Sunday Service: Some Betting Thoughts…

The mailbag has rivaled my poor old postie's own sack in the run up to Christmas, dear reader, as questions have been fired in on a diverse array of subjects.

To be honest, I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up with my relative inboxes right now - I get more than 50 emails a day across the various sites and products. I do always try to reply to everyone individually, but please don't be dismayed if it takes me a little longer than normal just now.

Actually, I wanted to answer a couple of emails here in the blog, as I think my replies - and indeed the questions posited - may have a wider appeal than just the original sender.

So, without further ado, here's Ivan's questions about the Project Betfair system, which I've replied to in a wider context.

Hi Matt,

Dont know if you received my first email today, but just wanted to send you a warning about Project Betfair. I purchased ebook and subscribed to tipping service and since I started using system I had 11 bets and 5 of them were winners. Three of them today (12.40 More Like It,2.40 Risque Heights, 3.20 Thoughtsofstardom - all of them were lays - following the system rules).

I just cant belive that it's a bad luck or variance and I think that there are big leaks in the system and I wont be using it any more. I'm afraid to place any more lays that system suggest as they dont justyfy the odds of 5.0-6.0 with the winning rate of little bit better than 50%.

It would be a nice thing if you could post a warning on your blog to save your subscribers some money.
I also requested refund from Project Betfair team as they offer 60 days money back guarantee. I'll let you know if I find any trouble with that.

Thanks for your posts and news from racing world.




Hi Ivan

This is the first email I’ve had from you – thanks for writing in.

I have some comments, which you may not agree with:

- When you buy a new system, you should use the period of trial / refund to paper trade. You should NEVER start trading a system from day one, unless you are completely certain its for you.

- I believe in the logic of this specific system, and any system can have a bad run. Before you signed up, they were having an excellent time of it, so this merely redresses that (although they are now in a negative position for the time being).

- Project Betfair sell through Clickbank and so you will definitely get your money back – if not directly, then write to

Your first 30 days for just £1

- I have been trialling the system on my blog and I’ll review it accordingly at the end of the trial

Although you may not agree with these comments, I hope they help to clarify what I believe the position to be.

Best Regards,

Key points here about ANY system.

1. Make sure there's a money back guarantee and / or a free trial.

2. Use the guarantee / trial period to paper trade until you're happy.

3. It is NOT ok to blame a system vendor if you have gone 'gung ho from the get go'. It is your money, and you should not entrust it to somebody else, unless you have confidence in that person.

4. (Sorry for this) Only bet with money you can afford to lose!

OK, soap box away for now. I'll return tomorrow with another reader's letter, and my reply.


The aforementioned Project Betfair had a 'dayus horribilis' yesterday. Results were as below:

3.10 Can't Buy Time (LOST, did not qualify due to price)

12.40 More Like It (WON, Betfair SP 4.74/1)

2.40 Risque Heights (WON, Betfair SP 3.94/1)
2.40 Saucy (LOST)
3.20 Bookiesindex Boy (LOST, did not qualify due to price)
3.20 Thoughtsofstardom (WON, did not qualify due to price)

7.20 Whiskey Creek (LOST, did not qualify due to price)
7.50 Lochiel (LOST)
7.50 Master At Arms (LOST)
8.20 To Be Or Not To Be (WON, Betfair SP 3/1)
9.20 Spinning (LOST)
9.20 Hyde Lea Flyer (WON, Betfair SP 2.49/1)

A loss of 10.2 points on the day, and a running total of -9.2 points since I started tracking.

There are no qualifiers today.


Finally, don't forget to avail yourself of the TTS special should you so wish. The rest of the season for a once off payment that equate to less than half price. (post script, the first runner today just won at 9/4...)

Click here to take advantage

[Note: if you're already a subscriber, you simply cancel your current sub through PayPal and sign up for the new one.]

Enjoy your Sunday, and I'll be back tomorrow.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Toby says:

    Couldn’t agree more Matt. Always paper trade 1st until you are happy that the results are consistent. Good systems (even TTS) go through bad spells and these bad spells can’t always be seen as the systems norm (at least not after a week or twos trading).

    My advice to your emailer, Ivan, is run the system with minimum stakes (or just paper trade) to start off with. Run it for a couple of months and then review the system. If the system still fails to perform – then either get a refund or shelve it and put it down to a bad experience.

    There aren’t any systems out there that guarantee 100% profits and as such, it means that each system will have it’s losing spells. On the same front, if you get a system that seems to be doing very well, don’t increase your stakes too much straight away. Set yourself goals such as increasing your bank by a certain amount before increasing the stakes – and stick to it. This way you limit your exposure to the bad spells.

    There has been alot of hype about Project Betfair just recently and I will be reserving my judgement until at least the New Year.

    Thanks for a great blog Matt and keep up the great work

    Toby Drysdale

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