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SotD Update, 12th to 17th December 2016

I said last week that we'd need at least a couple of winners in the final 3 weeks of December to ensure a profitable month and we duly hit two winners in the last week!

Unfortunately they were both towards the bottom end of my preferred odds range, so the current positon for the month is a 9.5pts profit with 10 SotD days to come, so barring a non-runner, we're going to need at least one more winner this month, but several would be better!

I was also pleased that despite not finding a winner in the second half of the week, finishes of 232 show real consistency and I'd be hopeful of securing that vital next winner before the Christmas break.

Selections & Results : 12/12/16 to 17/12/16

12/12 : Shimba Hills (adv 5/2 BOG) : WON at 2/1
13/12 : Boots And Spurs (adv 5/1 BOG) : 5th at 7/2
14/12 : Beware The Bear (adv 3/1 BOG) : WON at 5/2
15/12 : Rocklander (adv 9/2 BOG) : 2nd at 7/2
16/12 : Dougan (adv 7/2 BOG) : 3rd at 3/1
17/12 : Barye (adv 5/2 BOG) : 2nd at 3/1

12/12/16 to 17/12/16 :
2 winning bets from 6 = 33.33% SR
P/L: +1.50pts

5 winners from 13 = 38.46% SR
P/L: +9.50pts
ROI = +73.08%

437 winners from 1581 = 27.64% S.R
P/L: +364.23pts
ROI: +23.04%

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    Bubbles180 says:

    Nice on chris, some good bets in the past week TBH I do another service with free tips and do an E/W double with both and they have had a similar week so been good for me keep up the good work as always

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