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  1. Jim Cannon
    Jim Cannon says:


    I opened an account with Seannie Mac to be one of the 13 and it was interesting to see exactly the same layout as Boylesports. I have previously had issues with them because they stopped BOG and recently they restricted bets to pennies – literally!!

    I will use Seannie Mac as an alternative to Boylesports from now on.


  2. Hepcat
    Hepcat says:

    That’s what you think Jim (and Matt). Seannie Mac get all there customer information from Boylesports as well as their website. It won’t be long before you’re restricted to pennies like I am. I can’t even use the free bet.

  3. Ian Macdonald
    Ian Macdonald says:

    After one winning bet of £75 at 2/1 (SP5/4) I find every bet I try to place is rejected by ‘automated risk controls’ …..I even tried a stake of £1 and this was rejected ! Phoned the telephone number suggested on their rejection message. When this was eventually answered as ‘Boyle Sports’ the rep was unable to help.
    Looks like Seanie Mac are as much use as Boylesports if you are more than a £0.50 punter ie as much use as a chocolate fireguard !!

  4. Mike
    Mike says:

    Exactly same experience as Richard. 6 losing bets in one day, and now restricted. Can’t even access the free bets which I have met the condtions for, and no explanation given. Avoid at all costs.

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