Smoke And Mirrors?! Indeed… Skulduggery Afoot, Methinks!

With more twists and turns, dear reader, than a Jeffrey Archer novel navigating its way up the Amazon, the plot has thickened in a manner that any self-respecting chef would like their sauces to... without the aid of flour or such like!

What exactly am I waffling on about, I hear you ask? Well, I've got a scoop on the great SmartMoneyPunter vs Smoke And Mirrors debate / debacle.

First up, for those who don't know, I started to review the latest hot product, SmartMoneyPunter, yesterday after a not untypical email bombardment from both sellers and inquisitive blog readers. It seemed to fare rather well.

But then, mysterious drama began to unfold as I received an email from the 'author' of SMP, a James Burrows, saying that due to similarities he had been made aware of between SMP and another product, Smoke And Mirrors, he was withdrawing from sale as of last night SMP.

I followed this up with both James and the author of S&M (unfortunate acronym!), Anthony Greenaway, to find out what the blazes was going on. This is how it panned out...

Email chain between me and James Burrows of SmartMoneyPunter, after I queried what was going on, and he told me he was going to release something else under the same name:

From: James Burrows - Smart Money Punter []
Sent: 27 May 2009 12:50
To: Matt Bisogno
Subject: Re:

Hi Matt

I was told that someone had a very similar system to mine - smoke and
mirrors or something.

As I dont want my system coming across as a copy of someone elses or someone

elses coming across
as a copy of mine, i'll be gettnig my colleague to de-list it off the
intrnet later today.

I will get it redesigned with a similar profitable method and send you the
updated book so at this
current time please dont mail out for it.

Very sorry for the request and now pulling the plug on it!

Best Wishes.

Kind Regards
James Burrows


From: "Matt Bisogno" <>
To: "'James Burrows - Smart Money Punter'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 3:50 PM
Subject: RE:


Sorry, but you can't just change the content to something else. You've
either got a system or you haven't.

I've been told by Anthony at smokeandmirrors that you ripped him off. That's
a pretty serious allegation... Is he right? Or is it just a miraculous

Smoke and mirrors, indeed.



From: James Burrows - Smart Money Punter []
Sent: 27 May 2009 15:05
To: Matt Bisogno
Subject: Re:

Hi Matt

No that is not the case,

I have been using this method for a few months.

I sent out to a few affiliates and one of them said our methods were fairly
similar. I'm yet
to see his method but I can assure you ive not seen his manual.

I then took the liberty of emailing anthony himself and I asked him about it

and he told me
he had been using a very similar method since march this year.

I am not aware when he released his but I released mine at the beginning of
April this

I have even gone as far as to tell him that i would be REMOVING my manual /
from the internet because I didnt want someone else having a similar product

as me.

So no - I did not rip him off.

Were those his exact words? I think my system has been on the internet for
Therefore I dont like accusations like that when i sell my own genuine

Kind Regards
James Burrows


From: "Matt Bisogno" <>
To: "'James Burrows - Smart Money Punter'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 4:25 PM
Subject: RE:

Hi James

OK, fine. I believe you that it's not a plagiarism.

However, having just looked at Smoke and Mirrors, the similarities are
absolutely UNCANNY.

Did you buy the right to sell this from a 3rd party? Reason I ask is that
the 3rd party may have sold that license more than once.

Anyway, if it's your own work, as you suggest, I have no idea why you're
taking it off the market: you are selling it for less, and you have better
marketing in place.

So why?



Hi Matt

I got it off a guy a few months ago at a track. He didnt say he was into systems or system designs. Just told me that he'd used this 'secret' for ages at the actual tracks.

he said enough people knew about the secret so it made no difference if anyone else did.

Unfortuantely i am not a marketer and know nothing about it. I just hired someone to make my site and put up some graphics. Thats about all though. I just wrote out the manual.

I have another profitable method which i personally use which involves betting on horses which won their previous races in handicap races.

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold

It's based on winners who win by a certain distance or higher and who are not being handicapped too hard. of course distance and going play major parts.

If you would be able to market something like this for me we could do some sort of deal?

I will obviously give you proof and show various tests of my system before it is sold.

Let me know!

Kind Regards
James Burrows


And that is where I left it - I'm extremely uncomfortable that a guy selling ostensibly a decent product all of a sudden withdraws it and offers me something completely different to look at!


Now, in parallel to this email correspondence, I was also in touch with Anthony, author of Smoke And Mirrors, and this is what he had to say:

From: Matt Bisogno []
Sent: 27 May 2009 15:38
To: 'anthonygreen****'
Subject: S&M vs SMP?

Hi Anthony

My name is Matt Bisogno and I run the blog at

As you will know, there has been a huge hullabaloo about a certain SmartMoneyPunter product, and – as such – I reviewed it today.

I was then told by one of my readers that it bears an uncanny resemblance to your own Smoke And Mirrors product, which he sent me for my views on.

It is clear to me that one copies the other, and yours pre-dates SMP by some months, so far as I can tell.

Indeed, a search reveals that the SMP domain name was only registered on 22nd May (registrant details withheld naturally).

Your website was registered on 28th April this year.

I am a little confused as to what’s happening here, and I wonder if you could help shed some light on things?

Many thanks and

Best Regards



From: anthony greenaway [mailto:anthonygreen****]
Sent: 27 May 2009 15:59
To: Matt Bisogno
Subject: Re: S&M vs SMP?

hi matt
travelling at the moment so will be brief it I quite obvious to me that it is acopy of mine revamped. I think it is the rochdale gang  because they were trying to get a free copy very early on . that said j burrows seems ok because when confronted he has agreed to take his site down today and to stop affiliate sales.
so if its true and he does take it down all is well.......however it was very cheeky cosidering I worked on this system for over ayear excuse the typos cheers anthony


So there you have it. A whole load of coincidence (really, it's far too close in content terms to be coincidental!) and a withdrawn product.

Now, in the interests of continuity, and because the products are so alike, I have recorded yesterday's less flattering results for SmartMoneyPunter below, and will track Smoke and Mirrors ( for a day or two to see how it fares.

Yesterday's SmartMoneyPunter results:


2.10 -

2.40 -

3.15 -

3.50 -

4.25 -

4.55 Mr Fantozzi 2nd at 5/1


2.20 -

2.50 -

3.25 Commanche Topgun PU at 12/1

4.00 Chopneyev PU at 16/1

4.35 Shraden Edition 3rd at 14/1 (7 runners, BF paid 3rd place)

5.05 -

5.35 Nifty Roy 10th at 40/1


2.30 Cativo Cavallino 4th at 10/1 - Mr Funshine 6th at 33/1

3.00 Cool Valentine 2nd at 10/1 - Southwark Newshawk 8th at 20/1

3.35 Confidentiality 4th at 20/1

4.10 Matsunosuke 7th at 16/1

4.45 -

5.15 -


6.20 Challenging 10th at 40/1 - Pilot Light 13th at 50/1

6.50 Northside Prince 4th at 11/2 - Orsippus 8th at 14/1

7.20 Quaker Parrot 10th at 40/1 - Sheka 6th at 66/1

7.50 -

8.20 Blue Spinnaker 6th at 25/1

8.50 Catch Key 8th at 33/1


6.30 -

7.00 -

7.30 Fencote Mystery 3rd at 28/1

8.00 Lucky Pearl 3rd at 12/1 - Mnason 5th at 33/1

8.30 Sky Calling 6th at 9/2

9.00 Benmadigan 7th at 5/1 - Dan Maguire 4th at 8/1

Some near misses but all told it looked like this:

Win Stake £4   Return £0  P/L -£4

E/W Stake £22 Return £10 P/L -£12

Place Stake £10 Return £7 P/L -£3

Total P/L -£19

Which, added to the previous day's totals means a loss of -£0.25 (!) If you'd used betfair, you'd probably be showing a small profit, and I also know that the previous day had been successful.

So.... today I'll track the Smoke And Mirrors system (which is VERY similar to SMP, but there are a couple more 'signals' to look out for)...


Now, as if that wasn't fun enough, it's Thursday Fun time. And in the spirit of espionage and defective detectives (see what I did there?!), today I present you Mr Peter Sellers as the inimitable Inspector Jacques Clouseau... "Not now Kato!"



4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
26 replies
  1. Chris says:

    Hmm interesting stuff. I had been toying with the idea of getting one or the other of these systems but am always reluctant to part with my hard earned before a decent period of time passes for the very reasons that you’ve highlighted here.

    Must admit that I am very new to this betting business but learning fast!! In order to improve my education can someone please let me know who the Rochdale Gang are?



  2. pete says:

    Matt, smoke and mirrors is good last 3 days and using £2 bets up around £100 which is no mean feat, interesting to know how you get on.

  3. Steve says:

    Anthony asked me to monitor the results yesterday as he was travelling to Devon and the results were broadly the same as S(mart)M(oney) but the 2 additional pointers in S & M produced a 9/1 winner at Brighton in the 4.25.
    I can vouch for the fact that Tony has been working on this system for at least the last 6 months. It seems to do particularly well at the big meetings : Cheltenham Festival was amazing – unfortunately for me I didn’t believe it at the time so wasn’t using the method. Incidently, I am a friend of Tony’s and proof-read the manual before it was published.
    best wishes,

  4. Robin Patrick says:

    Hi Matt. i am paper trading SMP and appreciate your comments, Also I must thank you for brightening up my day with The Pink Panther. I feel a bit better now

  5. Phil Woods says:

    Hi Matt,
    Re Smoke and Mirrors and SmartMoneyPunter,

    This guy who has been going round the tracks, letting every Tom, Dick and Harry in on his secret method, should really pay for his lack of professionalism. He is obviously so overwelmed by his methods. I also think that the guys, James and Anthony are exploiting this Happy Punters situation and making money of the back of others.

    The secret method should be published for free, then the same system will not come up again in another gift wrapped package.

  6. Pete says:

    Steve I maybe using the system wrong, getting on too early but in the same Brighton race I picked the 40/1 3rd Betfair place price of 26.0 very nice and at Cartmel an 8/1 winner, so nice profit yesterday.

  7. Rob Holloway says:

    Well well well. I think we all know if this chap is to be trusted given what’s just turned up in my spam mailbox:


    I wrote to you on Tuesday to tell you about the Smart Money Punter system.

    The response was absolutely staggering!

    So much so that the product “Sold Out” in less than 48 hours.

    The product has been suspended from sale, because the demand was so high we became concerned that with so many people using the system the betting market could be adversely affected (which could eventually reduce the profitability of the system for all of its’ users – including us!)

    Whilst I appreciate that the product was withdrawn without notice, I’m sure you will understand the reasons this action needed to be taken.

    The product will not be available via the website for the foreseeable future.

    However, having received numerous emails this morning from people who are disappointed that they will be unable to profit from this system – we have set up a special link for those people we contacted on Tuesday who missed out on the opportunity to secure their copy.

    PLEASE CLICK HERE NOW to get your copy of the Smart Money Punter system.”

    What a cowboy!

  8. Dave says:

    Well it’s still on sale . Just received an e-mail a few mins ago saying that the product was ‘sold out’ in 48 hours.

    But a ‘special link’ has been set up for the ‘Smart Money Punter’ – “Not available to the general public ” (Lucky me!!)

    Link will remain active until Sunday 31/05 apparently

    Must rush & buy my copy pronto (Not!)

  9. MindYerBeak says:

    The Rochdale Gang are a bunch of Cowboys who release a duff system at least once a week.

    I know one thing: if I were an innocent party there’s no way I’d take down my site and remove my version of the Holy Grail. The purchase link is appearing again via the back door from affilliates who are spamming punters with the new purchase link. Who do you suppose told the affilliates where the link was? Who do you suppose supplied the link? I smell an odour wafting across my nostrils. Piracy is what ruins a good system, that’s why I don’t buy them anymore. Once pirated they quickly become unprofitable.

  10. Chris says:

    SMP may well have been withdrawn from sale but I’ve just received an email offering to sell me a copy via a special secret website!!

  11. johnward says:

    HI MATT got smoke and mirrows friday and after 3 days trying its not roket science to see you carnt make the money athony clames so i asked 3 times for a refund and guss what the guys gone on the road if you manage to get in contact with him ask why he dosent honer his add which says if not happy you can have a refund thnks matt all the best john ward

  12. John Childs says:


    I have been backing horses for years and have used hundreds of systems without success. I have made a small profit on Frontline, which you may know,but I have not had it very long. At least it uses one rac a day in advance of racing.
    Many of the the systems carry a guarantee but I’ve usually given up with the system long before the ‘sixty days’ are up because either they are losing too much or they require you to sit at the computer all day, like Smart Money. I have only once tried to reclaim money. I think it was called Cracking Placepots which guaranteed if you hadn’t had a winning placepot in a week fee would be refunded. First week I used it no win. I claimed the money. Oh no! You are wrong .came the reply. It won at Wolver Saturday night. Well, it’s a con then, said I, because the advice was to use the meeting with the second highest prizemoney and that was not Wolverhampton. If the system was used at all meetings in a week there would be twenty odd placepots and you can claim only one winning one, which was not in your system rules. I then got an abusive letter outraged and saying they wouldn’t refund to someone like me who made such accusations!

    On the basis that the Smart system has been withdrawn, that I can’t possibly sit at my computer watching betting for every race for sixty day I think I have a case for money back on this one. What do you think?

    john childs

  13. Leo says:

    Hi Matt,
    Perhaps we should get Jeffrey Archer to write
    a system. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is.

    Am very relieved that Inspector Clouseau is on the case.


  14. johnward says:

    hi matt just had email from anthony saying he will refund shortly ill waite and see thanks and all the best johnny ward

  15. Steve says:

    My advice to johnward is that he doesn’t give up on Smoke & Mirrors but maybe does a bit of paper trading/watching until it becomes easier.
    I’m up this afternoon but just missed the 14/1 winner in the 4.40 at Yarmouth because I wasn’t quick enough to get the bet on before the off. Can be frustrating but it DOES pay.

  16. chris says:

    i lol’d at this

    jesus im going to write a system myself are you gonna help me market it matt??????????????????????????????

  17. paul says:

    You shouldn’t have mentioned it Matt…. You could have had two affiliate links to two systems and really pissed the whingers off!!! Excuse me whilst I extract my tongue from my cheek…… 🙂

  18. Graham says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve been reading your blog today with great interest.

    The SMP website uses very similar phrases to the S&M website, so even if it was coincedence that the two systems were similar, it stretches the imagination beyond belief that the two websites use similars terms.

    The SMP website now says ‘Sold Out’ (for now) but the download page is still accessable.

    Hi everyone – what fun

  19. Richard says:

    Ive got both of these… considering refunding both even though they both do seem to work for me?

    im confused, i get the embedded method is the same but the other method isnt the same?

    theyre not even the same methods?????????


  20. HUGH says:

    Hi matt read your blog with interest today and thought you might like to know i had an email from mr james burrows tonight at 6.53 and it appears that true to his word he says the system is now off the market until futher notice. He also advised that a mr terry flanagan was trying to flog the system illegaly and not to buy it many thanks.

  21. Susan says:

    I have a cunning plan.
    Publish both systems on your blog, and let us be the judge of which is best or even if they are the same.

  22. Vanda says:

    Thanks for the info on these systems. There are just so many so called”professionals” out there exploiting everyone given half a chance.
    I also have been bombarded with e-mails from several places regarding the Smart Money Punter but I didn’t get sucked in, thank goodness!
    It’s difficult to know who to believe and thanks to you Matt, you highlight the good AND the bad to which I’m very grateful.
    Buying a system is one thing, getting your money back is another as I know to my cost.
    Anyway keep up the good work. Cheers Matt

  23. john kerr says:

    I have no vested interest or affiliate association with Martin Blakey, but I am a subscriber to thetradingplan and i have no wish to be involved in anything else. His results are kosher sometimes I get slightly different cos its reading the market. But for every time I dont agree with his results there are times when I get a good result that he doesnt

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