Scooper Dooper!

Rarely has the world of racing stopped, dear reader, for such a puntfest as the one that will ensue tomorrow. The clamour surrounding the tote pool for the Scoop6 is reaching national news-worthy status and is in serious danger of impacting 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here's monopoly on the front pages of the tabloids.

Myself and Gavin, at Geegeez and Nag3 respectively, are playing our part, by offering you the chance to get involved in our syndicate. The chance to win a stack of cash for a small investment, and to have access to a much greater number of selections than would otherwise have been possible, has clearly caught your imagination: the syndicate pool currently stands around the four thousand pound mark!

This has actually presented us with some logistical challenges, such as how do we withdraw what will likely be near five grand from the bank and get it to a bookie?!

You can get involved by making a direct PayPal payment, in a multiple of £10 (nothing less please), to Gavin's PayPal account -

There are a number of stipulations - see the post below this one - but the two things I'd bring to your attention are: 1. payment by 9am tomorrow or you're not in, and 2. you MUST pay the PayPal fee (only a few pence).

Should we be lucky enough to cop the pot, you will win a percentage of the prize money directly equal to your percentage of the syndicate fund. That is, if our syndicate fund is £5,000 and you put in £50, you would win 1% of winnings. 1% of £5 million is a tidy £50,000...! (For £10, you'd still stand to collect £10,000!)

Your first 30 days for just £1

Now, before I go on, a quick reality check. The extreme (EXTREME) likelihood is that we will NOT win the Scoop6. The races that have been chosen are fiendishly difficult: four preposterously competitive all weather races (Lingfield 2.10, 2.40, 3.20 and 3.50), a 16 runner handicap chase, and a 15 runner handicap hurdle.

It is perfectly plausible that we will go out on the first leg (eleven runners, with a 4/1 favourite and the outsider at just 14/1!), though of course we will hope to go a good bit 'deeper' than that.

Also, bear in mind, that the Scoop6 is both a jackpot and a placepot on the nominated races. This means that, as long as we find something in the frame, we have the chance to get some cash from the place fund. Of course, this is unlikely to be life changing, but it may well return stakes as a minimum - assuming we can get one placed in each race: a feat in itself!


Enough of this Scoopy Loopiness. If you want to be involved, you can by making a PayPal payment to Gavin's account - - today ideally (so we know what perm to choose).

I will be working fervently on the picks this afternoon, so please understand that we are trying our best. Should we bow to what may be inevitable early bath crash and burn failure, I hope that you will show empathy for what is perhaps the ultimate punting challenge.



Your first 30 days for just £1