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SotD Update, 19th to 24th March 2018

A bit of a strange week just gone. A non-runner on Monday left us with five for the week and only two of them made the frame, which is disappointing by our own high standards, but as they both won at 5/2 and 5/1 respectively, it was a very good week from the win strike rate, profit achieved and ROI viewpoints.

Two more winners took March's record to a near 39% strike rate and it also meant that the very worst we'll make this month would be 6.53pts at an ROI of 27.2%. And to be honest, if offered that at the start of any month, I'd take it, so it;s good to know we've not only got that banked, but we've 6 free hits coming up.

Selections & Results : 19/03/18 to 24/03/18 

19/03 : Merdon Castle @ 6/1 BOG  non-runner
20/03 : Instingtive @ 3/1 BOG  5th at 3/1
21/03 : Sparkalot @ 5/2 BOG WON at 11/10
22/03 : Flashing Glance @ 5/1 BOG WON at 9/2
23/03 : Kincora Fort @ 11/4 BOG 5th at 3/1
24/03 : Comber Mill @ 9/2 BOG 9th at 5/1

19/03/18 to 24/03/18 :
2 winning bets from 5 = 40.00% SR
P/L: +4.50pts

March 2018 :
7 winners from 18 = 38.88% SR
P/L: +12.53pts
ROI = +69.61%

2018 to date :
21 winners from 64 = 32.81% SR
P/L: +31.01pts
ROI = +48.45%

544 winners from 1949 = 27.91% S.R
P/L: +518.80pts
ROI: +26.62%

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