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SotD Update, 9th to 14th March 2020

So, as intimated last weekend, I was right to swerve Cheltenham for SotD purposes (in fact, I only had 2 bets all Festival, a 5/2 win on Min and a defeat for Easy Game), but my results here were no better than many of you fared at Chelts, sadly.

It was largely a tale of woe with few excuses. No winners, 6pts dropped : Nexar, Gorgeous General & Jimmy all ran poorly, Roxyfet got a bum ride from a usually reliable rider and Subliminal/Premier D'Troice couldn't last the trips faced. All in all, just poor.

This obviously puts me on the back foot for March and I'm not sure how much time I'm going to be given to turn it around (Corona, not the boss!), but here's something...I'm still very happy with the selection process, despite poor results!

I'll explain briefly and it might not give many of you comfort, but let's try...

Your first 30 days for just £1

A while back I shared some of my selection process and told you that from my final daily shortlist, I send one pick to SotD and up to three picks per day to my standalone service , a limited membership subscription service (some, but not many spaces available) and all that seems to have happened of late is that the winners haven't been spread around equally.

The last 40 Stat Picks selections (over the last 3 and half weeks) have produced 20 winners (50% SR) and 51.8pts (+129.5% ROI) profit, from exactly the same selection process as SotD! So whilst I understand and share any frustrations you've got, I insist that the MO is sound. This is not a sales push for the other service, but if you do want more info on it, just drop me an email at the usual address.


Selections & Results : 09/03/20 to 14/03/20

09/03 : Nezar @ 7/1 BOG 9th at 11/1
10/03 : Roxyfet @ 9/2 BOG 2nd at 11/4
11/03 : Subliminal @ 13/2 BOG 4th at 7/2
12/03 : Premier D'Troice @ 11/4 BOG PU at 2/1
13/03 : Gorgeous General @ 7/2 BOG 5th at 9/2
14/03 : Jimmy @ 3/1 BOG PU at 7/4

09/03/20 to 16/03/20 :
0 winning bet from 6 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -6.00pts

March 2020 :
1 winner from 12 = 8.33% SR
P/L: -7.00pts
ROI = -58.33%

2020 to date :
9 winners from 61 = 14.75% SR
P/L: -14.17pts
ROI = -23.23%

665 winners from 2527 = 26.32% S.R
P/L: +517.70pts
ROI: +20.49%

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Your first 30 days for just £1