FORSETI (left) ridden by Joshua Bryan stalks Originaire (red) & Amplify around the bend before winning The Ladbrokes Home Of The Odds Boost Handicap Stakes at Lingfield 19/1/19 Photo Ian Headington /

Shares Available: 3yo Ready to Run

Forseti happy in his new stable is excited to have acquired a horse from the recent Ascot August Sale, shares in which are available right now.

This is your chance to get closer to the racing action, as an owner with all that that entails.

Details of the horse, trainer and syndicate are below. Do have a read through and get in touch if you're interested.

The Horse

Formerly trained by Andrew Balding, FORSETI has won three of his ten starts to date including on his penultimate run for his previous trainer. By triple Group 1-winning stallion Charm Spirit out of a Raven's Pass mare, he cost 60,000 Guineas as a yearling.

Five runs at two saw him win on his second start in a Salisbury maiden (made all) before running an unlucky seventh of 17 in the Glorious Goodwood nursery (comment: Athletic; looked well; steadied and bumped leaving stalls, held up in rear, closed when not clear run and switched left well over 1f out, headway and not clear run again briefly inside final furlong, stayed on well towards finish).

This season, as a three-year-old, Forseti won on his first run, at Lingfield against two horses now rated 80 (and subsequently sold for 70,000 Guineas to race abroad) and 83. That remains his only start on an all-weather track, so he is unbeaten in that context!

Two moderate runs at Chester, one of them on soft, followed and it might well be that he simply doesn't get on with the very tight track there. Indeed, as can be seen from the below image, his best form is on straight tracks.

He was then dropped in grade and won as he liked, easing a length and a half clear of the second, with four lengths back to the third. While that wasn't much of a contest he came from last to first and won going away. Moreover, his previous owners went to £14,500 in the public auction afterwards to retain him.

A single run since, in a big field mile race where the hood was left off for the first time in his career, was his worst and is a 'chuck out' in his overall profile.

Indeed, as the image below shows, he seems to have a preference for a straight seven furlongs. Even when he won over a mile at Lingfield, it was a steadily run race where a change of gear was the key attribute.


Before acquiring FORSETI, I spoke to David Probert about the horse, and he told me:

He’s a good mover and wind is clean; he might ideally need a mile and wears a hood to help him settle. He is probably better than 77 [Official Rating].

Forseti having a good look around his new garden!

Despite being a buzzy type who wants to get on with his races, Forseti has done best in smallish fields, though he has also performed creditably both times in bigger fields where he's been able to settle slightly better off a stronger pace.

My suspicion is that a big field straight seven, where he might switch off at the back and be delivered late, could be ideal. But, as we get to the later stages of the turf season, I also have an eye on an all weather campaign, Lingfield perhaps ideally suiting that change of pace.

In case you are wondering, FORSETI is the Norse god of justice and reconciliation, so wikipedia tells me...

A hammer price of £12,000 (+VAT) seems very fair for a sound horse with a 30% win rate, untapped potential in a couple of areas, and who is pretty much fit and ready to run.

STOP PRESS: FORSETI has an entry to race next Tuesday at Catterick. If he wins, he will return half of his purchase price almost immediately!

FORSETI is fit and ready to go!

FORSETI is fit and ready to go!

The Trainer

FORSETI will be trained by Mick Appleby in Langham, Leicestershire. Mick was last year's all weather Champion Trainer, so there will be no concerns about our horse not running through the winter.

Mick's forte is improving horses from other yards, and almost all of the horses he trains win at some point, many of them multiple times before being sold on at a profit. He is the fourth trainer on the roster, and this is our second horse with him, alongside Elhafei (about whose all weather prospects we are excited).

Mick's record can be viewed here.


The Syndicate

The plan is to race FORSETI up until either May or July 2020 - a period of nine or eleven months - before sending him back to one of the Newmarket sales held in those months. That makes for a known financial commitment and an easy 'exit strategy' at the end of the term. It also gives us most of a year of fun and a chance of a return at the end of the period. NB if you're considering that as a factor in getting involved, you should plan for a negative return, and only hope for a positive one!

FORSETI is syndicated into TEN shares, each costing £3,000. That includes VAT, which will be reclaimed by the syndicate and used to fund training and racing expenses. All expenses are fully transparent and no 'admin charge' is levied on any syndicates.

That contribution will take us to the May sale, at which point we will decide whether to continue for another two months, funded either by prize money won or a further contribution of around £400/member. If agreement cannot be reached, he will go to the May sale.

Syndicate members are, of course, entitled to their pro rata (10%) share of any prize money and sales revenue accrued by the horse as well as any residual funds in the account, after all training, racing and sales expenses have been accounted for.

Furthermore, syndicate members will be entitled to an owner's badge whenever our lad runs, and I will arrange a yard visit some time in September or October. Members may go to the yard (by appointment) outside of the formal visits to watch FORSETI work.

The horse will NOT be insured. Individual syndicate members may considering insuring their share and I can provide details of insurance brokers if that is of interest.

I already have four SIX firm commitments for shares, meaning six FOUR TWO remain (I will update this figure as new commitments come in).

To express your interest and request a copy of the agreement, click here to email me.

Your first 30 days for just £1
12 replies
    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Brian, this syndicate is an upfront contribution for the full term, I’m afraid. Challenges with admin from the monthly route mean I’m loathe to pursue it.


  1. Avatar
    Ant says:

    Hi I just wanted to know which software you used for the colour-coded form stats on Forseti looks interesting.
    Yours Anthony.

  2. Avatar
    Alan says:

    It’s very clear from my involvement with Owners Group that syndicate members quickly develop a real affection, concern and loyalty for their horses (as I have done). Their welfare becomes the top priority with most, and following the highs and lows of their career provides the hopes and fears that are all part of racehorse ownership. I understand your plan, but to me the idea of a quick campaign before selling on again seems far too ‘businesslike’ an approach where beautiful living animals are involved. I hope that Forseti does you proud and that he finds a wonderful new home at the end of his time with you. I’ve no doubt that you’ll quickly sell all of the shares, and I’m sure he’ll be in the best of hands whilst at Langham, but I care about the horses’ future too much, so it’s not for me – I’m out!

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I think, at least I hope, that it is completely obvious that I and all other syndicate members in the ten horses we have, share the bond and commensurate welfare priorities.

      With respect, the length of the term has no correlation whatsoever to those welfare imperatives. It is simply a different type of syndicate for a different type of owner.

      To remind you, we have mostly National Hunt syndicates, including a 3yo we’ve had since he was a foal and who has yet to race.

      I wish you all the luck with your OG horse, and hope you’ll acknowledge the error in your making a correlation between syndicate tenure and horse welfare.


      Ps the syndicate has an option to retain beyond the stated term if all members agree that is what we want to do.

      • Avatar
        Alan says:

        Hi Matt
        I hope that you haven’t misunderstood my comments. At no point did I suggest that you didn’t have the horse’s best interest at heart whilst he’s in your ownership, in fact I said “I’m sure he’ll be in the best of hands whilst at Langham”. It’s the ‘buy, race and sell on’ aspect that wouldn’t work for me as it feels too businesslike, and there is no knowing where the horse will end up after the syndicate has terminated and he has been to auction. That’s all I was trying to say (perhaps clumsily). I do read your comments / blogs and am well aware that you are concerned with the welfare of the animal heroes of our sport. Apologies for any offence I may have caused and best of luck with Forseti.
        Thanks for publishing my comments (you didn’t have to)

        • Avatar
          Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Alan

          Thanks for reverting, though there was little need. I was always comfortable that you’d not suggested we would countenance any welfare malpractice.

          It was the linking of the sales to possible issues which I didn’t agree with. I (or my/our trainers) have bought almost all of the horses we’ve syndicated at auction. And we’ve sold a number on, all of which I could tell you where they went and what happened next.

          Moreover, I’m confident that OG do likewise up to a point – though the scale of their operation/budget now allows them to make private deals. The sport is predicated on half-million pound horses subsequently changing hands for £20,000, as in the case of Elhafei, who is running for us now having cost his previous wealthy owner that large chunk.

          Whether we retain a horse for nine months or five years, it is still likely to either be retired or sold at auction thereafter.

          All that said, I do have one particular owner – who is in many of my syndicates – who shares your reservation about the sales. It’s certainly not an unreasonable perspective, but in my growing experience, the vast majority of racehorses going through the sales can be tracked in their later career. Indeed, the BHA is working on a ‘full life’ register to do just that more formally.

          Thanks again for your follow up and, again, I wish you well with your OG lad.


  3. Avatar
    Brian Robinson says:

    Paying £45 for a 3000th share in a horse with owners group is slightly different to committing £3k for a share in a horse
    Neither are measures of an interest in a horses welfare
    Good luck to those getting involved it sounds good but a bit too far south for me

  4. Avatar
    Steve says:

    Slightly worrying that connections put in a Leicester seller BHA 77 could still offer some room for improvement,. One piece standout was second career start when breaking maiden,beating Dombra SH with further 2L back third placed runner being the useful Momkin who’s rated 107 ( prefer recent form myself ) certainly been well placed with current trainer who also does well with other yards castoffs… I’m 50/50 looking at the bigger picture 1-1 on the a.w maybe that would be obvious route to take,who knows breeding from the dams side ravens pass would also indicate this,will have a good think over the next few days before deciding upon joining,if I don’t take up the offer,then i certainly wish yourself and those who’ve committed a successful time with the horse.

  5. Avatar
    R J says:

    Hello. I wanted to see him run at Catterick today but could not find him. May I ask if anything untoward has happened?

    I also tried to find future entries but there do not appear to be any. Do you have any planned?

    He looks a lovely horse and reminds me of the late Sir Eric who was indeed a beautiful animal.

    Thank you.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi RJ

      No problems at all. We just decided to wait a few days longer. He’ll be out very soon. Fingers crossed he runs as well as he looks; like you say, he’s a gorgeous creature.



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