SmartMoneyPunter Review: Is It Actually Any Good?!

The hottest of hot systems at the moment, dear reader, is SmartMoneyPunter... at least if the number of emails hitting the inbox is anything to go by.

Now we all love a good long-priced winner, and the chaps over at SMP have been crowing from the rafters about their big priced winners in the last couple of days.

But are they legitimate? And how has the system performed overall? Read on, as I reveal all in a Geegeez exclusive...!

The system itself weighs in at just 26 pages, which is relatively short these days, but still plenty long enough to disseminate all the info you need.

It relies on a very interesting selection pattern, which I've not really seen before. When I read it, I had serious reservations about how successful SmartMoneyPunter could be.

When I checked it, this is what I found. Note, I went to The Oval to watch cricket last night, so had to stop tracking at that point in time. (Quite fun that 20/20 stuff, never been before. Will probably go again...)


2.20 Cane Cat 4th at 33/1

2.50 Fizzlephut 9th at 14/1

3.20 Tinkerbelle 2nd at 6/1 - Spring Quartet 12th 16/1

3.50 -

4.20 -

4.50 Stamford Blue 10th at 5/1 - Divine White 8th at 33/1


2.00 La Fortunata 3rd at 33/1

2.30 Steamer 7th at 40/1

3.00 Capitelli 7th at 12/1 - Whisky Galore 5th at 14/1

3.30 Kingaroo 11th at 14/1 - General Zhukov 1st at 20/1 (25 Betfair SP)

4.00 -

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4.30 Drifting Gold 2nd at 8/1 - Ten Down 9th at 25/1


2.10 Belle Eponine 8th at 16/1 - Dance For Julie 3rd at 40/1

2.40 -

3.10 Rosko 6th at 6/1 - Spirit Of France 2nd at 16/1

3.40 Rasaman 6th at 9/2 - Stolt 7th at 16/1

4.10 -

4.40 Bold Ring 4th at 16/1

Using the recommended staking plan, you'd have had the following:

Win bets: 2     Stakes: £2    Returns: £0   Profit / Loss: -£2

Each way: 13  Stakes: £26 Returns: £37.50  Profit / Loss: +£11.50

Place bets: 6   Stakes: £6   Returns: £19.25  Profit / Loss: +£13.25


Stakes: £38

Returns: £56.75

P/L: +£18.75

So, all told, a very interesting day.

I'm still not sure whether this system has longevity, so I'll track it for the rest of the week. [Note, due to the nature of the selection process, it is impossible to tell you the runners in advance. It does require tracking of the betting market.]

If you want to read more about Smart Money Punter, click here.

Personally, I'd hang fire for a couple of days before investing - even if it means potentially missing a big-priced winner - to see how the system fares over at least a few days, rather than just one.


They race this evening at Beverley, and there was nothing strong enough to go up as a Flat Racing Profiles draw selection.

However, in the Hilary Needler Trophy, a Listed race at 7.20, the draw is a major negative for both The Hermitage and Little Scotland (2nd and 3rd favourites).

Favoured by the draw are the favourite, Don't Tell Mary (trained by Super Tom Dascombe), and best drawn of all, Tillys Tale. Depending on the odds later, I may lay the former couple and back the latter pair.


Just to also say, there was another winner yesterday for the seller system, with El Dececy returning a very well-backed 8/11 favourite.

I'll be back a little later with a very short post, updating you on the progress of Lowlay, and highlighting today's pick.


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19 replies
  1. John says:

    I think you offer a fantastic service to all ‘busy at work’ punters who would like to have a few wins for a change.

    Keep up the good work and thanks.

  2. Cliff says:

    Gee Thanks matt re the Smartmoney system, Glad you are able to evaluate it for us, you are a star and all is much appreciated

  3. Bjarne says:

    Some of you probably recieved the link to the smart money punter testimonial. I sent the screenshot and email to him.
    I have only used the system for 2 days, but i am very satisfied.
    There was another win last night. Trafalgar Man at odds 8 or 9 on Betfair.
    I will continue to use the system. Definately!

  4. umu says:

    no, no, no

    that click is not to give more information, it is to the sales page, which is from a guy, reminiscent of harry potter, as he leads one to believe he is in australia yet he answers his emails from pretoria , south africa and he offer 65% affiliate fees

    it must be magic

    i dont know if the system is any good, i havent seen it, but it looks like there is more money in affilates than betting, wish i could show 65% profit on every investment

  5. Matt Bisogno says:

    Now listen here, umu. I’m getting quite upset at those fellows who think I don’t have a right to make a living by trying to put people straight on good products and services, and bad ones.

    If you take the time or trouble to surf around my site, you will note – as you would do at Nag3 when I ran that one – that there are stacks and stacks of slated services.

    People who come to this website are interested in horse racing systems. I have had over THIRTY emails in a day asking me about SmartMoneyPunter.

    I have absolutely no issue with putting my affiliate link in any link to the product’s web page.

    I did also say I suggest people hang fire until I’ve trialed it here for a few more days. Did you miss that bit?!

    Really, I’m sick and tired of dealing with people whose sole purpose in life seems to be to slag off others who are trying to provide a service and trying to make a living.

    If you don’t like what I do, you know exactly what you can do…


    p.s. You may care to note the preceding comment from Bjarne, who was responsible for the screenshot testimonial a couple of days ago. He is very satisfied with the service. That’s not me saying that!

  6. Leo says:

    Hi Matt,
    When you have a blog you have to roll with
    the punches. Never going to win them all.
    Down here in the land of the convicts (Aus) i get
    yours and Gavins at around 9p.m and i have a most
    enjoyable time with them. Keep up the great work.

  7. chris says:

    jesus umu matt said he will check it for the week why not just wait for the trial to end ????????????????

    matt although i dont visit the site much these days its always nice to know your still around, don’t worry about defending yourself im sure every reg to your site will know your approach to these mass produced and over hyped systems………… keep up the god work

  8. bob marsden says:

    hi matt i for one am very satisfied with your horse profiles my son used to be a betting shop manager for years… what he does not know about punting and horse systems you would not believe when i showed him the horse profiles i purchased off you.. he said dad that his the best thing ive ever brought reguarding my love of gambling and by god ive spent a fortune over the years so thanks again matt for that and all the other freebies ive recieved these last few weeks keep up your great work i and i know the majority of your other readers of yours will agree …. bob marsden

  9. Andy says:

    Hi Matt
    Just a quick mail to say thanks for all you say and do on this glorious blog. Regarding the **** Umu’s comments, the [censored]’s not even seen the product so he’s hardly in any position to have a go at you for your affiliate link. Does the [censored] think that as soon as you click the link button your committed to purchase,if you don’t the horse racing police come and get ya!!! [Censored]
    Keep up the good work mate,its much appreciated.

  10. Peter says:


    Received an email today saying that this system is going to get pulled from midnight tonight!

    Don’t know how true that is?

  11. tonystip says:

    Moaners of the world unite! Then please go and live far away! Like the south pole! Onwards and Upwards Matt!

  12. Jon says:

    You’re doing a great job, Matt, keep it up, illegitimi non carborundum (sounds much better than the correct Latin, which is ‘noli nothis permittere te terere’)

    I particularly like longshot systems, so am eagerly awaiting further results from your Smart Money Punter trialling.

    I happen to have a very simple longshot system of my own, with around a 10% SR and profit of around 20-30pts a month, lol. But that’s another story!

    Best wishes,


  13. paul says:

    hi matt,ive only been reading your blog now since i bought frp.I have always been a user of systems so i am glad you have started reviewing,as trying to find honest reviews is hard.i have come to enjoy your blog and trust your word,as to people who doubt why shouldnt matt be an affiliate hes doing the hard work!I will be adding a couple of systems to the wish list myself soon so keep up the good work.

  14. Duncan says:

    My Two Pennith Worth
    Keep up the good work, and hell yes take my 75% affiliate fee, oooh did I just slip matt an extra 10%?

    Listen if anybody thinks that guys like matt and gavin put all this info on the web for nothing then really come on.

    If you appreciate what you read then read more and follow links. If not then read a different site and follow thier links or just wonder what might have been.

    Don’t lose perspective take the info you need and use it to help you understand the markets and hopefully make money and enjoy it at the same time.


  15. umu says:


    im sorry but i cant find the unsubscribe button

    where is it?

    peace brothers

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      It’s at the bottom of every email I send you Rab.

      Enjoy the rest of the web – no hard feelings.


  16. gizzard says:

    I received notice from another source that
    “there is a more comprehensive product that uses the same strategy but at a more advanced level”
    as SmartMoneyPunter at this site:

    Since I know neither system I’m not in a position to judge but it might be worth looking into.

  17. mattgiffin says:

    hello matt

    i have used this system but i think i might have read it wrong,im sure we are supposed to use horses with odds of 3.25 and less,have i or am i doing it wrong…..this is smart money punter….

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