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Well, I'm certainly in a hole right now after a second successive week without a winner and the pressure's really on now to try and salvage some pride/money from this wretched month.

Is there anything positive to draw from this week's performance? Actually, yes, I think there is after seeing both Friday's and particular Saturday's runners do all bar win, both getting collared late on and finishing as runners-up at 6/1 and 3/1 respectively : results that would have put a whole new complexion on February's numbers.

We don't, however, work on ifs, buts, coulds, shoulds and woulds, nor do the banks take those as payments so a further improvement is needed and trust me, I'm working on it. I'm just glad I'm not a football manager right now, folk would be calling for my head!


Selections & Results : 17/02/20 to 22/02/20

17/02 : Princess Mononoke @ 5/2 BOG 4th at 6/1
18/02 : Social City @ 3/1 BOG 7th at 5/2
19/02 : My Old Gold @ 4/1 BOG 4th at 5/2
20/02 : Bolt N Brown @ 11/4 BOG 4th at 3/1
21/02 : Bell Heather @ 5/1 BOG 2nd at 6/1
22/02 : Victory Bond @ 5/2 BOG 2nd at 3/1

17/02/20 to 22/02/20 :
0 winning bet from 6 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -6.00pts

February 2020 :
1 winner from 19 = 5.26% SR
P/L: -15.25pts
ROI = -80.26%

2020 to date :
6 winners from 43 = 13.95% SR
P/L: -13.50pts
ROI = -31.399%

662 winners from 2509 = 26.39% S.R
P/L: +518.37pts
ROI: +20.66%

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11 replies
  1. chispa
    chispa says:

    I for one realise the enormity of your task . It’s soo difficult to keep profit up month after month. Peaks and troughs and all that !
    Your track record speaks for itself though .. keep it up – I’m sure it’ll turn around
    Zep Donato

  2. luciano
    luciano says:

    Well if Matt comes along with the dreaded vote of confidence we’ll know the score.

    I’ll get my thanks in early for the last 8years Chris just in case.

    • Chris Worrall
      Chris Worrall says:

      I’m not expecting it to get to that point.
      Hopefully I’ve not intimated that it might.


  3. jethro
    jethro says:

    Particularly unlucky with Victory Bond Chris – had it won everywhere except right on the finishing line. When your luck’s out – it’s out. Here’s hoping it turns in time to give us all a little pocket money for Cheltenham! Cheers…

    • Chris Worrall
      Chris Worrall says:

      Yes, I don’t like to bemoan my luck, but it has rankled of late. That said, the tide will eventually turn and we’ll end up nicking a few undeserved wins to balance things out.

  4. Doshtosh
    Doshtosh says:

    The last couple of days were dreadful, for you and us, Saturday was unbelievable but it happened, never mind, may be that has blown away your shocking bad luck, Chris. A couple of those types (and prices) with a tad more good fortune would make the world seem like a different place. It will happen, let’s hope it is soon. Good luck to you, and to all of us.

  5. Ian
    Ian says:

    Let’s just face it – a horrible couple of months for NH racing so anybody making a profit is doing well. Stats based racing is difficult when weather disrupts form, all weather is a place to go but is notoriously unreliable (imo) in certain classes.

    Unsure whether we will face this weather again – freak year or a portent for the future?

    One thing Chris, you know your stuff so best of luck, because that is what it comes down to when the “edge” is lost owing to weather.



  6. CDB199
    CDB199 says:


    Have Geegeez ever considered putting in a button to allow us to study a trainer/jockey/horse by month?
    Noticed on a 3 day trial with horseracebase they have a stat for horses coming through on a day analysis for horses that had run well in the month of february before. ie. placed 5/7 feb runs.

    would this be an easy addition to an already jam packed top site here at Geegeez? so when you click on a horse, you can look at its runs during current month. Or when you click on a trainers form, do something similar? be a tidy new angle for you all


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