Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day Update, 17th to 22nd November 2014

Stat of the Day : Update

Stat of the Day : Update

Stat of the Day Update: 17/11/14 to 22/11/14

A week to go of the month and I'm still slightly down on where I'd like to be for November. Last week was very frustrating to say the least. What I felt was my strongest pick of the week became a non-runner on Saturday due to worsening ground conditions and a difficult time on the All-Weather left me with just one winner from the rest of the week.

Fortunately, we'd highlighted Mikandy at 5/1 on Monday, enabling us to at least make a point's profit on the week and whilst it doesn't sound much, it's an ROI of 20%, which isn't far short of our historical 23.94% return. It does, though, mean that with just six shots left for the month, I'm going to need two winners to ensure that November finishes in profit.

I remain hopeful of doing so 😀

Selections & Results: 17/11/14 to 22/11/14

17/11: Mikandy (adv 5/1 BOG) : won at 7/2
18/11: Shadows Lengthen (adv 5/1 BOG) : u/p at 9/1
19/11: Captain Cat (adv 11/4 BOG) : u/p at 6/5
20/11: Knight Owl (adv 5/1 BOG) : u/p at 7/2
21/11: Memoria (adv 9/2 BOG) : u/p at 9/2
22/11: Lightening Rod (adv 100/30 BOG) : non-runner

17/11 to 22/11:
1 winning bet from 5
P/L: +1.00pts

4 winners from 17 = 23.53% S.R.
P/L: -1.30pts
POI = -7.65%

283 winners from 979 = 28.91% S.R
P/L: +234.34pts
ROI: +23.94%
plus a 12pt profit from 1 forecast => +246.34pts from a 980pt outlay = +25.14% ROI

P.S. The full month by month SotD story can be found right here.
P.P.S The review of SotD's 2012 performance is here.

Whilst the details for 2013 are now online here.

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7 replies
  1. Avatar
    Florian Mal says:

    hi Chris, i would like to point out that 1 point profit for last week is wrong, i was 1/2 point loss and im sure most of the gold members are on the same boat as myself.
    sotd being posted at midnight or any other hour of the day might bring traffic to your site and keeps gold members checking the site 5-6 times a day to see if sotd has been posted, but that was ok when sotd was free but now we are paying for it and it would only be fair that everyone has an equal chance to place the bet at the price you are advising.
    this can be sorted with either an email to gold members saying that sotd page has been updated or on SotD page at the end of the post to mention the time when the next update would take place.
    the same for October, you show profit of one point and im at a loss of 3.5 points and 50euro a point brings a loss of 175 euro plus 30 euro subscription thats 205euro loss, im tracking all bets at the best price i can get on not the price you show and november so far looks 3 times worse then october.
    please reconsider the way SotD its being delivered to Gold Members or myself and a few other members i recommended might reconsider geegeez membership.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:


      Thanks for your comment, and we do understand that not everyone can get on at the prices we recommend.

      However, you assertion that our data is wrong is, well, wrong. We back all of our selections after they’re posted, so we KNOW the prices are available, usually with multiple bookmakers.

      The fact that you as one individual have failed to get some prices is neither here nor there, especially as you omit to mention that sometimes the price gets BIGGER after posting before reducing again at SP, meaning some users are able to actually do BETTER than SotD’s records.

      The bottom line is this: we understand the frustration of getting on at the price, but we record the prices available at time of posting, and we will not be changing this.

      Finally, as someone who references the times when SotD was free, you’ve been clearly making very handsome profits over a very long period of time, so to crab about a couple of points that you’ve been unable to achieve seems at best uncharitable.

      If my tone seems moderately irritated, then that’s about right, I’m afraid. You are perfectly at liberty to exercise your right to cancel if you feel the value proposition doesn’t merit what you’re paying for it. But you are NOT at liberty to tell us a) our figures are wrong when they’re not, and b) how to run our business.

      As with all ex-subscribers we would be sorry to see you go, because we know that we offer outstanding value for money and a totally transparent and honest service.

      Again, sorry if this has been rather more frank than you might have expected.


      p.s. if you follow us on twitter, you’ll be one of the first to know when SotD has been published.

    • Avatar
      Chris Worrall says:

      I’m not entirely sure where to start with a reply, but just letting you know that I’ve read your comment and I will try to address your concerns later today, if Matt doesn’t beat me to it.

      PS The horse is currently 9/2 with Hills and has been for the last couple of hours.

    • Avatar
      Chris Worrall says:

      Firstly, Matt is quite correct in advising you to follow us on Twitter.

      There are several reasons why there’s no set time for posting the SotD selections, but mainly because I fit the work around my family commitments in the evenings, when most other people have already knocked off work for the day. I stay up late to do the piece , so that workers can place a bet before setting out for the day. Originally, we had a 10.30am time target for SotD, but I suspect you’d not be happy with the prices achievable at that point either.

      Your 30 Euro / £24 subscription is for all the content on the site, not just for SotD and if you’re only using SotD, then you’re partly to blame if you feel you’re not getting value for money.

      I backed Mikandy at 5/1 last Monday and that gave me a small 1pt profit on the week, we’ve not had one other message from anyone about that price and we publish all comments we receive.

      I could go on, but I’d probably be recovering the points made by Matt, so I’ll leave it there.


  2. Avatar
    Florian Mal says:


    well Matt you completely misunderstood me on the message i was trying to get across, i do not try to tell you how to run your business, i’m only saying that everyone should get and equal chance on placing the bets by having a better setup the way SotD is posted .
    Yes i know that not everyone would get the price, would be impossible
    i know geegeez membership is more then SotD and it is a great site with loads of info but sotd is one of them and i’m only suggesting that sotd should be posted at a certain time of the day every day so if anyone is not getting the price then no one is at fault.

    and yes i know the price you suggest is the right price, i have no doubts as i do check it all the time but as you have probably hundreds or thousands(i hope) 🙂 of members and everyone heading to the same bookmaker with the highest price then obviously the price is going to go down.
    Chris, i really like what you are doing on Sotd and i never intended to say that the the figures are not right, i was only saying that very few people are getting that price and if you dont get members commenting in here it doesnt mean it doesnt happen very often.
    if my feedback is somehow offensive to you guys then i apologize but i thought Matt is welcoming feedback.

    I’m not the only one as i have other friends members on geegeez and they are saying the same thing.

    i will let them know about tweeter

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Florian

      We do of course encourage feedback, and that’s whether we agree with it or not!

      The thing is, though, we’re a very small business (with hundreds, not thousands of subscribers at the moment), and we can’t guarantee a time for SotD because we don’t work to normal ‘office hours’. There will be, as you say, some people unable to get a price sometimes, but I don’t think it’s as prevalent as you imply (I might be wrong).

      Twitter is definitely a good way to get alerted when SotD has been published, so definitely worth looking into.


  3. Avatar
    Florian Mal says:

    hi Matt, i am following geegeez on tweeter now so hopefyully i can get on at the same odds or higher :-).
    If its not possible to change the way SotD is being published, i completley understand.
    Was simply a sugestion and why i thought would have been a good idea.
    you stress all the time using BOG, and with strike rate/odds you know how important is to have the right balance to make a profit.

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