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Hi again and welcome to your Wednesday roundup on what has been going on here in the System Trials section of the site.

We recently completed three reviews that neither passed not failed the Geegeez test and so had to be given the neutral verdict. As you'll see very shortly, all three had reasonable strike rates (one was quite high, actually) and all three made a profit in their 60-day review period, so why didn't they get our seal of approval?

Well, the problem is that they simply didn't make enough money to a £10 level stake to cover the subscription fees adequately, but with an increased stake or a slight tweaking of the selection procedure they could be more profitable and therefore more attractive. Anyway,these are the figures I'm talking about.

Selective Racing Trust hit 15 winners from 81 (18.52% SR) for a level stakes profit of 4.54pts at an ROI of 5.6%, as can be seen in Iain's full review. Had there been more selections at slightly better prices, then this could well have been a hit.

Sibling service Top Notch Tips also just fell slightly short of what we were hoping to see. An excellent 31.6% strike rate (81/256) was tempered by the fact that the prices were once again on the skinny side, resulting in level stakes profits of just 6.57pts for an ROI of 2.6%. It does, however, have to be said that they were quite unlucky at times, hitting the crossbar frequently. However, it just wasn't quite enough. To see every selection the made under trial, click here to go to Dick's report.

And the third of the nearly men was Winning Trends, another level stakes service that had a near 20% strike rate (52/264) and ultimately recorded profits of just 2.6pts, a return of less than 1% of stakes. I felt that, on occasions, there were too many selections and that had we placed the bets at BOG prices, the profits would/could have been higher. The selections are actually available the night before racing, so getting an early bet on would be easy enough. Ernest's review of the service is right here.

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So, three profitable services with decent strike rates, but didn't get the Geegeez thumbs up. We're a tough bunch to please! 😀

The current active reviews include the following...

The Bookies Enemy No.1 service continues to rake in the profit and after another 15.7pts in the last week, now stands at 106pts profit in 51 days, courtesy of a 24.8% strike rate. Every single bet/advice we have received for this one is listed in Ernest's in depth report.

Master Racing Tipster who made a decent recovery effort last week, hitting three winners from 10 on their way to a 2.1 profit and have now almost clawed their way back to profitablility. Currently they stand at an overall loss of 3.4pts despite a decent 23.6% strike rate (17/72) and Iain's review shows that they've still got a quarter of the review period left in which to complete their revitalisation.

Our reviewer Iain is certainly a busy man, as he has also been compiling a full breakdown of the Systematic Racing service, which advises both back bets at Betfair SP and place lay bets below 2.00. Both strands to the service had a good week (6/23 winners and 1 successful lay) generating 11.6pts profit, putting this service back into overall profitability, albeit at just 1.8pts after40 days!.

On the other, hand fellow reviewer David Sutton has been kicking heels somewhat whilst reviewing the Hawkeye service. There was only one bet placed in the last seven days and a losing one at that. Hawkeye don't tip every day and in fact they have only made eight selections in the month we've been following them, hitting one winner and losing 5pts in the process. There's not much to see, but David's review is right here.

P.S. Don't feel too sorry for David, he has just agreed to undertake quite a hefty task on our behalf, but more about that next week!

We have recently started to analyse the many approaches available to subscribers of the Focus Ratings, as highlighted in my overview of the service. Ratings are a difficult entity to assess/review, but I feel with the couple of angles we've chosen to investigate, we should be able to give you a good indication of the strengths and any weaknesses of the service. If you go to my overview of the service, you'll see how we've chosen to report on the ratings and there are links to our reports from there.

1PointWins has been massively promoted of late elsewhere, so we brought that one in for review this week. Just 2 days of action so far, one winner from four and a small 1.6pt loss to date. It's very early days, of course and here's a direct link to Ernest's review.

A similar story from fellow new recruit Wootton Racing, 2 days, one winner from four and a small loss (0.9pts this time). As above, it's early days and this time, John Barley will be compiling our full review of the service.

So, that's us bang up to date with the reviews section of the site. More new reviews will be coming online next week and as well as racing services to trial, we've a couple of football tipsters in the pipeline and another in depth analysis of a ratings service, so stay tuned for those.

For further information on any of the services featured here, simply click their name(s) anywhere on this page or drop me a line, I'd be happy to help. And don't forget that all our reviews have their own little home in the System Trials section of the main site.

Until next time,
Have a great week,

Chris and all the Geegeez review team.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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    fredcm says:

    Hi Chris would the three mentioned above as not being quite the full ticket have benefited from being followed based on price for instance the way I wager is to win a certain amount as opposed to level stakes.
    Keep up the good work regards Fred.

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      Chris Worrall says:

      A fixed profit per bet, as opposed to a fixed liability?
      An interesting suggestion to which I have no answer currently, but perhaps it could be looked into.

      Thanks for the suggestion,

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