Serious Security Alert: Please Read

I'm not one for scam emails, dear reader, and there are many false alerts doing the rounds at the moment (and indeed at any given moment).

However, there is a news story on the BBC website, which states that Microsoft themselves are advising people to use a different browser while they deal with a very serious breach of their security module, which means that hackers could ascertain your credit card or other personal details.

This story is reported here:

I use and recommend Firefox. If you'd like to use it too, you can download it free from the button below. There's no charge, no gimmicks - it's just that in my opinion it's a better browser. And it doesn't attract hackers or have holes in its security like Internet Explorer.

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Now, back to the racing...

Yesterday's fare was typical garbage Monday racing - interesting only if you knew something, or your mule was waddling, sorry horse was running.

Today is as bad, and - as I mentioned yesterday - with the exception of Saturday's Ascot card, this is how it will be til after Christmas, I fear.

Project Betfair had three runners yesterday: It's Rumoured, pulled up; Marmooq, a well beaten fifth; and, King Barry, which won at 5/1 (Betfair SP 5.6/1).

This now means that there have been seven runners, with six losers (and therefore winners). Alas, the winner would have wiped out all bar one point of profit to this point.

So, still with nose in front, but pegged back somewhat.

Today's qualifiers, odds dependent, are:

1.00 Upright Ima (needs to shorten a little in the betting)
3.00 Frith (Racing Post nap!)

2.10 Simple Jim (close to the odds threshold)


The Project Betfair system is causing me something of a quandary currently. You see, it is very poorly marketed, and the vendors do themselves no favours by being vague or downright wrong with the selections they identify.

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Moreover, in their tipping service pitch, they've attempted to justify picking the wrong horses sometimes, by saying it's their superior experience in using the system. This, I'm afraid, is utter horse 5hit.

For all that though, I can't help but think that the system has merit, despite the vendors laziness. As I've said before, I'm pretty confident that the researcher of Project Betfair was paid so to do, and didn't actually have any part in the misleading bluster coming from the promoter.

Time will tell, but I'm happy to continue tracking it while I still believe it has merit.


On the subject of racing systems and their merit, I've received half a dozen or so emails in the last few days from people asking if I'll trial their system. Of course, one of the primary aims of this blog is to review systems, and I am flattered that some of you would like to air your selections here.

But I must ask that, in order to be considered, your system must adhere to the following principles:

- it must be a system, NOT a tipping service (Note, if you have a tipping service based on a ruleset you want to keep to yourself, you need to be prepared to share those rules with me so I can verify them)

- you must have a good amount of historical results data (at least four months for a backing system, and at least a year for a laying system)

- you must have a website, or be prepared to build one

If you can demonstrate the above, then I'd love to talk to you. If you can't, I'm afraid that - with respect - you may need to ask elsewhere.

Thanks (and sorry to some of you who won't meet these criteria currently).


Really shabby racing today, and I'm not tempted by anything especially.

One that I do like is unfortunately Laying System's sole runner today (four runners, four losers and therefore winners yesterday). The horse is Kinigi (1.10 Southwell), who has won twice when a lay for us already (both times winning by a short head!)

She's tough but not very able, hence why she's dropped to a seller again. But as a course and distance winner who is in form, she must be thereabouts.

One to take a very small ticket on might be Ostinata at Folkestone. In a very poor selling handicap hurdle, this one has at least won a hurdle race (at 66/1), as well as a flat race (at 25/1) from 14 starts.

With just four hurdle starts to her name, she could have a little improvement still to come, and 40/1 is simply too big.

Note that she's won two of fourteen in her career, but never been placed. So I'd not bother with the each way wager here - just 50p on the nose!

That's all for today. You really ought to consider using a different browser until Microsoft sort themselves out.

Until tomorrow...


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  1. James says:


    Why wasn’t Canadian Danehill a selection for the Project BF system today? He seems to tick all the right boxes to me.



  2. Matt Bisogno says:

    Re Canadian Danehill, weight criterion not matched. [Apologies but I won’t be able to respond to every question about the system.]

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