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Stat of the Day, 29th June 2020

Saturday's pick was...

3.00 Newcastle : Nkosikazi @ 5/1 BOG (7/2 after a 30p Rule 4 deduction) WON at 9/4 (Made all, driven and joined over 1f out, stayed on well and pulling away inside final 120 yards to win by 2.5 lengths)

Monday's pick runs in the...

2.20 Windsor :

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Porto Ferro @ 3/1 BOG a 6-runner, Class 6, Flat handicap for 4yo+ over 6f on Good To Firm ground worth £2,782 to the winner...


Well, the logical place to start is the racecard...

...which tells me that this former C&D winner hasn't actually won recently, but did finish in the frame last time out just a week ago, so perhaps a return to form is imminent? That, of course, remains to be seen. However, this runner does pop up on one of my reports, denoted by the 1 under the name, so let's look at...

...that number 1...

To put the above into context, 5 places from 8 (62.5%) including 2 wins (25%) here at Windsor might not initially seem worth hanging a bet on and you'd be right. In isolation, it isn't, but this 6 yr old mare's career record over 52 races shows a place record of just 28.8% and a win ratio as low as 7.7% via 15 places from 52 including just 4 wins.

So, a third of her total place finishes and half of her wins have come on this track from just 15.4% of her races and of that 2 wins & 3 places from 8 here at Windsor...

  • all came in handicaps
  • 2 wins, 2 places from 5 at 6-15 days since her last run
  • 2 wins, 1 place from 3 on good to firm
  • and the same 2 wins, 1 place from 3 in fields of 1-8 runners

Referring back to her overall meagre 4 wins and 11 places from 52 starts, as well as enjoying success here at Windsor, her career stats also offer the following snippets of encouragement...

  • 4 wins, 7 places from 38 at 6-30 days since last run
  • 4 wins, 5 places from 17 in fields of 5-8 runners
  • 3 wins, 9 places from 38 for trainer John Bridger
  • 3 wins, 9 places from 30 over a 6f trip
  • 3 wins, 6 places from 26 on a straight track
  • 3 wins, 1 place from 10 on Good To Firm
  • and 2 wins, 5 places from 18 for today's jockey Kieran O'Neill

...whilst on a straight good to firm strip at 6-30 dslr in a field of 5-8 runners for John Bridger, she is 3 from 5 (60% SR) for 13.89pts (+277.8% ROI).

The final part of the racecard that I want to briefly touch on, is the SR column, which over shorter trips is very relevant and the following should be self-explanatory...

The obvious elephant in the room is that this mare has no win in 24 races since a win here over 5f on 20/08/18 off a mark of 72 and is now rated some 27lbs lower, but that hasn't put me off either as...

...including the following dozen angles of relevance today...

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  • 17/69 (24.6%) for 47.46pts (+68.8%) in races worth less than £4k
  • 17/63 (27%) for 51.91pts (+82.4%) at trips shorter than 9 furlongs
  • 15/39 (38.5%) for 59.61pts (+152.8%) at 1-15 dslr
  • 14/45 (31.1%) for 53.92pts (+119.8%) with horses who last won 12 or more races ago
  • 12/43 (27.9%) for 49.03pts (+114%) off a mark (OR) of 45 to 55
  • 12/38 (31.6%) for 41.16pts (+108.3%) on the Flat
  • 11/50 (22%) for 33.74pts (+67.5%) at Class 6
  • 10/38 (26.3%) for 31.46pts (+82.8%) last won 1 to 2 yrs earlier
  • 9/29 (31%) for 25.98pts (+89.6%) during April to July
  • 5/15 (33.3%) for 15.58pts (+103.9%) running off marks 12lb or more lower than their last win
  • 5/9 (55.6%) for 21.95pts (+243.9%) here at Windsor
  • 4/14 (28.6%) for 13.88pts (+99.2%) with Kieran O'Neill in the saddle

...and although I don't want to dilute the numbers too much, I found it interesting to note that those who hadn't won for 12 or more races, but were turned back out in a race shorter than 9f worth less than £4k after just 6-15 days rest were... us...a 1pt win bet on Porto Ferro @ 3/1 BOG as was widely available at 8.10am Monday, but as always please check your BOG statusTo see a small sample of odds offered on this race... here for the betting on the 2.20 Windsor

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Here is today's racecard

P.S. all P/L returns quoted in the stats above are to Betfair SP, as I NEVER bet to ISP and neither should you. I always use BOG bookies for SotD, wherever possible, but I use BFSP for the stats as it is the nearest approximation I can give, so I actually expect to beat the returns I use to support my picks. If that's unclear, please ask!

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