SOTD Weekly Updates

SotD Update, 21st to 26th May 2018

Not a great week by any stretch of the imagination.

6 selections, 2 non-runners a placer and three also-rans made for a 4pt loss and there's no hiding from the fact that it's going to be mighty difficult to turn a profit for May, unless I can find three winners in the next four days!

Should that unlikely event not come to pass, May will become our first unprofitable month since August 2017 and the third such month since June 2016, hence the reason nobody here at Geegeez is pressing any panic buttons right now.

I would however like to address a couple of queries/concerns I've had pointed out to me...

  • No, the selection process hasn't changed
  • No, I don't know why they're not winning
  • Yes, I do back them myself with real money (£25 stakes)
  • Yes, I'm also feeling the pain
  • and Yes, I do genuinely think that every one of my picks has a good chance of winning with or without the stats to back it up.

Geegeez thrives based on service, honesty and transparency. We make no excuses during a poor run nor we shout BOOOOOOOOM after a winning selection.

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We don't hide when the chips are down and whilst we're not happy with the results right now, we know better times are around the corner and we thank you for your continued support/patience.

Selections & Results : 21/05/18 to 26/05/18 

21/05 : Northandsouth @ 3/1 BOG non-runner (Self Cert : Bruised Foot)
22/05: Not A Role Model @ 5/2 non-runner (Self Cert : Not Eaten Up)
23/05 : Lilys Prince @ 5/1 BOG 3rd at 7/4
24/05 : Foie Gras @ 11/4 7th at 6/1
25/05 : Savannah Moon @ 4/1 BOG 7th at 7/2
26/05 : Heartache @ 9/2 BOG 6th at 6/1

21/05/18 to 26/05/18  :
0 winning bets from 4 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -4.00pts

May 2018 :
3 winners from 21 = 14.28% SR
P/L: -7.10pts
ROI = -33.81%

2018 to date :
30 winners from 114 = 26.32% SR
P/L: +28.41pts
ROI = +24.92%

553 winners from 1999 = 27.66% S.R
P/L: +516.20pts
ROI: +25.82%

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4 replies
  1. colsinit2win says:

    I started following SoTD in Jan at £25 blind. I quickly moved up to £50 blind then £100 blind and had a great time for a couple of months! At around the time you were on hols and SoTD had a lean spell, I stuck with it as I was still nicely in front. With SoTD results taking a dip in luck at the same time as my own form, I dropped to £50 and even took a week off. My stakes on my own selections have been drastically cut which was a good move with results continuing to hit the bar! We all have bad runs and you need to react accordingly. With the weather and ground starting to settle down, I’m confident that results will turn around! In fact today, I really fancied 2 at 20/1. The first was 2nd to a 66/1 shot (2.15 Kelso) the 2nd was Alpha Centauri in the Irish 1000 guineas. Hoping that this weekend is the turning of the corner and looking forward to a successful summer for all of us!

    If the short term doubters don’t like it, they will be the losers in the long term!

  2. RonCombo says:

    Good for you Chris, face ’em down. The sunlit uplands are around the corner!

  3. therams1962 says:

    it happens to the best Chris the service overall is very good ..Those that expect to go without some form off lean spell are living in cloud cuckoo land .

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