Six best Cheltenham Festival bookmaker offers

Six best Cheltenham Festival bookmaker offers

Six Best Cheltenham Festival Bookmaker Offers

It's Cheltenham Festival silly season, dear reader, and that means that the bookies are falling over themselves to get us to give them our cash. In fact, so ridiculous has it got that they're now actually giving punters cash!

Most of the bookie offers for the Festival focus on Tuesday, as a means of getting money in the betting accounts to ensure players are betting with their firm. And, naturally, we can turn this to our advantage, by playing the bookie game with the ten best Cheltenham Festival 2013 bookmaker offers!


1. Bet Victor will refund ALL losing bets on the Supreme Novices Hurdle, up to £50

Bet Victor has covered itself in glory in the run-up to the Cheltenham Festival with their unique and hugely popular non-runner free bet all season; and they are the bookie that keeps on giving, as they're now promising to refund all losers on the Supreme Novices' Hurdle, the opening race of the 2013 Cheltenham Festival.

Note, this is not conditional on My Tent Or Yours, the hot favourite, or any other particular horse, winning. No. Here's how this one works: you place a bet on the race with Bet Victor and, if it doesn't win, you get your stake refunded to your account as a free bet.

If you want to get the meeting off to a flyer, you could whack fifty quid on My Tent Or Yours. If he wins (currently 6/4), you'd get £75 profit plus your £50 stake back. If he loses, you get your £50 back. No. Brainer. No?

They're also going non-runner money back now as well, so if your fancy fails to show up, you get your cash back. And they'll match your first deposit if you're a new customer with a free bet of up to £25.

2. SkyBet will FLAT OUT GIVE YOU £10 to bet - no deposit required! PLUS Four places on the Supreme

SkyBet have been running this promotion for ages, and if you haven't taken advantage of it already, what better time than just before Cheltenham? This is a really simple offer: register an account with SkyBet, and they'll immediately deposit £10 into your account to bet with. Any winnings can be withdrawn straight away.

Why wouldn't you?!

3. Coral will lay you up to £20 at evens on Sprinter Sacre to win the Queen Mother Champion Chase

Although this is not a free bet, it's as close to one as you'll ever get at the Cheltenham Festival. Sprinter Sacre is the highest rated horse in training. He's a mile clear of his rivals, most of which are dodging him and running in a different race. Even money means you get 100% interest on your loan to Coral in the space of a week. That's almost as good as the burglars behind do!

Your first 30 days for just £1

Obviously, in the interests of transparency, I need to remind you that certainties do get beaten, and that you shouldn't bet this if you can't afford to lose. But, getting evens about a 1-5 shot is about the best value this side of free money (see 2. above and 4. below)

Oh, and for new customers, they'll match your first deposit with up to £50 of their own betting vouchers. So you'll have more wonga to wager when Spwinta wins the Kween Muvva. (sorry)

4. Racebets will give you a free £10 bet, plus money back if My Tent Or Yours wins the Supreme, or Hurricane Fly wins the Champion

Yes, another free tenner bet (terms apply). Race Bets will also match your initial deposit with up to £100. But the fun really starts with their race concessions.

1. RaceBets refund losing Champion Hurdle Ante-Post bets if Hurricane Fly wins

2. RaceBets refund losing Supreme Novices Hurdle day of the race bets if My Tent or Yours wins

3. If your horse finishes 2nd to the SP favourite in any race at Cheltenham, RaceBets will refund your losing bet

4. If your horse loses by a nose in any race anywhere, RaceBets refund it

5. If your horse falls at the first in any race anywhere, RaceBets refund it

Those are pretty nice concessions indeed and, allied to the free betting voucher - enter 'geegeez' in the Bonus field to get that (see this post for full details) - this is a no brainer account to avail of.

5. bet365 are non-runner money back AND best odds guaranteed all Cheltenham Festival races

Not quite such a standout as some, but still well worth considering if you fancy anything they're best price on. As well as guaranteeing to pay you SP if that's bigger than the price you take, they'll also return your wedge if your nag no-shows.

And, for new customers, they'll give you £200 in free bets (some qualifying conditions apply, as even they're not that generous!)



6. Bluesq will refund your stakes if your horse is second, beaten three lengths or less in Championship events

Five of the last eight Champion Hurdles were won by three lengths or less. So too were three of the last four World Hurdles. If yours is the unlucky beast to bag a close up silver medal, Bluesq will refund your losing stake.

This offer applies to the Champion Hurdle, Queen Mother Champion Chase, World Hurdle and the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

New customers can also look forward to £25 in free bets, through Bluesq's 'free bet Friday' promo. Very nice too.




Those six offers - all of which are available to new and existing clients - should net you at least £40 (2 x £10 free bet, plus £20 when Sprinter Sacre wins). If things go your way in the Supreme or the Champion Hurdle, they'll net you more... or at least you'll get your cash back.

Armed with information, you'd be mad not to thank the bookmakers for their rare outbreak of Cheltenham Festival fever, and the generosity it engenders!


p.s. if you know of any other bookie concessions, do please leave a comment below, so we can all get involved. (Thanks)

17 replies
    MRMOOO says:

    Sprinter Sacre win and Rolling Star place double. Sprinter Sacre to win the Champion Chase – looks a formality. And Rolling Star, has strong place prospects in the Triumph Hurdle.
    Ladbrokes: 5-2 the double!

    • Geoff Edwards
      Geoff Edwards says:

      BEWARE of Hills offers.

      They had offered Long Run @10/1 the other day but don`t tell you that there are stake limits until you place your bets.I was trying to place £40.00 (yes just £40) but could only have £10.00@10/1. No mention of stake limits when they sent me an email the day before.
      No mention of stake limits when the tannoy message in the shops kept on spouting out the wonderful enhanced price and it has been going for over an hour and cant last.
      No mention of limits in the press.They did not have it on their little shop “computer”. They have done the same with Cue card.

      There is one part of the web site where it states there MAY be stake limits.
      Customer services state they are leaders in the industry yet they cant get a simple thing like this right, and they wont even acknowledge that this is a mistake on their part.

      I suppose this typical of today`s society,you can expect ordinary people not putting their hands up saying “my fault sorry” but from an “industry leader”. They have not even addressed the fact that I have closed my account and said I will not even use their shops, not even a “sorry that you are leaving”

      I also suppose, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true etc etc

      Corals have an offer on Sprinter Sacre @1/1 but at least they have the professionalism to state £20.00 stake limit and it is as clear as day.

      Hope all fellow readers have a profitable if not enjoyable Cheltenham and beware of some of the “offers”.


      • Matt Bisogno
        Matt Bisogno says:

        Hi Geoff

        I hear what you’re saying but surely when a bookie sticks their neck out to the degree Hills have been each day this week with different specials, they deserve to be applauded for offering punters at least a little sliver of value.

        Sure, I’d like to have got a thousand on knowing I could lay it back at around 7/1, but that’s simply not economically viable. Whilst £40 unquestionably is not a thousand, I still feel you’re being a bit harsh towards what was a perfectly fair – if limited – offer.

        Agree to differ, I guess.


        • Geoff Edwards
          Geoff Edwards says:


          The point I was trying to get across was why were they not up front with the limit.The customer service lady did not know about the limit
          They state on one advert maybe stake limit surely from a leader it is or it isnt,
          As stated Corals pointed out the limit clearly
          I am not one who uses the laying system I just wanted £40 win or lose



        • Geoff Edwards
          Geoff Edwards says:


          It appears that my first reply has not gone through.

          I just re-itterate that they should state there is a stake limit.One part of an advert said there may be a limit, surely there is or there is not.

          Corals advert for the even money on Sacre states £20 limit, Paddypower 5/1 on Oscar whiskey £50 maximum they both clearly state the maximum.

          Not everybody is clued up on betting eg laying off. I just wanted £40 bet at a price advertised win or lose.

          People who are new to the betting game would enter the shop thinking they will get a bet for the price advertised but then get told they cannot have as much on as they want.
          Is this the “way forward” to entice new people into the betting game.


  2. Paul
    Paul says:

    I dont know if anybodyelse has noticed but all bets for cheltenham on racebets have been suspended

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    On the bet victor offer the most sensible thing would be to back at victo and lay at betfair, if the horse looses you gain at betfair and get your money returned at victor. Worst case scenario is you win at victor and end up losing a couple of pounds in commission depending on the odds.

  4. Dougie Storm
    Dougie Storm says:

    Would the Bet Victor offer on the Supreme Novices apply to several bets eg 5 X £10.00 bets?

    • Todd
      Todd says:

      Yes, but they’ll work out your rebate according to your loss on the overall market. You would be better to place a single £50 bet, because a tenner on a winner is just going to cost you 4 units otherwise.

  5. Brian
    Brian says:

    Bet Victor’s offer is £50 max per person and is in the form of free bet(s) that have to be used on horse racing before Cheltenham ends

  6. derek
    derek says:

    William Hills’ latest Cheltenham offer. They’ll be going 6-1 about World Hurdle favourite Oscar Whisky, who is currently 7-2, from 9am tomorrow (Friday 8th March). The offer’s available across all their betting platforms, including retail.

  7. Drew
    Drew says:

    Paddy power are giving you your money back if hurricane fly wins and you can bet up to £100 notes

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      Back Zarkandar (or whatever you fancy)-Lay it off on Betfair.

      If it wins you break even.
      If hurricane Fly wins you win.
      if anything else wins you break even

      The bet that cannot lose.

      That’ll do for me.

  8. jeff
    jeff says:

    hi matt
    betfred are giving a free £10 bet if you place a £10 ante post bet NRNB as well

  9. Mike Dixon
    Mike Dixon says:

    Tried the free Skybet.I have a free £10 bet but when I attempt to use it I am asked to deposit £10.????

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