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Geegeez System Reviews

The last seven days proved to be far better times for the service providers we're currently monitoring in the system reviews section of the site. In fact six of the nine showed a profit on the week with one other breaking even, making for a combined total gain of 79.8pts to anyone who had been backing every selection (not me, by the way!).

Our best performance and headline maker was the Racing Consultants, who added another 45.1pts to their bottom line this week, courtesy of ten winners from just twenty-four selections, sending them past the £1,000 (to £10 per point stakes) profit barrier. David and Rory (hence the headline!), the guys behind the service have consistently picked winners throughout the first month of the review and this one looks a bit of a steal at £29.95 per month or just £199 for a whole year. I have been reliably informed that these are introductory prices and are set to rise.

You can still sign up via this link at the reduced rate, a rate that you will be locked into, avoiding any future price rises, or if you want to see more details about their performance to date, our full review is right here.

Your first 30 days for just £1

It was also a good week for the team behind Winning Trends from a profit point of view if not a strike rate one. They may well have only found 4 winners from 35 this week, but they had a couple of winners that drifted in price, allowing them to make 15.4pts since last time.

The two services that failed to advance over the last seven days were High Five, who dropped 1.7pts, despite a 7/23 record over the week, but that size of loss is easily recouped by a service that runs at a 33% strike rate and has already made 26.3pts whilst under review. The losses incurred by BackLucrative were, however, somewhat  more alarming and they now find themselves with their heads only just above water. Just 8 winners from 46 this week made for a loss of 13.8pts and reduced their overall profits down to just 2pts from 334 selections. Their overall strike rate is still respectable at over 17.4%, but the longer priced runners aren't winning for them at present.

The infrequent place laying service, OTT concentrates on jumps racing, hence an apparent lack of recent activity, but they did have five selections his week. Unfortunately one of them was a losing lay bet which wiped out exactly the same amount as their four successful bets had made them, meaning a break even on the week: this still leaves their review standing at an overall loss of 5.4pts despite an 83.9% strike rate.

Value Racing Tips returned to form this week, finding 8 winners from their 27 selections for an excellent profit of 12.1pts, all of which takes their review tally to 36/145 (24.8% SR) for 46.95pts profit. They've only got a couple of days left on review and look certain to get the Geegeez thumbs up from our reviewer. Whether the same can be said about Duncan Robbins is unclear. This service had a great week, making 10pts via 4 winners from 10 selections and this enabled the service to end its review with an overall gain of 4.8pts. The profit was low, as was the number of selections (81 in two months), so whether this one is seen as value for money or not, I'll wait until the final verdict from our reviewer lands on my desk.

Selective Racing Trust had a better time last week than they have had of late and made a 4.6pt inroad into their previous 17.6pt deficit whilst under review. Two winners from just four selections is a good start towards clawing back their losses, but they are by no means out of the woods just yet and the same can be said for Top Notch Tips. I was fairly scathing about them last week, but I hold my hands up today and admit that they had a really good week since then. 8 winners from 27 is good going, as is 12.1pts profit and although they're still in a bit of a hole, as you can see from our review, they did at least clear 44% of their prior deficit.

You can get further details on any of the services by simply clicking their names on this page, or you can read all our reviews in one convenient place : our system reviews section of the site.

I've got a couple of new reviews coming on-line later today/tomorrow, so keep checking back to see what they are and how they're doing!

Until next week, have a good one,

Chris & the system reviews team.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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    Joesph Mc Glade says:

    Please give an update on Carl Nicholsons yearly subscription for he hasn’t done anything worth talking about since Cheltenham and now he is offering a new service so does he admit that his yearly service is now rubbish.

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      Chris Worrall says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Which service would you like me to find an update for?


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