Snow Blindness?

A strange phenomenon has occurred, dear reader, in recent months. Increasingly, people selling stuff online are attempting to demonstrate their credibility by giving stuff away.

We've been treated to some excellent freebies: somethings for nothing; better quality gratis than some of the rogues charge for.

But, I wonder, are we getting snow blindness? I mean, firstly, we're not used to being given genuinely high quality info without resorting to the credit card (and even then our expectations are usually that we'll regret unleashing the plastic).

Secondly, it's endemic of the blink culture - of which we are all now a part - that no sooner has some luxury or pleasantry been bestowed upon us than we expect this to be the new status quo, and take it for granted.

And that's what I mean by snow blindness. Are we getting blasé about these free downloads? Do we assume they're valueless because they are costless? Have YOU downloaded them and filed them away somewhere, never to return to them?

If you have, you've been missing out on some cracking info. If I may briefly toot my flute again, the little handicap chase outsiders system produced a 33/1 winner at the weekend, which also paid people off at 70 and 80 times their investment on Betfair. As somebody pointed out, the tote win dividend on the horse was an amazing(ly frustrating for me, as I bet the horse at SP with the tote!) £103.70 - that's 102.7/1 !

Now, yes, this system throws up loads of losers too. It's had about fifteen since I mentioned it. So you'd only be somewhere between 18 and 88 points in front at this stage.

The point... yes, my point... is that this stuff has been well researched and if you take the time to look at it, and play with it (even to very small stakes) you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Right. That's fair enough, but you gave it away because you wanted to sell me something, Matt! I think I heard some tinker murmur that at the back of the class.

Absolutely! I gave you good useful free stuff to demonstrate my credibility. If you just chose to download that and not buy, that's fine. It's not a problem to me. Seriously.

That little system was downloaded over 6,000 times, and I sold 370 copies of Horse Racing Experts. I say 'sold'... in fact, I had to refund 70 people because I didn't have enough copies! And loads more people asked how they could get a copy after the doors closed (within 23 hours of opening!).

But still, somewhere between 5,500 and 5,600 people didn't buy, and most of them - more than three quarters, I'd guess - had absolutely no intention of buying anything.

I still don't care! Firstly, what I was offering was a bit different from the usual 'buy this wonder system' stuff we're used to seeing. Secondly, I physically couldn't sell more even if I wanted to (which, actually, I did want to!).

Your first 30 days for just £1

And thirdly, I know the ways of the world. I firmly believe in the 'law of reciprocity'. What?! In a nutshell, as we give, so shall we receive. Or, bluntly, I dish good stuff out liberally and you'll give me something back - maybe a comment on the blog, maybe a recommendation to a friend about the Geegeez website, maybe... *gasp* you'll buy something! 😉

To return to my point about snow blindness, do you feel like all the freebie stuff is naff? Remember the mass giveaways of about a year ago? They were hugely popular, but... there was a problem. The problem was that 85% (maybe more) of the stuff was total and utter shit. (Excuse my rare lapse).

Although a great idea, those mass giveaways probably set back our little community more than they carried us forward.

So, I ask you to wipe your goggles. Go to the folder - if you have one - where you save all these things. Read 'em. Consider 'em, albeit perhaps briefly. And delete anything that is either not your bagatelle, or you deem duff. Whatever's left, embrace it for the value it contains rather than the (no) price it cost.

And... here's the rub. Although my free stuff was very good (hornblower? Me? Just call me 'Horatio'!), I've just seen some even better goodies being liberally handed out.

Remember David Peat? He's the guy that I released Flat Racing Profiles with in March. That one took a week to sell out. Never reopened. And in the final reckoning, David's optimum horse profiles produced twenty winners from 108 runners (18.52% strike rate), and a whacking great £468 profit to tenner stakes. That’s an ROI of 43.33%, which must surely rank as the best about.

Well, just like Pegasus, David's flown the Geegeez coop now (how's that for a mixed metaphor?!) and he's about to launch his National Hunt Horse Profiles. And, as a student of mine, he knows that it's a good idea to give people top drawer freebies to show them what you're about.

The three reports he has for you are seriously brilliant. And, as ever, I want you guys to get them! Two of them are already up in the 'insiders area'. I should have sent this out earlier, but I'm on jetlag time currently.

The third and final one comes out tomorrow, I believe.

Anyway, David's Horse Profiles launches this Thursday. It'll cost £77 for the manual (fully 126 pages of hand cranked statistical loveliness), PLUS full season access to his members' area where he'll post the horses of interest each day, PLUS an All Weather Profiles guide, PLUS some other stuff that he'll tell you about in due course.

I know I've 'pitched' at you a lot in recent weeks. And I'm sorry that the very few systems and services that I feel are seriously worthy of your consideration have all come out within a short space of each other. But the truth is that my betting portfolio for the winter will be shaped around Gavin's TrainerTrackStats, Steve's Flat Racing Select, and David's Horse Profiles.

I love the way these guys are totally devoted to the sport. I love that they care. I love that they publish their results, warts and all. I love that they offer refunds to dissatisfied customers. I love that they overdeliver. And I'm proud to have them as part of my 'inner circle' (now there's a self-aggrandising statement!)

Enough from me. David is giving you 'Ten Class Horse Profiles'; 'All Weather Trainer Profiles'; and, 'National Hunt Horse Profiles Lite' (15 of the horses from the full manual).

Go get them. Read through them. Make notes of the bits that catch your eye (I defy anybody not to be impressed with the profiles info!).

Then, later in the week, think about whether you want more of this, in exchange for some folding. If you do, great. If not, no biggie, as they say over here...

Oh, I should tell you where: the good stuff is here.


p.s. If you've downloaded the goodies, leave a comment and let people know what you think. If you haven't, then Obama says you should 😉

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. John Boyle says:

    Hi, Matt! Although I missed out on Saturday’s winner because I forgot to check the system, I’d just like to compliment the work you and Gavin put in to supplying the stats, systems and funny moments in your blogs. May you never run out of ideas!
    Yours in sport.

  2. Leo says:

    Hi Matt,
    As long as you keep it honest and trustworthy
    you can promote anything here and we will benefit.
    Leave the Melbourne Cup tipping to us convicts.
    Have a great holiday.

  3. Peter Chadburn says:

    Hello Matt

    We all operate differently- I paid for Davids Profiles on the flat and didn’t make a penny- 1 winner in the year- When I enterd the site in July It loooked like it had been abandoned.

    Your Systems Builder video showed the use of RSB software which I believe siezed trading recently. There was no mention of the ongoing costs associated with your package (ie Sofware and data Updates).

    The freebie Horse Racing Chase system you mention was to operate between April and November so I filed that for next year. But I don’t do National Hunt anyway.

    The point of my three illustrations is that freebies are usually old and out of date stuff. I now think that David Pleats profiles had lost its edge- RSB data now finished – a system that operates from April – given away in October?

    If I had released a system that said back SPOTFORM in the Daily Mail – How much would you trust the system- 18 consecutive losers – Down £180? Would your next £10 be on??? I doubt it.

    So you see dear Matt we all have different points of view about the same things- I enyoy visiting your site and hope that one day I will find something that will turn me into a profitable punter.

    Good Luck

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Peter Ch

      Now then, hang on a second…

      Regarding David’s Flat Profiles, I’ve no idea how you could only back a solitary winner, given that all the information was on the members’ area every day, and that was part and parcel of your single payment subscription.

      On the matter of Horse Racing Experts, it has nothing to do with RSB. In fact, I show half a dozen free or nearly free alternatives in the DVD training. So the fact that RSB has paused trading (which IS very unfortunate) is not not relevant to HRE.

      The freebie chase system finishes at end November, so why on earth would I release it in October if it wasn’t to be used until end November? It also came with full results for the previous five years.

      If your spotform system could validate itself in the same way, yes, there would be merit in ploughing on through a losing run. Moreover, I stated explicitly with Chase Outsiders that it had a 10% strike rate. Funnily enough, it was the tenth qualifier after release that was the big winner. So, it wasn’t even a losing run per se.

      I’m glad you enjoy visiting my site. With regards to finding something that turns you into a winner, you need to keep your eyes open and stop making it someone else’s fault. Apologies if that sounds harsh, but what you’re missing is not good information, but rather good discipline, patience and a measured approach to betting.

      Best Regards,

  4. Peter Colledge says:

    Hi Matt,
    This syndrome is peculiarly English, I think. There is a story of the couple who, spending a week with friends in the country, find, unbidden, to their surprise, a hot water bottle in their bed. The next night the host asks them if they want another bottle this night. They haver and demur in the normal English way and are finally reluctantly persuaded to have the bottle. The hosts are surprised by the amount of persuasion required so they do not, on the third night, provide a bottle. The next morning the visitors complain of a lack of bottle the previous night! Maybe other cultures do this as well, but nobody does it like the Brits!
    All the best with your great blogs.

  5. Kirst Cooper says:

    dear matt,

    Will the all weather draw report you published earlier in the year still be valid for the upcoming all weathers season?

    As its proved to be quite profitable( including a 33/1 winner on monday!)

    So thanks for all the good stuff.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Kirst

      There is no reason to suspect that the all weather info will be less profitable. That said, the strong draw bias is quite well known at Kempton now, which means it is factored into prices more so. I’ve not done a review of the data for this season yet, nor will I be able to until the New Year, as my RSB (final) disks are being sent to UK, alas..


  6. Harvey says:

    Hi Matt,

    Another great entry.

    I have a question about David Peat’s Horse Profiles.

    Can you tell me how does David select the particular horse’s that he profiles.

    I mean theres thousands of horses, how does he select which ones to use?.

    Just wondered if you have any idea how he does it?.

    Kind regards.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Harvey

      David has been doing his NH manuals for a few years now, though not with such public recognition alas. So he has a ready made start point in the previous year’s data. However, horses come, go and change their preferred conditions. So there is significant iteration from season to season.

      Consequently, as well as producing the manual, David also produces what he calls his ‘diaries’. These are weekly pages where he highlights additional horses that have begun to develop notable preferences. This gives him more data than he could need.

      The diaries will again be a part of his superb value package, for those who like to bet with the trends.

      Hope that adds some colour. For more info, you might email David directly. His address is on his site.

      Best Regards

  7. Joyce says:

    Message to Peter Chadburn…………..If you are still looking for
    a good system buddy…………there is no better than place betting!

    It’s the only system I use!

  8. Donkers says:

    Joyce, with all due respect ‘place betting’ is not a system! Nor is it a method. It is a betting strategy, in the same way that others like to bet win only, others lay in the win and/or place market, others purely trade. It is all about attitude to risk rather than having an edge over others. I could place any amount of bets in the place market but if I don’t know one end of a horse from another, how is your ‘system’ going to make me rich? In order to have the edge you will need to know something that the person laying your bet doesn’t know, which makes your bet good value and theirs poor value.

    The only way of knowing that is to realise that ALL of these betting strategies are successful for those who employ the KNOWLEDGE and DISCIPLINE of a proven system. Or, preferably, who have ‘simply’ spent years absorbing the factors and fundaments of horse racing and its multitudinous components in order to find out a reason to back something that someone else is keen to lay. Or vice versa. And be correct in their decision making often enough to make a profit for more than a few days or weeks!

    Now that is a proper system for you!! 😉

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