Starting Today, You’re The Expert…

Momentum is really gathering, dear reader, for the big event I have planned for next week, and I'm getting very excited. Today, I going to stop being quite so covert, and tell you some more about what exactly Horse Racing Experts is. And... I've got another cracking freebie to illustrate my point.

So, let's get cracking... what is Horse Racing Experts?

Well, as some of you may have guessed, it's all about you. I know from my virtual Geegeez mailbag that a (large) number of you are interested in creating your own racing systems and, moreover, many of you already do.

In fact, when I put this question to you back in early August, the response was overwhelmingly favourable:

Are you interested in researching your own systems?

  • Yes, definitely (42.0%, 236 Votes)
  • Yes, possibly (29.0%, 163 Votes)
  • I already do! (18.0%, 100 Votes)
  • No, thanks (12.0%, 66 Votes)

Total Voters: 565

Fully 88% of you (499 people to be precise!) said that you were either interested in the subject, or you already did this. And so it was that something I'd already been working on gathered momentum (the word of the day),  and I redoubled my efforts to make the best darn thing I could to teach you and help you get past that first 'I don't know where to start' feeling.

And I know you're going to love it when I reveal more details on Monday... 😉

For now though, I've put up my second freebie in the special Horse Racing Experts area, and you'll get an email telling you about it IF you've already registered your interest.

If you haven't, why not?! Seriously, there's cool free stuff that I've spent a lot of time researching and pulling together and, even if you're not interested in what I've got for you next week, just sign up and grab the freebies! You're reading Geegeez, so you're one of us, so I want you to get this stuff.

The link is here...

>>> Get Horse Racing Experts freebies <<<

If you've got questions about anything in the above, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer it directly.

Next week is going to mark a change in the way horse racing systems are sold on the internet. Instead of relying on someone else, and a large dollop of blind faith, you'll be able to build your own killer systems that you know work, because you did the analysis (which is great fun by the way, as you'll see next week!)

For now though, go grab the freebies, take a look through them, and have yourselves a fantastic weekend!


p.s. Did I mention that today's freebie has four more systems in it?! 😉

The link is here...

>>> Get Horse Racing Experts freebies <<<

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17 replies
  1. Eddie Lloyd says:

    Hi Matt,
    Just to let you know that I’m rather excited about horse racing expert. Obviously (how is the a forementioned beast by the way?) I’m not entirely sure what it all equates to yet but it certainly sounds like its a first and will I’m sure give us all an edge.

    Many regards,

    Eddie Lloyd

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Eddie.

      Yes, I’m really excited too. Some people may be cynical about what’s coming, and that’s totally understandable, because we’re constantly deluged and browbeaten with the next ‘thousand pounds an hour’ system, etc.

      People are totally and utterly fed up with that. I am totally and utterly fed up with that!

      And, to be completely frank, a lot of people don’t have the money for racing systems that they had even six months ago. But they still love their racing, just like you and I do.

      So I think there’s going to be a LOT of interest in this game-changing approach. Yes, I did say ‘game-changing’! 😉

      More later,

  2. Chris says:

    It all sounds very intriguing Matt. I’ll look forward to hearing more about it on Monday!

  3. Bill Drummond says:

    Hi Matt,

    I love the sound of this. The “red hot angles” report you sent earlier was the business. I guess half the battle is knowing what types of things to look for. If you can teach me that I’m all ears!



  4. Doug says:

    Matt, when you research systems do you need to use Racing System Builder? (I’ve seen you use that before) The reason I ask is that I’ve had the demo before but it’s out of my budget at the moment.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Doug

      Yes and no. There are lots of places you can go to research systems, and I’ll be showing you one of them on Monday. And many more later in the week.

      RSB is a great tool but, as you say, at £350 each for the flat and NH versions, it’s not in everybody’s price range.


  5. Ian says:

    Hi Matt,

    A great idea and something i have been waiting to happen for ages, i have been discussing a similar approach with another blogger the last few weeks.

    I would love to join and provide data for the systems using the bots at my disposal.



    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Great stuff Ian, I’m glad you think so.

      This certainly seems to have caught the imagination of a lot of people, which is very cool! 😀


  6. Penny says:

    I write for two horse racing blogs and I’ve thought for a while about creating my own systems for either my own use, or as low cost products to sell from my blogs. I know it must be possible to earn a living from this as I see what yourself, your friend Gavin and others do. Any advice you can offer in this area would be most welcome.

    Warm regards from the freezing cold Shetlands!


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Penny.

      Yes, it’s certainly possible to have a lot of fun, and make some money as well! For now, we’ll be focusing on having fun and creating our own profitable systems…


  7. David Dickinson says:

    Hi Matt
    This is an area in which I am very interested in.
    Having used your earlier advice to give racing databases a look I am eagerly looking forward to what you have got in mind.
    With anticipation

  8. Dave Thomson says:

    Sounds great Matt! I’ll await more information with anticipation!



  9. stewboss says:

    What’s happening with this Matt?

    I signed up on launch day but haven’t heard anything back.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Stuart

      I’ve replied to you specifically on email.

      If there’s anyone else who bought Horse Racing Experts but, for whatever reason, didn’t manage to get signed up on the website, please contact me, and I’ll help you get sorted.

      Note, you can only access the website if you managed to secure your copy on Wednesday.


  10. Derek says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have heard nothing since I signed up (about 11.15 on the day)

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