Smoke And Mirrors? Or Broken Mirrors?

After the glorious beginning for the Smoke and Mirrors horse racing system, dear reader, it appears that seven years bad luck may be upon those whose betting vanity leads them to look in the 'Mirror' too often.

What am I wittering on about exactly? Performance levels, that's what! Friday saw a loss of £12.25 on the day, bringing the (admittedly, very short) trial to a more muted profit level of £25.

However, yesterday wiped out those profits and incurred a fairly hefty deficit to boot. The full story is below:


2.30 Key Breeze 5th at 10/1 - Thinking 12th at 66/1

3.00 -

3.30 -

4.05 Spitfire 13th at 25/1 - Damika 8th at 25/1

4.40 -

5.15 Ocean Blaze 5th at 11/2 - Feelin Foxy 3rd at 12/1

5.50 Silly Gilly 3rd at 15/2 Slip Star 7th at 16/1

To recommended stakes -£5


2.20 Earlsmedic 12th at 9/1 - Osiris Way 4th at 10/1

2.50 Manyriverstocross 3rd at 5/1 - John Terry 8th at 20/1

3.25 -

3.55 -

4.30 -

5.05 Albuharth 5th at 11/2 - Eightdaysaweek 11th at 12/1

5.40 Overturn 7th at 7/1 - Prince Of Thebes 9th at 20/1

To recommended stakes -£14


2.05 Anglezarke 2nd at 13/2 - Fullandby 7th at 12/1

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2.35 Starfala 4th at 13/2

3.05 Royal Confidence 6th at 33/1 - Garnica 10th at 40/1

3.35 Strike Shot 1st at 5/1 - Senate Majority 4th at 8/1

4.10 -

4.45 Nemo Spirit 11th at 12/1 - Double Banded 12th at 14/1

To recommended stakes -£15.50


2.10 Edas 4th at 12/1 - Vicious Warrior 10th at 20/1

2.40 -

3.15 -

3.45 Bahamian Babe 10th at 10/1 - Ishetoo 1st at 12/1

4.20 -

4.55 Feelin Fab 9th at 7/1 - Darcey 5th at 20/1

To recommended stakes +£5


6.00 -

6.30 -

7.00 Broughtons Paradis 2nd 11/2 - Honourable Endeavour 10th at 16/1

7.35 Brunette 10th at 6/1 - Three's A Crowd 6th at 14/1

8.10 Carlitos Spirit 3rd at 7/1 - Ghost Dancer 10th at 33/1

8.40 -

To recommended stakes -£7


6.10 New England 2nd at 5/1 - Strike Force 8th at 16/1

6.45 Flashy Lover 7th at 16/1 - Kinky Afro 10th at 16/1

7.20 La Coveta 4th at 9/1 - Kilburn 6th at 14/1

7.50 Tender Charm 6th at 12/1 - Chandika 15th at 11/1

8.25 Agente Romano 9th at 14/1 - Kasban 10th at 12/1

8.55 Young Dottie 4th at 11/2 - King's Siren 9th at 7/1

To recommended stakes -£22

Total on the day: -£58.50 (!) to a £1 stake

Total from 28th May: -£33.50

More tomorrow...


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  1. Richard says:


    No one has responded to me about this:

    hi matt.

    just to query these results. the sportinglife LIVE SHOWS are often delayed about a minute or two. Now i am refreshing as close to the off as possible and then when the race goes in play and sporting life refreshes…. often the odds change only then and many a time it has removed or added in a “BIG” winner AFTER the off????

    Surely this is not consistent. There are too few winners to say it would consistently add as many as it removes. On your results the other day where you made a big profit, it should not have been that big because two of the big winners for the day only actually fitted the systems criteria after the race had started due to that DELAY on the sportinglife odds


    What this means is that you guys are not monitoring live races….. you are using the back logged live shows on the night or after all the races am i right? because theres no way someone betting would somehow get them all correct and i am one of those who sat watching the live markets for 3 hours for the last 4 days and i am not showing a profit like you because of these delays

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Richard

      Sorry for the 18 hour delay in replying. I was out today enjoying the sunshine, as I suspect many others were. Hope that’s ok 😉

      Regarding your points, yes sometimes it is possible that the market moves will be reflected very shortly after the off, and in those circumstances there is very little you can do (perhaps place an ‘in running’ wager on betfair).

      I do suspect that over time these situations would even themselves out, but I have no evidence to support that suspicion.

      In tracking the results, I am looking at the shows after racing, as I simply cannot commit to spending six hours in front of the sporting life website. Again, my feeling is that this may not be a product that one would use all day every day. Rather, when you’re home in front of the computer, you would employ it.

      Ultimately, my issue with Smoke and Mirrors thus far is a lot more fundamental than that – it just seem to be performing very well.

      Hope this helps, and
      Best Regards

  2. theo says:

    I agree with Richard (in fact I did send in a similar comment, but it was not published). My attempted solution to this difficulty is to bet in-running after the final Live Show. Doesn’t really work for short races though (eg under a mile), as there’s not enough time. And the odds you get might not be so good. Plus, it’s hard to keep records of your selections at the same time as spotting and placing your bets. We have seen some big wins, but when you’re staking 4 points per race (2 selections EW), you really need a few to go in at good odds. I wonder if it would work just backing them to Win-only, or to Place-only?

  3. Richard says:

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for the input. So far for me it has unfortunately done the opposite of even itself out though. Two of the big winner on the big profitable day were very late changes (after the off) and yesterdays loss was even bigger than quoted because another only happened to change after the off (Bahamian Babe) i think it was which would have taken it to about -70 points. Earth shattering for me

  4. mattgiffin says:

    what a smashing weekend,gave racing a miss today…
    i trade on betfair everyday and you will be suprised at the results…from laying false favs,and backing high odd horses who may come close and trading out when they do…..i keep getting 100/1 plus as these are the best ones to trade on and ill let them run in if it looks good instead of trading out at the last 2f….100/1+ dont win all the time but with trading you are drawn to them more….
    well yet again matt you have saved me money with your reviews…….keep up the excellent work

  5. Simon says:

    Just wondered if anyone else has been getting the numerous Bookie Robbery emails and if it is worth purchaasing or not – They’re making some very bold claims

  6. Dave Yeates says:

    Hi, yes I’ve bought the overhyped Bookie Robbery and in my view it’s one of those systems (tennis based) where you would probably wion overall but by not enough points to have you sitting at your computer waiting for the opportunities. And do we really believe the ‘testimonies’, especially by the guy who should not take up acting as a career!

  7. Mike says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have monitored the full cards on both Friday and Saturday and I must say your selections are no where near what they should be in the live market. You are defeating what you are trying to achieve by looking back at shows after the event. The system made a loss Friday and an even bigger one Saturday. Using a small bank on Betfair as suggested over Friday and Saturday the bank is 60% gone. Maybe you would be better served having someone trial this for you with the correct method. Obviously people will not get the same selection all the while it depends when the selection is made. I understand you are doing your best and please do not take this as a moan it is not intended to be anything of the sort but you are way off the mark with this one.



  8. Dean says:

    Purchased the sure money punter system last week before reading your Blog, used Paypal to purchase, After reading your Blog I contacted the seller & told them about your Blog stating theirs was a possible lesser copy, have had a refund & purchased the Smoke & Mirrors system on Friday seems a lot better shame it is on a losing run, could be due to the weather being so hot, also purchased a betting system that I am hoping will work well with the Smoke & Mirrors gambles,

    The Diabolical Staking Plan (Malcolm MacLean), have you heard of it & if so is it any good, it is written on 114 pages so will have a lot of reading to do before I can use it correctly,

    Lets hope the Smoke & Mirrors system comes good, keep up the good work,

    in Jersey

  9. Dave Yeates says:

    Further to my earlier post about The Bookie Robbery, without giving anything away there were NO qualifiers to back on Sunday or Monday at the French Open. And while the download is a 53 page pdf you could actually describe the method in one sentence. I don’t know about you but as a punter if I buy a system I want the system to be worth the time needed to make a significant profit at a stake Mr Normal can afford (eg using a £1,000 bank). The kinds of profit The Bookie Robbery are claiming, in the French Open at least, are simply pie in the sky. I am still searching for the Holy Grail!

  10. Jon says:

    I bought the ‘Diabolical Staking Plan’ many years ago, and it is truly diabolical – unowrkable, absolute rubbish, leave it well alone.



  11. gerald simpson says:

    I am referring to Smoke and Mirrors and wonder how many of your readers played this system at Epsom on Derby Day

    Unfortunatly I was only paper trading but the results as far as I can see were outstanding using just six of the races

    What were other readers and users findings!

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