Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day, 13th October 2014

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day, 13th October 2014

Endeavor gave a decent account of himself up at Hexham on Saturday, but was unable to get away with conceding weight all round and was eventually run out of towards the business end of the race.

Our 5/1 selection was well backed, before being sent off at 11/4, but could only manage to finish fourth of the eight runners, beaten by nine lengths.

Monday looks pretty bleak on the stats front, so we'll stay in the North East for a crack at the...

3.45 Sedgefield:

As regular readers of this column can testify, I'm not afraid of revisiting old ground or using a stat more than once in succession, as I'm a firm believer in the "if at first you don't succeed..." school of thought, so with that in mind, here's where I'm going today...

A 9/2 BOG bet on Langley House, trained by Dianne Sayer and ridden by Brian Hughes. For although Dianne's runner couldn't do the business for us on Saturday and she drew an overall blank, she's still worth following.

In all NH races since the start of 2011, Dianne has saddled up 694 runners and their performances can be broken down as follows...

All races : 85 winners from 694 (12.3% SR) for 118.7pts (+17.1% ROI)
Ridden by Brian Hughes : 8/36 (22.2% SR) for 10pts (+27.7% ROI)

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In handicaps : 81/580 (14% SR) for 204.3pts (+35.2% ROI)
Ridden by Brian Hughes : 7/32 (21.9% SR) for 9.2pts (+28.7% ROI)

Hurdle races : 59/464 (12.7% SR) for 114.3pts (+24.6% ROI)
Ridden by Brian Hughes : 5/20 (25% SR) for 12.8pts (+64% ROI)

Handicap Hurdles : 55/375 (14.7% SR) for 174.9pts (+46.6% ROI)
Ridden by Brian Hughes : 4/16 (25% SR) for 12pts (+75% ROI)

Hcp hurdles at Sedgefield : 7/31 (22.6% SR) for 77.3pts (+249.3% ROI)
Ridden by Brian Hughes : 3/4 (75% SR) for 20.2pts (+505% ROI)

In addition to the above, Dianne Sayer's runners have won 5 of 15 (33.33% SR) handicap hurdle races here at Sedgefield, when priced in the 5/2 to 8/1 price bracket , producing 17.3pts profit at an ROI of 115.2%, whilst each of the last three Sayer horses ridden here by Brian Hughes have been winners.

Langley House was placed in a couple of bumpers before embarking on what has been a bit of a stop start career over hurdles that has seen her compete just five times over a 27-month period. Her best runs have both resulted in two third place finishes here at Sedgefield with her best effort coming last time out.

She was flagging a little late on here at Sedgefield 13 days ago, but she showed plenty of signs of promise in the earlier parts of a race that offered several reasons of mitigation for her being a little one-paced on the run-in.

Firstly, she had been off the track for 402 days and she is entitled to have been a little rusty and should come on for having had a run. It was also her handicap debut, so the experience will do her good, as will a 1.5 furlong drop in trip and a 1lb easing in the weights. Senior pro jockey Brian Hughes takes the reins here and I'd also expect to get a little more of her than the 3lb claimer did last time out.

Langley House is still unexposed over hurdles after just five starts and has plenty of scope for improvement and offers decent value in a race that really wouldn't take much winning and is a poor contest for a Class 4 event in my opinion.

So, the call today is a 1pt win bet on Langley House at 9/2 BOG with the Betfair Sportsbook, which I would expect to shorten as the day progresses. 4/1 BOG is the generally available price, offered by at least five other firms, as can be seen when you... here for the latest betting on the 3.45 Sedgefield

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Here is today's racecard.

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22 replies
  1. jethro says:

    Morning Chris, just to let you know that this article is not appearing in the SotD section of your website (under Horse racing Tips) at the current time? [Comment edited on request of commentor]
    Good luck…

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jethro

      That’s correct. Monday’s ‘Feature of the Day’ is Stat of the Day.

      It’s our way of trying to tempt a few more people to try the Gold package, and to improve the punting and their profits as a consequence!

      Good spot, and it’s all as it should be.

      Best Regards,

  2. jethro says:

    Thanks Matt and understood. It just caught me out as I go straight to the SotD area before I check out the rest of your website. Given that there is a meeting called off today due to the weather and the general lack of good racing today; I wrongly assumed that Chis was leaving his selection as late as possible, or was even going to flag it today as a consequence.
    I’ll be ready for the placing of the article come next Monday however! All the best…

  3. simonr says:

    well done Chris…again.
    Matt What a cracking way to start the freebie intro bets

    • Chris Worrall says:

      Hmmm, a £5.33 bet returned enough profit to pay for a full month’s access to the Gold package.

  4. alpha2 says:

    Glad I found the new location in the nick of time. I thought we were in trouble when she did not seem keen to go out on the second circuit. Great pick again Chris Thank you.

  5. fredcm says:

    Well done Chris found the new site just in time a good start to the week.

  6. MEmeMEme says:

    Lo Matt/Chris, I too thought the same as a few of your subscribers that today was a nono day.! !
    I came across your sel at appx 4-50 ! ! Anyway well done…. Tom W.

    • Chris Worrall says:

      Can I just remind people that…
      (a) I’m just an email away at and
      (b) Everything goes to our twitter feed @geegeez_uk

      Nobody should ever miss a selection, even if it hasn’t been placed where you’d expect it to.
      And if you can’t find SotD by 10.30am, just ask.


  7. jethro says:

    After not finding todays selection until this morning and thinking I had missed out on the 9/2; the racing gods smiled upon me after placing my bet with a BOG bookie and I got the 9/2 SP anyway! Yippee…
    Thanks for yet another great selection Chris; and thanks also to Matt for taking the time to describe the situation to me this morning and also now on the usual part of the website! Such a great selection service should not need any advertising but hay-ho; the poor beggars that aren’t gold or lifetime subscribers do not know what they’re missing out on!
    Keep up the great work team…

  8. 1bodders2 says:

    Matt, next time decide to change the system – ie. relocate SOTD – please could you give plenty of notice to dull-witted people like me. I spent all morning checking and when I had to go out at 12.30 did so deciding that you had originally chosen something at Salisbury and had not got round to finding a replacement. Somewhat galling, therefore, to come home at 6.45 to find a 9/2 winner had been posted elsewhere on the website all the time! Congratulations on starting the week with a winner – a pity I couldn’t be on it. That cost me £450. John

    • Chris Worrall says:


      It was on the front page on the site for over 12 hours before you went out.
      It didn’t cost you £450 either, because you’re no worse off than this morning.
      I can accept that we didn’t communicate the move well enough, but to suggest we’ve physically cost you money is absurd.


      PS These are my own personal thoughts, not necessarily the company line 😀
      PPS £100 a point is a bit rich for me, I must admit.

  9. twood715 says:

    Hi Chris I am really confused I’m sure I got SotD as normal this morning and placed my bet with a BOG bookie getting 9/2. Great pick Chris congratulations.


  10. 1bodders2 says:

    Chris, Peace! As I said, I am dull-witted: that’s why I missed it! And, no, you’re right. Strictly speaking, it didn’t “cost” me £450, but I am £450 less well off than if I’d seen it! Finally, £100 a point might seem a bit rich, but frankly SOTD merits such an approach, as far as I’m concerned. Hence my earlier petulance at missing it this morning – but, hey, we’re beginning to go round in circles! Keep up the good work. Best wishes, John

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