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Stat of the Day: The 2017 Review

We recently (well, just over 7 weeks ago : I actually forgot to do this piece back then!) came to the end of the sixth full calendar year for Stat of the Day, which was Geegeez' first real venture into daily tipping, which was launched to our unsuspecting readers more as a daily pointer rather than an actual tip back in November 2011.

We know that we acquire lots of new subscribers every year thanks to previous years' successes from this service and also due to more savvy punters looking for better data, information and racecards than they'll find anywhere else on the 'net, so a brief overview of SotD is as follows...

Whilst form and other variable parameters come in to play when normally making a bet, SotD's first port of call is find runners who fit a stat (or usually a number of stats) suggesting they will go well.

We aim to have the selection online in the early evening before racing (around 6-7 pm) where possible but occasionally due to home-life, travel plans and/or holidays, it can be later, but there's a selection every day except Sundays and we don't take Bank Holidays, Easter nor Christmas off!

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We try to find runners priced around the 3/1 to 6/1 mark at BOG prices and look for some value in the odds achieved, but sometimes we have to stray outside those parameters a little. A large proportion of our selections run at much shorter odds than we advise and constantly beating SP is a key in making long-term profits. Basically, our profit figures aren't massaged by some freakishly long priced winners, nor is our strike rate bolstered by a string of odds-on jollies.

What we do have is a consistent approach that aims to highlight one value selection per day and although this "one-a-day" stats-based approach to bet selection suffers all the obligatory peaks and troughs associated with betting on horses, we did manage to make a decent profit yet again in 2017.

Without blowing the collective trumpets of myself, Steve and of course, Matt, we're very proud of the figures accrued to date and we can safely say there aren't many (if any!) better services around. In fact, most paid-for services would kill for our figures.

Where possible, we'd like SotD to cover your subscriptions to Gold, making the rest of the site free to use as you see fit and in 2017, a level stake of £2.65 was all that was needed to cover a £297 per year annual subscription. This was achieved via 10 profitable months from 12 (we lost 2.75pts in July and 4.37pts in August)

A full month-by-month analysis of SotD's results can, of course, always be found at , but the overall picture for 2017 was as follows:

Number of bets/selections/pts wagered: 294 (exactly the same as 2016!)
Winning Bets: 83 (up from 70 in 2016)
Strike Rate: 28.23% (2016 = 23.81%)
Average payout from winning bet : 3.89/1 (2016 = 3.86/1)

Yearly Profit: 112.05pts (2016 = 46.24pts)
Profit on Stakes Invested: 38.11% (2016 was 15.73%)

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These are pretty impressive figures considering we give a selection every day rain or shine, if we say so ourselves and we'll be doing our level best to maintain our success in 2018, although we're very well aware it'll be a tough ask!

That said, the first seven weeks of the year have gone well and with profit already guaranteed for February, we'll now have made money in 18 of the last 20 months. The challenge now, of course, is to maintain that consistency.

Thanks for sticking with Geegeez and SotD,
Chris, Steve, Matt and the whole Geegeez team.

***Stat of the Day is just one component of the excellent package available to all Geegeez Gold Members, so why not take your £1/30-day trial now?

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Try Tix for Better Tote Returns

Your first 30 days for just £1
26 replies
  1. colsinit2win
    colsinit2win says:

    Doing a great job guys! I have been with GeeGeez for about 2 years now but have only honed in on SotD since the turn of the year. Having digested the figures for the years since inception, I decided that as soon as I see the post for the following day, I’m going in blind, no need to wait for the reasons! One thing I do though is to split stakes across various accounts as I don’t want to fall into the trap of being blocked due to consistently beating SP. Needless to say, it is one of the reasons for me making a bright start to 2018!
    Keep up the good work guys…

    • Chris Worrall
      Chris Worrall says:

      Splitting the stakes is a very good idea, I do try and put advised prices up that are available with several firms at the same time.

  2. ruskopete
    ruskopete says:

    Impressive stuff, your efforts are appreciated, paid for my subscription last couple of years. Has anyone ever figured out a staking plan to see if they could boost the profits? Happy with level stakes to be honest, keeps things simple.


  3. jamesfeeney
    jamesfeeney says:

    Great work men, well done. I’m on my third year following SotD religiously and, like the first poster, I don’t bother waiting for explanations anymore, and splitting stakes is a must but it’s a trick I learned too late before I came here. Results can sometimes be up and down in the short term and newcomers may be put off by a short bad spell, but the graph is rising continually upwards with a level of consistency unparalleled anywhere else. A huge credit to all. Thanks again.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      If the obvious reason is that prices not available, you may be surprised to discover that our winners often drift. But fair enough, Jim, we like that it’s not for everyone 😉

      • Jim Atkins
        Jim Atkins says:

        The bookies who lead the way pricing up you can’t get any level of money on yet they will cut the prices even for small stakes. Connections won’t get involved overnight for the lack of stake they can place and invariably won’t let their horse run on its merits when the price they wanted has been destroyed overnight by tipsters etc.

        • Chris Worrall
          Chris Worrall says:

          All a bit too conspiracy theorist to me. You don’t need to justify your non-involvement, but I think you’re doing many horse owners a disservice by suggesting they’ll ruin their horse’s chances because people have put their money on it overnight.

          We’ll just crack on taking money from the bookies like we’ve done for the last six years.

          • Jim Atkins
            Jim Atkins says:

            Not knocking the service Chris and don’t stop what works for you obviously.

            With regards to “conspiracy theorist” that depends on how much you know actually goes in within the game I guess.

            With the prize money what it isn’t connections must have a gamble to pay their way these days and £5 and £10 overnight punters do ruin a horses chance if connections cannot get their lolly on.

  4. Rotund legend
    Rotund legend says:

    i back the selection every day and as a full time punter/trader find it most useful to boos my annual profits. Like all services it has ups and downs and you just have to stick with it and keep your nerve with your stakes.

    Matt, hope to see you at the London Racing Club (well done for being its sponsor) on March 8th for the Festival preview. I will buy you a Guinness.


  5. MColebrook
    MColebrook says:

    Still the best site around. Has proven an exceptional tool in the veritable armoury to go to war with against the bookmakers, even to my comparatively smaller stakes (comparative to others on this site). Keep up the excellent work. Thanks as always.

  6. suzanne
    suzanne says:

    I couldn’t thank or praise you guys enough for this service.Over the years I have built up a healthy betting bank from the stat of the day selections.Im sure many will disagree or even find fault with my method but it suits me and I can’t argue with a profit of £2425.82 this year alone.I back every selection each way and to 3% of my betting bank and I always place my bet the night before racing at BOG.
    January 1st bet was £81 each way
    Today’s bet is £118 each way
    My only very small moan is that I’m lost with no stat to do on Sundays………………….
    Once again thankyou all and keep up the excellant work and service

    • Chris Worrall
      Chris Worrall says:

      That’s fantastic news. And to think we’re constantly told by our detractors that we’re not credible because we place bets the night before and we’re all restricted to small stakes.

          • Jim Atkins
            Jim Atkins says:

            No problem Chris wasn’t intending to fall out with you and I didn’t mean to sound condescending or patronising. It does irk with a lot of folk when prices are snatched overnight. My email with this message , please feel free to contact me privately and I can pass on some information as to some of the machinations of the sport. Might prove I do not mean to be condescending or patronising and hopefully it would be educational.

            Best Wishes

  7. Hughsiepops
    Hughsiepops says:

    Hi Chris. Do you have the SOTD Selections for 2017 in an excel file that you would be prepared to share? Personally I back all selections at BSP in both the Win and Place market, but my record keeping isn’t great with these selections as I have to place them while I’m at work. It would good to see how much ahead I ended up overall for 2017. Some of the BSP prices have been fantastic especially as many selections are around the 3/1 to 6/1 SP mark

    • James Cross
      James Cross says:

      Hughsie, I have most of the 2017 selections in an excel file. I don’t have them all because at some point I made a decision only to bet those selected by Chris.

      It wouldn’t take you that long to fill in the gaps so I can send you that if you want.

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