SOTD Weekly Updates

SotD Update, 17th to 22nd June 2019

Well, if there was ever a case of going from one extreme to the other, we've just done it!

No winners and not too many chances last week, but 5 winners and a runner-up this time around more then made up for last week's washout. Defoe's win on Saturday was particularly pleasing as I don't often tip my toes in Class 1 racing (although I've done OK there in the past) and it was also our 40th winner of the year!

There's very little more for me to say today, other than wondering if Agincourt might have held on for my first ever 6/6 week.

Selections & Results : 17/06/19 to 22/06/19

17/05 : Oydis @ 11/4 BOG WON at 7/4
18/05 : Oliver Hardy @ 7/2 BOG WON at 5/2
19/05 : Indeed @ 7/2 BOG WON at 6/1
20/05 : Grania O'Malley @ 3/1 BOG WON at 2/1
21/05 : Agincourt @ 10/3 BOG 2nd at 9/4
22/06 : Defoe @ 4/1 BOG WON at 11/4

17/06/19 to 22/06/19 :
5 winning bets from 6 = 83.33% SR
P/L: +18.25pts

June 2019 :
8 winners from 17 = 47.06% SR
P/L: +21.75pts
ROI = +127.94%

2019 to date :
40 winners from 135 = 29.63% SR
P/L: +63.60pts
ROI = +47.11%

630 winners from 2311 = 27.26% S.R
P/L: +560.00pts
ROI: +24.23%

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5 replies
  1. Blokeshead
    Blokeshead says:

    Yes, why DID you tip Agincourt? 😉

    Great job, Chris; that week will take some beating. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do so well AFTER you start to warn us all that it can’t go on.

    • Chris Worrall
      Chris Worrall says:

      I don’t know what I was thinking tipping it! 😉

      It truly was a monumentous week, Matt and I think (without checking, of course) that it’s our first 5 in the same week. A blessing, I suppose, because if I’d got all six, then I’d probably have to retire from SotD.

      As for my usual caveat about the cyclical nature of following a “tipster”, it surely applies more than ever from Monday?


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