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Stat of the Day: The 2016 Review

Saturday saw us reach the end of the fifth full calendar year for Stat of the Day, which was Geegeez' first real venture into daily tipping.

We know that we acquired lots of new subscribers over the year thanks to previous years' successes, so a brief overview of SotD is as follows...

Whilst form and other variable parameters come in to play when normally making a bet, SotD's first port of call is find runners who fit a stat ( or usually a number of stats) suggesting they will go well.

We aim to have the selection online by the time most people rise for breakfast, where possible and it's usually done well before midnight the night before the meeting.

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We try to find runners priced around the 3/1 to 6/1 mark at BOG prices and look for some value in the odds achieved. A large proportion of our selections run at much shorter odds than we advise and constantly beating SP is a key in making long-term profits. Basically, our profit figures aren't massaged by some freakishly long priced winners, nor is our strike rate bolstered by a string of odds-on jollies.

What we do have is a consistent approach that aims to highlight one value selection per day and although this "one-a-day" stats-based approach to bet selection suffers all the obligatory peaks and troughs associated with betting on horses, we have managed to make a profit yet again this year.

Without blowing the collective trumpets of myself, Matt and now Steve, we're very proud of the figures accrued to date and we can safely say there aren't many (if any!) better services around. In fact, most paid-for services would kill for our figures.

Where possible, I'd like SotD to cover your subscriptions to Gold, making the rest of the site free to use as you see fit and in 2016, a level stake of £5.38 was all that was needed to cover a £249 per year annual subscription.

A full month-by-month analysis of SotD's results can, of course, always be found at , but the overall picture for 2016 was as follows:

Number of bets/selections/pts wagered: 294 (quite a few non-runners this year)
Winning Bets: 70
Strike Rate: 23.81%

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Yearly Profit: 46.24pts
Profit on Stakes Invested: 15.73%

These are quite impressive figures considering we give a selection every day rain or shine, if we say so ourselves and we'll be doing our level best to maintain our success in 2017.

Thanks for sticking with us/SotD,
Chris, Matt, Steve and the whole Geegeez team.

***Stat of the Day is just one component of the excellent package available to all Geegeez Gold Members, so why not take your £1/30-day trial now?

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Try Tix for Better Tote Returns

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. davewood53
    davewood53 says:

    Its a great service, thank you. I joined GGZ because I wanted better info but I didn’t want a tipping service yet I’ve followed Stat of the Day very closely and am plenty better off for doing so. Sadly, the ‘under the radar’ comment no longer seems to apply – I think ‘they’ve’ cottoned on! But that’s a compliment in itself. Well done, your results are self-explanatory.

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