Five questions....

SURVEY: Your Betting Knowledge

Five questions....

Five questions....

I'm interested in understanding a little more about what you, as a geegeez reader, know about horse racing and betting; and any subjects where you might like to know more. So, below is a short five question survey to see where you're at.

Please do take 90 seconds to complete it, and many, many thanks in advance for your input!


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  1. David says:

    Reasons for no are purely on the basis of being unlikely to make sufficient difference to me rather than not being interested.

  2. guy weaver says:

    Hi Matt, I have answered honestly, but as a Gold Member of Geegeez I am delighted with the quality of the service and the information that is readily available on the site. of course everyone can improve by learning more, for example I’m group 1 at backing non-runners Ante Post!!I am very happy with current product and also Chris’s stat picks service. Cheers, Guy

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Guy, and yes, I think the ante-post non runner affliction is pretty common. The key is selectivity, and recognising that – with the best will in the world – a large number of horses backed a/p will not show up, something which is factored into the price.

      Like every other approach, the game is making sure the ones who do turn up, and win, pay for the rest and leave a bit besides. I have plenty of ideas and suggestions to that end.

      Thanks again for the comment, and very pleased you’re enjoying Gold.


  3. Mrlucky says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’ll have more time on my hands in the next year and so discipline in betting with become paramount. So many of my friends have fallen in a hole with lots of time to….chase losses. Adrenaline is a killer without pre-determined strategy.
    Looking forward to your project

  4. Dennis Cox says:

    The most important factor is whether the money is down or not by the right people.Whether the trainer’s horses are in form.Doesn’t matter what form, speed, distance or course if the horse is not trying.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      It’s surprising to see another comment suggesting the most important factor is when the money is down. I’ve had horses with six or seven trainers, and please believe me when I say I know more about a horse’s chance than all bar one of them.

      It is a lazy fallacy to suggest that this is the only way to win; or even the best way. Planned punts go astray more often than not.

      For readers who actually believe this theory, I would suggest it is important to learn more or get out of a game at which you don’t think it’s possible to win. Genuinely, that is your choice.


  5. Thomas says:

    would like to learn an alternative way of producing speed figures different from Mordin and byere

  6. henry thompson says:

    with the utmost respect horses each and all will have their day ,,its not entirely about capability,, being layed out for the right race and on the right ground, might take a season, but eventually will happen..
    The secret being on the “inside” thus knowing when that day is,,,Group races being the exception to this everything else is a virtual minefield for your everyday punter, and I speak from experience having owned a part share in a horse,,
    Like the trainer said to the guy studying his form book,,,throw it in the bin lad,, what it dosnt tell you is if it was trying…
    Enough said I think,,,,

    • Matt Bisogno says:


      Like you, with the utmost respect, that is absolute poppycock. Nobody can be right all of the time, or even most of the time. That’s not the point. The point is to understand enough to back winners that cover the losses and leave some besides. That is unequivocally possible – though not with a defeatist attitude like the one you outline sadly.

      Honestly, and again with respect, anyone who even remotely believes that shouldn’t be betting because they are doomed to give their money away and then blame someone else.


  7. henry thompson says:

    Matt,, my defeatist attitude has paid for me 3 holidays this year alone,, so to say I am doomed really is a clutching at straw tipster I ever followed has made me money,, much much better to read a race yourself without all the technicalities , and follow ones own hunches,,
    and so much cheaper and rewarding.
    A fool and his money are easily parted,,i am not one,,
    So poppycock or not my decisions on a race are as good as anybody elses,or not as the case may be.
    I stand by my own decisions rightly or wrongly but do NOT need guidance from some non- descript tipster, who knows little more than any other self respecting punter…take a look at your own league of tipsters tables,, says and tells all, one needs to know.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Now steady on a minute here, Henry.

      1. I am NOT a tipster, non-descript or otherwise! Never have been, never will be.
      2. Suggesting throwing the form book in the bin IS poppycock, regardless of holidays or anything else. It remains by far the most likely place to find winners.
      3. I use the tipping league to test things I’m developing on the site, not to compete for the prizes!

      In this comment, you’ve referred to reading races, which is NOT about insider information and IS about interpreting form.


      p.s. I’d guess you’re fairly new around here…

  8. Tuckers Luck says:

    Hi Matt,

    I would like to see a “Foundations” course if possible, a starting point and a system/s that I follow for each days racing.
    I say this as I trade the stock Market each day and know how important a strategy and starting point is and the discipline needed to be profitable come the month end, I have seen people come and go over the last few years due to a lack of an Edge or a basic understanding of what to do each day.
    I personally struggle putting bets on if they are not in the top 1/4 of the betting unless following a tip.
    thanks and gl

  9. FGR says:

    Oh, dear. I despair sometimes at the attitude of some punters.
    A good, general knowledge of the form book will have you holding your own against the layers in no time at all – getting ahead is the hard part. But that’s where the like of Geegeez come in.
    To suggest that racing is littered with non-triers is just nonsense; mug talk that you expect to hear down your local bookies from perennial losers who blame anyone and everyone apart from themselves for their losing bets.
    Likewise, inside information. If it was that easy to arrange a coup, why are stable staff always skint? And why are more and more trainers having to give up the game because they can’t make it pay?
    Wake! Up!

  10. Robert Grimes says:

    Hi Matty,
    A excellent article and presentation, and probably the start of another `geegee`s` winner.

    I have not been in touch with you for several months because of a heart attack in April this year, this has knocked
    the stuffing right out of me,… following my stroke, a couple of years back, My loss of memory is awful and I just cannot remember to keep appointments, be they online or with Clinics or Hospitals, nothing works for me at this current time, this is the main reason for the `no`s in your questionare,…. not cost, I just would forget to attend them.

    Please keep me on your mailing list as I really enjoy the articles and banter, the bookie story,.. iesnare was a proper eye opener.

    well done Matt.

    All the best,
    Bob Grimes

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Bob

      Thanks a lot for your comment, and I was very sorry to read your news. Sounds like you’re having a very tough time of it. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Geegeez – at least with all the information readily available, it won’t trouble the longer term memory banks too much.

      Stay strong and well, and thanks again for getting in touch.


  11. bensoncb says:

    Matt, one factor that I spend a lot of time analysing, is the movement and volumes of money placed on Betfair. I like to see one horse reducing in price with over 80% of the total placed and the “dangers” increasing in price.

    As an aside, many thanks for introducing me to Paul and Winning Racing Tips a few weeks ago. Since joining his service, I have placed £830 of bets as per his instructions, and am currently showing a profit of £536.

    What with SofD and now WRT, life is good.


    Chris Benson (aka IvantheV)

  12. Graaay says:

    Hi Matt. Wouldn’t mind learning how to open some new accounts and keeping them open.

  13. grahame18 says:

    hi Matt
    would love to learn more about most subjects but being my wifes full time carer and only getting benefits i couldnt afford to pay for it
    thanks Graham

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