Smoke And Mirrors vs SmartMoneyPunter – The Plot Thickens

Just when you thought it wasn't possible for the plot to get any thicker, dear reader, so the gravy consistency developed a viscosity more widely associated with treacle. That is to say, the plot just got thicker!

No sooner has James Burrows pulled down - or rather put up a 'sold out' sign on - his SmartMoneyPunter site, then a third entity positioned himself into the fray.

Clearly a fly-by-night ne'er-do-well other-three-word-hyphenated kind of person, this new chap, a 'Terry Flanagan', seems to have acquired a copy of the system and is blatantly ripping off both Burrows and the perceived original copyright holder, Anthony Greenaway, by offering it to a spam email list he's also got hold of.

I've been in touch with James and Anthony again, and both say they know nothing of this cheeky scamster, Flanagan.

DON'T BUY SMARTMONEYPUNTER from any source. For two reasons.

1. If it wasn't ripped off by James Burrows (and I'm far from convinced), it's definitely being ripped off by 'Terry Flanagan'

2. Even if you don't care about intellectual property rights ownership, the Smoke And Mirrors system has twice as many 'signals', and has been outperforming SmartMoneyPunter.

Yesterday's Smoke And Mirrors performance was impressive, even for someone who was quite cynical about the angle, such as me. The system made 37.25 points profit at SP and, given the prices of some of the beasts, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd made 50 points using betfair.
Here's the rollcall on yesterday's movers and shakers (deep breath):


2.20 Clear Ice 5th at 16/1 - Weetentherty 8th at 50/1

2.50 Ice Planet 5th at 8/1 - Talon 10th at 33/1

3.20 -

3.50 -

4.20 Applaude 7th at 12/1

4.50 -

5.20 -

To recommended stakes -£8


2.30 Jabroot 4th at 8/1 - Diamond Dee 8th at 33/1

3.00 -

3.30 Almaty Express 9th at 8/1

4.00 -

4.30 Dalradian 1st at 13/2 - Hail Promenader 6th at 5/1

5.00 Takaamul 7th at 11/2 - Lord Theo 9th at 11/2

To recommended stakes +£0


2.10 -

2.40 Our Georgie Girl 7th at 33/1 - Micky's Bird 2nd at 40/1

3.10 Toballa 7th at 66/1

3.40 Sabi Star 5th at 12/1 - Mr Frosty 8th at 66/1

4.10 Crystallize 1st at 6/1 - Silent Treatment 12th at 16/1

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4.40 Kingsgate Castle 9th at 12/1 - Luminous Gold 1st at 14/1

5.10 Lady Sorcerer 4th at 13/2 - Cragganmore Creek 9th at 16/1

5.40 Eagle Nebula 4th (placed) at 8/1 - Zain 11th at 9/1

To recommended stakes +£14


6.25 -

7.00 Bold Marc 4th at 5/1 - Borrasco 10th at 7/1

7.35 -

8.10 Not Now Lewis 3rd at 6/1 - Johnny Friendly 4th at 12/1

8.40 Bond City 5th at 22/1 - Green Park 9th at 40/1

9.15 -

To recommended stakes -£6.50


6.05 Mountain Pride 1st at 16/1 - Dr Livingstone 2nd at 16/1

6.35 -

7.10 -

7.45 Stotsfold 3rd at 14/1

8.20 -

8.55 Axiom 2nd at 20/1 - Kinsya 10th at 20/1

To recommended stakes +£29.50


5.45 -

6.15 -

6.50 -

7.25 -

7.55 -

8.30 Madison De Vonnas 2nd at 33/1

9.05 -

To recommended stakes +£8.25

Total on the day: +£37.25 to a £1 stake

Either the Smoke and Mirrors system has been having a freak excellent week, or there may really be something in this... I'm still not certain and, at £97, you may want to hold fire while I take a look at what happens today.

If you don't want to risk missing some big priced winners (and, for sure, a fair amount of losers!), you can review the sales materials and acquire a copy here.


The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted that there is yet another review begun on the blog now. Although it won't be of interest to everyone, this forex training and software system is reputed to about the best around. It's price tag reflects that in small part. However, the reason I've decided to trial it is because, when speaking to a colleage (Graham Laurie at Cash Master), he had said that using this himself he'd made over £50,000 in a year!

That's a lot of moolah! Now, I have to concede that I know next to nothing about forex, so I'll be as interested as many of you in how my forex review man gets on.

Graham's posted his preview here, and you can always get the up to date position by clicking the 'Current System Trials' tab at the top (middle) of this - and every Geegeez - page.

If forex is not for you, no problem - just ignore that, and take a peek at those things that are relevant to the way you see, and invest in, the world.


That's all for today - I'm off to Pall Mall for some preparations for Monday. I am hosting a small but elite group of Geegeez readers who want to learn how to research their own high quality racing service. So watch this space - there will be mini-Matt's before the Summer is through (actually, that's a pretty scary thought....!)

It's going to be a brilliant day, and I'm really excited to lift the lid on what I do, in the belief that it brings some more high quality material to the market.

I think we all agree we love racing systems and services. And I think the vast majority of us would agree that there aren't nearly enough good ones.

Have a great weekend - the sun is set to shine throughout. 🙂

'Til next week.


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10 replies
  1. Richard says:

    Lol this is getting pretty funny.

    the results on smart money punter i got yesterday were:::::

    3.20 Ayr Willyn 12-1 3rd
    4.40 York Luminous Gold 14-1 W
    4.50 Ayr Coleorton Choice 4-1 W
    5.40 Yar Eagle Nebula 8-1 4th
    6.05 Snd Mountain Pride 16-1 W
    7.25 Weth Evelith Echo 7-1 W
    7.45 Snd Stotsfold 14-1 3rd
    8.30 Wth Madison de Vonnas 33-1 3rd
    8.50 Snd Axiom 20-1 2nd

    Those are sportinglife odds. So on Betfair, for example luminous light i had at 21 and evlith echo at 9 and coleorton choice at 6 overall i made 20 odds points

  2. mattgiffin says:

    well i brought that smart money punter a few weeks ago, in battle with my bank to try to get a refund as i am unsatisfied with my purchase..and with all internet purchases i use a credit card as its easier to claim..all it realy taught me was how to trade which can be found everywhere on the net anyway….oh well 100 tested 1000 more systems to try

  3. Riky says:


    Are you sure it was Smart Money Punter you bought a few weeks ago? He didn’t have the website until a week ago, and it didn’t go live until last weekend. Also, you should not need to do battle with your bank, Clickbank will honour the refund policy if you approach them directly.

    Matt Bisogno,

    Are you sre that this Terry Flanagan isn’t James Burrows? I too received the email yesterday, and must say it did look like Burrows’ handy work. Fortunately I can remember Burrows from a couple of years ago when he was pulling similar scams, so I steered well clear of this one.

  4. theo says:

    I ran Smoke and Mirrors the last 2 days. Some of my selections actually differ from the ones you published (eg I picked Hallstat in the 230, which won, and Wilyn in the 320, 3rd). The system looks very impressive BUT there seems to be a major drawback in its implementation. You cannot be sure that the specific signals you are looking for have emerged until the very, very last moment. Indeed several times I bet on a signal at the off, only to find a DIFFERENT signal had emerged on sportinglife actually AFTER the off, and what I thought was a signal, had changed to a non-signal. Eg I missed Dalradian. Even using Betangel for instant betting, and concentrating like a demon, I found myself on the wrong horse half the time when I checked sportinglife after the race. It seems to be true that the signals are often indicative of winners – but in practice you probably need to bet in-running, maybe 30 seconds after the off. With anything under a mile this is almost impossible. Still, all credit to the chap behind the system (whoever it is) for finding a genuinely new angle.

  5. Jon says:

    Hi Matt,

    I got another email from James Burrows this morning, promoting Smart Money Punter, so he hasn’t actually pulled promotion at all – and the link to his site, which he gave, also works.



  6. Charlie says:

    The ‘official’ web site for SMP still says sold out?

    I have SMP and it has pulled in the money 3 days out of 4.. and good money at that!

  7. Jon says:

    Have just received the second promotional email for Smart Money punter this day. Will forward it to you, Matt, and the other one.


  8. Richard says:

    I received the terry flanagan email but i also received an email from james burrow to NOT purchase from terry flanagan

  9. mattgiffin says:

    well its got the light bulb picture on it and it is a system and a trading manual…but states it is for horses 3/1 and under so i am not to sure….i have to use three different sites to gather info and slowly after elimination i am left with several horses…takes a few hrs but does work only problem is the odds are low and if you wait till the start they are below 2/1 …so even thou im in profit its not much….got mmy money back so not bothered now..will keep ears open on this smoke and mirrors

  10. Richard says:

    Jon i think it is pulled. It is just the follow up emails you get if you sign up to any system news letter because the link is still to the sites home page which is sold out

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