Simply The Best: Overview / Day 1 Selections


The “Simply The Best” system is a horse betting system that is suitable for beginners. It is fairly easy to use with the focus on particular trainers and/or particular race types at specified National Hunt (NH) courses.

System Claims

The author (Bernard Hibbert) has “researched” this system over the last two National Hunt seasons. To quote the system documentation directly, selections and profitability are documented as follows:

NH Seasons 2007/2008 and 2008/2009

Total selections = 532

Winners = 199

Strike Rate = 37.5%

Level Stake Profit = 753 points at SP

ROI = 142%

“Many of these horses run into a place even if they don’t win so each-way betting is a real option when the price allows. However, results are based on straight one point level stake win bets at starting prices”.

The author makes no claims that any of these selections were actually backed by him. It is evident that with the author using the term “researched” this implies that the system has been created using back fitted data however; there is nothing wrong with this approach if it works over time.

The System

Your first 30 days for just £1

Is sold for £95 and is presented as a 5 page document, the system itself appears very simple to operate and has no special requirements so your favourite newspaper or an online service (Racing Post or Sporting Life) should be sufficient to identify potential qualifiers. Purchasers of the system don't even have to work out selections as you also receive free access to the author’s telephone service or secure internet webpage for daily selections for the full six months season to end of April 2010 as part of the package.

The system is only to be used “in the main National Hunt season – November to April inclusive”. The method “is all about backing the best trainers at specifically targeted National Hunt courses, perhaps in certain types of races and often” when specific jockeys are engaged. The system appears as an exceedingly light derivative of the successful “Trainer Track Stats” as published by Gavin Priestley and our very own Matt Bisogno.

Selection Method

1). Follow the specified criteria using any newspaper or an Online service.
2). Bets can be placed at any time; there are no minimum or maximum odds boundaries.
3). All bets are to level stakes though E/W betting is not excluded when the price allows.

As a consequence of the specified selection criteria there are unlikely to be bets every day.

Starting Bank

None specified.


Are quoted as straight one point level stakes at SP. For the purpose of this review I will stake to one point equalling £10.

The Review Period

Initially the review will run from 1st November to 30th November 2009.

Day 1 Selections – 1st November 2009

Note: as the “system” could easily be identified by naming the selections I will only identify the course and race time.

A couple of  selections today, both in the same race:

Huntingdon 14:55

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Happy punting


Your first 30 days for just £1