Weekly Update

Separated by just 0.078pts…

...that's how tight it was at top this week in the...

...Geegeez System Trials Roundup for 06/04/2016.

Tibors Footy Tips was removed from this week by Betting Gods, due to poor performance, reducing our review panel down to 9 active reviews, but I'll be adding plenty of new stuff when I get back from my holiday (I leave tomorrow). But in the meantime, let's look at this week's top three earners...

  • This week's bronze medal goes to Carl Nicholson for his Racing Diary which has perfomed consistently well, this being a third top 3 finish in a row. Just 5 selections from Carl this week, but 2 winners at 6/1 and 9/2 meant another £75 in the coffers and our review lists all the bets/results for you.
  • Second place went to The Tips Service, just as it did last week and they followed up last week's profit of £111.15 with another £100.47 this time. Iain's review  tells the full story of how they hit 5 winners from 16 with some decent priced picks along the way.
  • But, they were pipped to the number 1 spot by just £0.78, as the previously floudering QF Value Tips brought home a weekly profit of £101.25, which now pts them as near to breaking even as they've been in the 45 days of action we've seen from them. You'll how xlose to profit they are shortly, but for this week, it was a case of 4 winners from 10, as highlighted in Barry's review.

It wasn't, of course, all plain sailing and five of our triallists lost over £210.00 between, of which the worst offenders were...

  • Value Football Betting who lost another £41.40 this week, which isn't the best news when you're already at the bottom of our league table, our review shows where things went wrong this week!
  • Next of the roll of dishonour comes Flat Racing Master who, after getting the wooden spoon last week lost another £44.00, taking their losses in the last fortnight to £103, wiping oout over 50% of their previous profit. David's review lists every selection for you.
  • And unfortunately, the bottom spot was taken by Cudworths Racing Lays with a loss of £94.30. I say unfortunately, because firstly this service had been going so well and then had a poor week, but that bad week was compounded by the fact that it was their last week on trial with us and there's no clawing back the deficit.I was getting myself ready to be writing a promotional piece for this service, inviting you to take out a subscription, but the 60-day figures don't back up my plans now! That said, I still think there's plenty of merit in this one and I'm going to continue monitoring it with a view to bringing you some revised figures in the future, but here is James' review, that tells the full story.

And here's the updated "leaderboard"...

Your first 30 days for just £1
System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Racing Diary £534.05 (at day 45) 45 £75.00 Click Here
The Tips Service £290.62 (at day 50) 50 £100.47 Click Here
The Professor's Formula £131.55 (at day 24) 24 -£24.00 Click Here
Cudworths Racing Lays £105.70 (at day 60) 60 -£94.30 Click Here
Flat Racing Master £97.40 (at day 31) 31 -£44.00 Click Here
Banker Bets £23.30 (at day 6) 6 £26.20 Click Here
QF Value Tips -£23.13 (at day 45) 45 £101.25 Click Here
Head 2 Head Sports -£90.75 (at day 56) 56 -£7.57 Click Here
Value Football Betting -£197.20 (at day 34) 34 -£41.40 Click Here

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

Once again, I find myself extolling the virutes of Carl's Racing Diary, which is going from strength to strength and I'd also be inclined to keep an eye out for The Tips Service who are steadily building up a decent bank.

I'm off to pack my case now and I'll be back with you for a review update in three weeks time, so best of luck to you all!



Your first 30 days for just £1