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Stat of the Day: The 2018 Review

A little over four weeks ago was the end of SotD's seventh full calendar year since its inception as a non-tipping piece back in November 2011. I should possibly clarify for those who haven't been with us all that time!

SotD was designed to give some statistical pointers as to how you could frame a bet without relying purely on the formbook or the racecards, which as we all know were (and largely still are ) inadequate back then. So, whilst we don't expect all of them to win, we do expect a fair run and often the stats we quote will pinpoint winners elsewhere too, so it's really more than a tip.

We know that we acquire lots of new subscribers every year thanks to previous years' successes from this service and also due to more savvy punters looking for better data, information and racecards than they'll find anywhere else on the 'net, so a brief overview of SotD is as follows...

Whilst form and other variable parameters come in to play when normally making a bet, SotD's first port of call is find runners who fit a stat (or usually a number of stats) suggesting they will go well.

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We aim to have the selection online in the early evening before racing (preferably by 6.00pm) where possible but occasionally due to home-life, travel plans and/or holidays, it can be later, but there's a selection every day except Sundays and we don't take Bank Holidays, Easter nor Christmas off!

We try to find runners priced around the 11/4 to 6/1 mark at BOG prices and look for some value in the odds achieved, but sometimes we have to stray outside those parameters a little. A large proportion of our selections run at much shorter odds than we advise and constantly beating SP is a key in making long-term profits. Basically, our profit figures aren't massaged by some freakishly long priced winners, nor is our strike rate bolstered by a string of odds-on jollies.

What we do have is a consistent approach that aims to highlight one value selection per day and although this "one-a-day" stats-based approach to bet selection suffers all the obligatory peaks and troughs associated with betting on horses, we did manage to make a profit yet again in 2018, but it was a real tough slog and easily our worst year so far, which was made even more acute following on from 2017's stellar performance!

Normally at this point, I'm typing this out with a fairly satisfied smile on my face, but the bulk of 2018 from Easter onwards gave me little to smile about to be honest and the only real cause for celebration is that we managed to secure another yearly profit, our 7th on the bounce. We're rightfully proud of our 7 year record for what is essentially a free add-on to the Gold toolbox package, but we're aware that 2019 needs to be better.

A full month-by-month analysis of SotD's results can, of course, always be found at , but the overall picture for 2018 was as follows:

Number of bets/selections/pts wagered: 292 (two fewer than 2017!)
Winning Bets: 67 (well down from 83 in 2017)
Strike Rate: 22.95% (2017 = 28.23%)
Average payout from winning bet : 3.57/1 (2017 = 3.89/1)

Yearly Profit: 14.16pts (2017 = 112.05pts)
Profit on Stakes Invested: 4.85% (2017 was 38.11%)

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Our overall bottom line is still very impressive and one that both Matt and I (it's a team game) are rightfully very proud of, but we're well aware that 2019 needs to be better for both of us and more importantly for you, our loyal subscribers.

That said, the first four weeks of this year have gone well and we're already guaranteed to be in front for the at the end of next month, so we're now hoping to kick on and make 2019 something more like 2017 than 2018!. The challenge now, of course, is to extend January's form for as long as we can throughout the year.

Thanks for sticking with Geegeez and SotD,
Chris, Matt and the whole Geegeez team.

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7 replies
  1. bigvern63
    bigvern63 says:

    Keep up the good work Chris… SOTD, love GeeGeez… value around….big thanks to you, Matt and the rest of the team.

    Happy punting, Chris

  2. Bazcoe
    Bazcoe says:

    It’s my “go to” for my main(often only) bet and has served me well over the years. Long may it continue and thank you for your hard work .

  3. peterblue1
    peterblue1 says:

    Hi As a relatively new member of gg I find pretty difficult to get the BOG price advertised for the stat of the day. From what I can see the profits are dependent on getting the advertised price when the advice is posted.
    Otherwise I am enjoying using gg.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Peter

      As with all such services, if you don’t have the BOG concession with the major bookmakers you will sometimes have to take slightly shorter elsewhere. We always advise betting with a BOG bookie – for instance, we feel it is better to take 3/1 BOG than 7/2 without BOG.

      Another thing we’ve seen over more than 2000 bets is that very often the price shortens during the evening as a result of SotD readers getting on, but then drifts back out again – often to a bigger price than was advised – during the lead up to off time. Again, this is absolutely a reason to take BOG wherever possible.

      Ultimately, if you have restricted or concession-free accounts no value service can change that sadly.

      I’m very pleased to read that you’re otherwise enjoying geegeez. We have a fair bit of what I hope is valuable extra content coming very soon.


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