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SotD Update, 31st August to 5th September 2020

It's all a bit groundhog day again this week. It just seems to be one winner per week at present and sadly that proved to be the case again.

I'm frustrated/disappointed at the numbers of late, but I'm generally happy with the picks, as we're there or thereabouts most days. Poor tactics cost us an 8/1 winner on Monday and we'd a nice victory on Tuesday. Wednesday & Saturday saw us bag runners-up slots, whilst Thursday's runner unshipped his rider when going really well and to top it off, Friday's pick was undone by the Ascot draw.

These aren't excuses, they're facts, but the main over-riding fact is that we just didn't do well enough, so we'll try again this week!


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Selections & Results : 31/08/20 to 05/09/20

31/08 : Cape Greco @ 8/1 BOG 5th at 10/3
01/09 : Kayewhykelly @ 5/2 BOG WON at 6/4
02/09 : Swiss Pride @ 11/2 BOG 2nd at 5/1
03/09 : Classic Escape @ 5/2 BOG UR at 5/2
04/09 : Gin Palace @ 5/1 BOG 6th at 11/2
05/09 : Recovery Run @ 5/2 BOG 2nd at 13/8

31/08/20 to 05/09/20 :
1 winning bet from 6 = 16.66% SR
P/L: -2.50pts

August 2020 :
5 winners from 26 = 19.23% SR
P/L: -3.88pts
ROI = -14.92%

September 2020 :
1 winner from 5 = 20.00% SR
P/L: -1.50pts
ROI = -30.00%

2020 to date :
27 winners from 142 = 19.01% SR
P/L: +5.31pts
ROI = +3.74%

683 winners from 2606 = 26.21% SR
P/L: +537.18pts
ROI: +20.61%

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2 replies
  1. mchodgson
    mchodgson says:

    Hi, I found that my own ratings went completly out of the window during the last half of August through to the first week of September. I’m starting to see a return to expected trends now. I feel inconsistent and non seasonal weather (wind lately) has a part to play.

    • Chris Worrall
      Chris Worrall says:

      Yes, indeed, Mike, plus it’s also difficult to call August/September runners when it’s technically June/July in the racing calendar.

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