Sunday Special: Get This ‘Trendy’ Service Gratis For 30 Days

Just a quick post, dear reader, to advise / remind you of a most comprehensive and best of all 'no charge' email service you can avail yourself of.

It's called Racing Trends, and some of you will have already seen it adorn the virtual walls of this 'ere blog over the past week.

Well, that fine David Renham, whose service it is, is allowing you to continue to follow the service for a full month without cost.

David is a noted racing journalist and published author, and his stats are an excellent weapon in the fight with the satchel-wielding bookies (or fellow punters on Betfair).

When you register, you'll get access to the following info daily:

- draw observations

- positive market statistics

- positive sire / draw / trainer stats (these are particularly worthy of note, I believe)

- top course trainers

- pace info

- in-form trainer info (also well worth noting)

- a special mention for any horse noted in more than one of the above sections.

As I said, it's a really comprehensive 'cheat sheet' for the day's racing and, whilst not a tipping service per se, it does help whittle down races, and point to certain animals.

Anyway, it won't cost you a bean to check it out and, if you don't like what you see, there will be no hard feelings. Just write to Dave or cancel it yourself, and there'll never be any expense incurred.

Here's the link you need to click:

(Sunday) Best,


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