Silly Question Friday: The Gold Edition

In the third part of Silly Question Friday, where the only silly questions are the ones you didn't ask, I cover your unknowns in relation to Geegeez Gold.

Parts 1 and 2 can be found here.

This is in a video format and covers, amongst other things:

- Tips on using the Tracker tool
- Things you can (and can't) do with Query Tool
- Geegeez Gold vs Proform
- How to use the ratings features
- How draw 'thirds' are calculated
- Overcoming small draw/pace sample sizes
- and much more

I hope you find something of value in it.


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  1. Twospoons
    Twospoons says:

    Thanks Matt – been a Lifetime Gold Member (My best ever investment bar none – I guess I must have been one of those who you mentioned supported some of the system builds) for a while and had never been aware of the in-line data from the Instant Expert Tab so thanks for flagging that.


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