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Weekly Update exactly what Match Day Profits have done, as you'll see in the...

Geegeez Weekly System Trials Roundup for 28/10/2015

I've been logging the results of MDP for three weeks now and I'm finding it really easy and profitable to follow. This simple system from Paul Ruffy exploits the endless stream of specials, promotions and free bets offered by bookies to keep your business and Paul spots the opportunities and works all your qualifying & cash out bets for you.

These are low stakes bets that won't get your accounts compromised as you're neither arbing nor bonus bagging, but merely using the regular weekly promos on offer. Over the last week, Paul's advice has netted his subscribers almost £200 at a £1 per point stake and I've listed all the action right here.

MDP is reasonably priced at just £97 for the season, and you can get involved right now.

It was also a good week for the win bets offered by Lucrative Portfolio, who made a nice neat £150 profit since my last roundup piece and this service is really going well at present and if you want to see what kind of advice is being offered, you should take a look at James' review.

Our weekly top three is completed by a welcome return to form from Gary Poole for his Bookies Enemy service, and in a better week for his picks, Gary managed to recoup just over £120 of his previous losses and this is hopefully a sign of things to come, as I know from past experience that this service is far better than recent results have suggested. (A copy of those results is right here.)

Your first 30 days for just £1

Overall, our 13 active reviews recorded a combined profit of just over £340, but as the three services above made over £470 between them, we obviously incurred some losses elsewhere and this week's three poorest returns came from Q Racing,  BetAlchemist and the Sports Guru, who continue to swing from hero to zero and back again.

Q Racing lost almost £36 since last week and in fairness the review hasn't really been going anywhere, so it came as little surprise when Betting Gods withdrew the product from the marketplace yesterday, bringing their trial to a premature end. Next in line is the BetAlchemist, another service, like the Bookies Enemy, which is far better than short-term result suggests, but they did manage to lose another £55 over the week, leaving this week's wooden spoon for...

...The Sports Guru, as last week's top earners became this week's worst performers with a loss of almost £84. Reading our review gives the impression that they may well have been a little unlucky,  but they are still very much in credit, as you can see in...

...this week's overall standings...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
All Weather Profits £473.11 (at day 40) 40 -£9.67 Click Here
Match Day Profits £349.37 (at day 11) 11 £199.57 Click Here
Lucrative Portfolio (WIN) £330.00 (at day 28) 28 £150.00 Click Here
The Sports Guru £309.15 (at day 43) 43 -£83.95 Click Here
Football Advisor £166.99 (at day 20) 20 £22.82 Click Here
Max Racing Tips £105.90 (at day 20) 20 £11.82 Click Here
BETS2U £1.56 (at day 25) 25 £11.75 Click Here
Lucrative Portfolio (LAY) -£0.92 (at day 21) 21 £6.88 Click Here
Daily Nap -£27.50 (at day 37) 37 £20.07 Click Here
Lucrative Portfolio (PLACE) -£58.16 (at day 19) 19 -£19.28 Click Here
Q Racing -£88.17 (at day 13) 13 -£35.85 Click Here
Bet Alchemist -£124.10 (at day 17) 17 -£54.35 Click Here
Bookies Enemy No.1 -£275.79 (at day 27) 27 £120.89 Click Here

As always, clicking the name of a service takes you to their homepage,
where you'll find plenty of information on the product and also the opportunity to sign up, if you wanted to.

As you can see, All WeatherProfits have extended their lead at the top from last week's £89.68 to a very healthy £123.74, as the Sports Guru slips two places to be overtaken by both the Lucrative Portfolio's win bets and also by recent newcomer Match Day Profits.

Our bottom three is unaltered from last week, but the excellent weekly profit from the Bookies Enemy service has seen them close the gap on both the rest of the pack, but also a large step closer to ultimate profitablility

11 days into a review is generally too soon to make a judgment call, but the way things are going, I'd suggest you keep a close eye on MDP, whose no quibble 60-day money back policy makes this an ideal pre-Christmas gift to yourself at just £97 for the whole season.

I'll be back again next Wednesday, but until then, enjoy the Breeders Cup!

Chris & the review team.

Your first 30 days for just £1