SOTD Weekly Updates

SotD Update, 28th March to 2nd April

The current disappointing/frustrating run continues and it's certainly not for a lack of effort that we're not hitting the winners as we'd like.

Here at Geegeez in general and at SotD in particular, the maxim has always been that beating the market will pay dividends in the long run. Saturday's runner went off at advised odds, but we beat the market with our other 5 runners getting 163.4% of SP as an average across the five. Doing this on a regular basis will make money for us, but we're having to tough it out for now.

Selections & Results: 28/03/16 to 02/04/16

28/03: Blue Rambler (adv 4/1 BOG) : 5th at 2/1
29/03: Pyrshan (adv 3/1 BOG) : 4th at 2/1
30/03: Rich Again (adv 7/2 BOG) : 2nd at 15/8
31/03: I Am Colin (adv 7/2 BOG) : 4th at 3/1
01/04: Jarir (adv 5/1 BOG) : 2nd at 11/4
02/04: Shyron (adv 11/2 BOG) : 5th at 11/2

28/03/16 to 02/04/16 :
0 winning bets from 6 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -6.00pts

3 winners from 27 = 11.11% SR
P/L: -12.50pts
ROI = -46.30%

0 winners from 2 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -2.00pts
ROI = -100.00%

380 winners from 1372 = 27.70% S.R
P/L: +298.47pts
ROI: +21.75%

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1 reply
  1. jethro says:

    Hi Chris,
    Looking back at all your results over the past couple of years, there is a definite trend that the Winter season (and the months either side of it), seem to provide very slim pickings for a stats based selection approach! From about mid-April to the end of August however, it is invariably a completely different story, with the winners coming in much more regularly and bringing your overall strike rate right back up.
    As you’ve had very few comments recently through the bad spell, I thought I would throw this in to let you know that I for one still follow your SotD selections with interest; and simply drop my bet stakes down to a minimum, or not back them at all over Winter.
    Just keep your chin up and stick to the overall strategy as you have been doing – by doing so you and all your readers will shortly be reaping the rewards for your hard work and perseverance…
    Roll on the Summer! Cheers…

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