Short Leg Charlie System Review

Short Leg Charlie System Review

Short Leg Charlie System Review

It's been a while since I've done one of these one off reviews, but I'm afraid dear old Charlie and his short leg are going to get both barrels today. As bullshit goes, this is top grade.

OK, eyes down, and listen up if you're STILL buying this kind of rip-off crap. (Apologies if this is you, but you need to catch yourself!)

Short Leg Charlie System Review

1. If you see this at the top of the page, you can be pretty sure it's from a Manchester mob called Circle Media. They are extremely slick marketers but not very nice people, who don't care about a) taking your money for the product, and b) you losing a lot more money because the product is absolute crap.

Credibility borrowed but not deserved...

They use the names you've heard of to imply credibility and authority, but this is a cheap trick. Don't be fooled.

2. The classic fake screenshots from Betfair are there. Check out this puppy!

'Proof' they know where the Betfair editor is...

Let me show you how you too can make one of these... go here, and have some fun!

But stop believing the graphic designers who have either used this tool or 'photoshopped' a betting statement (i.e. doctored it).

3. The system is six pages long. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it's what's in the six pages.

For this system you need to use NON-handicaps only. Interesting then that their example is a 'nursery' race, which any intermediate punter will tell you is a two year old HANDICAP!!!

4. The rules are basic beyond simple beyond stupid. They WILL  lose your money. And if they do, you have yourself to blame. (Sorry again, but it's time to take responsibility here).

Your first 30 days for just £1

5. The way they try to set themselves apart in the marketing spiel is offensive. They say,

And to be honest…

I’ve been really disgusted with what I've seen:

1. An infinite stream of 40-something amateurs acting as betting gurus...

2. Hired freelance actors pretending to be self-made betting millionaires...

3. Untested systems being sold to gullible punters as genuine sources of incomes...

Let me get something off my chest...

You already know this…but you are “hoping” that there might be a diamond in the rough.



I say that this group of production line marketers are as unscrupulous as they come, and clearly don't care whether you lose money or not. It's a Clickbank product, so if you've bought it, here's what I urge you to do:

1. Find the email from Clickbank - it looks like the one below - and note your 'order id'.

Note the order number which is in the email title and body

2. Go to

And fill in your order details, like this:

Alternatively, you can click the link at the bottom to speak to someone directly.

3. Hit submit. Then click the support link on the next screen, like so:

4. Now choose the 'More Options' dropdown on the next screen:

5. Now, choose 'refund request', and a reason why. Then add any info you'd like to, and click 'send'. Your refund is normally processed in 48 hours.

6. You will receive confirmation that the ticket has been submitted, as I have below for my refund request of the terrible 'Short Leg Charlie'.

Do note that the ticket is sent to the vendor as well as Clickbank, so it might not be a matter of simply waiting for Clickbank to return your funds. You may in some cases have to engage in a short discourse with the seller. Ultimately, if you're not happy, go direct to Clickbank and tell them, using the 'If you prefer to speak to a customer services rep, click here' link in the above.


So that's my 'review' of Short Leg Charlie, just one of the atrocious products currently snaring unsuspecting punters. Those unsuspecting punters need to be more careful, and to avoid anything which has those tell-tale signs above.

Hopefully the Clickbank refund tutorial will enable at least a few of you to reclaim lost gold. If it does, have a drink on me this weekend, and vow not to be so gullible in future. 😉

Thanks to Sam, for suggesting adding a line on how to unsubscribe from Circle Media's emails (and anyone else who recommended this product to you), simply scroll to the very bottom of the email, and click the unsubscribe link, like so:

Good luck!


p.s. if you want 'real' winners, you're in the right place. Mal Boyle put up 12/1 winner Mr Demister, and followed that up with 14/1 scorer, Lexington Pearl, in his Well I Declare column. How's that for value for your no money...?!

Geegeez is the place to be, so stay tuned and enjoy the fun. Don't let the scumbags steal your cash.

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26 replies
  1. Will
    Will says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have allready had bad experiences of Circle Media . Keep up the good work exposing these scam artists.

  2. Paul R -
    Paul R - says:

    Absolute classic Matt, well done, f’kin tossers that lot.
    Is this the same “Rochdale gang” I’ve heard of?

    Didn’t know it was that easy to do a betfair screen fake, thought you had to use photoshop.

    The irony is that if they put half the effort into the actual product that they’ve put into the sales page they might actually be able to create something worth reading.
    99.9% of their effort is on the sales page though, I’ve seen the products and like you say they are totally shockingly bad. Half the time they dont even check spelling, or major detail like having a wrong race type in the example as you point out.

    (I think you could make it clearer above that those are screen grabs from the sales page though, half thought they were yours for a moment.)

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Good call Paul – I’ve tried to make that distinction clearer. Your point about marketing effort expended on product creation is also well founded, but that’s not where their experience lies, is it?!


  3. stan
    stan says:

    your right there matt i didn’t go for it because any system that tell you you can earn thousands of pound in a short time from betting is stupid,take time and betting on betfair is not really like betting against anther punter their real pros on there and unless you take time to understand they’ll bleed you dry ,don’t get me wrong there are systems out there that do work ,you make a couple of thousand ,should be site where punters stick together and say which one’s in there opinion are worth and which are crap ,we should all stick together ,old saying slowly,slowly catch the monkey lol,little but often any way thanks for your advice ,stan

  4. Rod
    Rod says:

    Just come out with your ONE per day…..we know yor system works as well as any,
    and I have had 2 out of three profitable days, having just started, and let us all
    enjoy your betting instinct really put to the test….no caveats, no back ups….if you
    have’nt anything……I don’t mind getting the message “no bet today”….start with a
    level stake of 10 quid………………the only people losing money hyere are the same people
    as buy into the CIRCLE scam….keep it s=mall and you can afford the odd 20 mistake.

    For twnety quid you have reintroduced me to racing I had forgotten for 20 years,
    when in protest I ditched Edward Gillespie and his overpriced, overcrowded Cheltenham
    Festival, first attended in 1958, and every year until theprice of a seat for four days, which
    were never necessary, just greed, got to 700 quid a year. F ‘Em!

    That’s another scam you could expose!!!

  5. Sam
    Sam says:

    Matt, you should also add a line in to show people how to unsubscribe from cirle media’s emails too!

  6. PaulB
    PaulB says:

    Nice one, I was about to e-mail you on this product and I’m glad someone is out there policing the crap that comes over the internet, thanks for taking the time and effort and saving peoples cash at the same time.

  7. mr. john murray
    mr. john murray says:

    hi matt,
    as usual matt, your right on the button. i maintain never buy a thing online unless someone you know, puts it forward. a site such as geegeez or nag 3 will only be happy to give you the low down about other sites, all you need do is ask. until you do, buy nothing.

  8. LARRY
    LARRY says:

    Thank you for alerting me to Shortleg Charlie. I have asked for a refund from CB today. I have also unsubscribed from Circle Media. Incdientally the Follower Shadow System is also from the same outfit and I have asked for the CB refund as well. Keep up the good work Matt – much appreciated!

  9. tony
    tony says:

    hi matt.
    may i just say that im a forty year old man who has had a passion for horse racing since i was knee high.
    i’ve bought loads of systems,tips etc over the years to my cost.
    since i’ve found your site i have never looked back, the knowledge you have given me (a complete novice may i add) is brill.
    keep up the good work matt. you give the novice punter an edge!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      That’s great Tony – lovely to hear. Really pleased you enjoy the content on the site, and thank you for the very kind words.


  10. simon
    simon says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for warning people of these charlatans (the polite version) I am sick to the back teeth of getting this crap in my inbox. I know your good work will not make them go away as they will pop up in some other guise in the near future but at least you have warned people about their scams and it is not that hard to press delete for future releases.
    At this rate you will be giving all those tv reporters who chase after fraudsters a run for their money. Keep up the good work, as I hate to see people pour their hard earned cash down the drain, as it is usually the ones who can ill afford to lose it that suffer the most.

    All the best mate,

  11. don
    don says:

    Hi, just to say a big thank you. I was seduced (suckered?) into buying this so called system, and have now received my refund. Incidentally, the 3 selections given on Friday all got turned over, one @ 1.49!! Thanks again.

  12. Circle Meida
    Circle Meida says:

    How can you say this doesn’t work? I have made £50,000 using this system in the last 4 months?

    I would like you to proof it for 3 months before writing anything else.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      We are proofing it elsewhere, but the fact is you say use NON-handicaps, and your example is a handicap race. The claim about profits is preposterous.

  13. ColinB
    ColinB says:

    Circle Media
    According to the screen shot it is £80,000 in 3 months – “from just one betting account”
    How does that suare up with 50,000 in 4 months

    And seriously, if making that so money is it credible that you want to be buggering about selling e.books.

    Matt can you mail me direct with site on which you are reviewing. If its anything like the one of theirs I reviewed for you it will be a giggle and I would like to follow it


  14. stephen
    stephen says:

    hi got a email last night of one of my m8s saying that it give 2 horses one won at 15/2 and today tuesday 2 horses one won at 8/1

  15. stephen
    stephen says:

    Keep up the good work exposing these scam artists.i hate them i been scam lots of times in the past.

  16. bill willis
    bill willis says:

    guys i joined this yesterday and got to say my 1st horse got beat by a nose at 10/1 my 2nd won at 20/1 and my third led all the way until 50 yrds at 20/1 my 4th was 3rd at 7/1 not bad for my first day £975.35p

  17. Lou
    Lou says:

    I found your review too late, don’t get sucked in, I have been requesting a refund since November, they keep saying Clickbank will refund the money but its nonsense, Clickbank do nothing and keep closing the ticket, so much for Clickbank’s guarantee. More money down the drain. Leave well alone.

  18. Lou
    Lou says:

    You really won’t believe this, I don’t either. I actually got done again with ABC Bets, paid my money, got the selections and then realised my stupidity, its from Circle Media. I have requested a refund under their 60 day guarantee, which is actually out of the Clickbank 45 day guarantee. I still haven’t had any luck with getting my money back from Short Leg Charlie or Clickbank from November. I hope its given you a laugh anyway, suckered again! Perhaps I might learn my lesson this time around. Don’t join me in the ‘Suckered Club’.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lou

      You must email with your receipt number, and they should be able to refund you.

      If a ticket gets closed, email Clickbank again and explain that you didn’t sanction the closed ticket and that you still want your money back.

      They should be able to sort for you.


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