cut as it seems because he marks horses suited by the going with an asterisk, which seems to suggest that going isn’t included in the ratings,and seems to be why Ron makes his comments re Treasure The Ridge, Ruby Valentine and Hey Big Spender above.

    Ron seems to be saying the the unfavourable ground, if taken into account, would reduce Ruby Valentine’s rating by at least 12, if he expects the third rated to win. Such an adjustment would drop Treasure The Ridge too and it would no longer be top rated. More importantly, it could effect every race that Ron rates. So it is flawed ratings that have made the profit during this trial.

    I also understand that he recommends betting 20/80 so the figures you have verified, while being accurate in what you have done, don’t actually represent what Ron has recommended, and if you evaluated his top rated at 20/80 it seems probable they would show loss based on the prices of his winners.

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