This is the current list of requested systems for review. If you'd like to add a request, please send an email to

support @ (note, no spaces in the email address when you send it)

Name Type Cost Review Dates
Pegasus B c£50/month
LowLay L £30/month 11th May-7th June
Classformracing B
Martin Bishop B £149/month
The Insider S £29/quarter 15th May
Ultimate Forex F £1,947 25th May ongoing
Its Lay Time L £45/month
Chase Master B £25/month
O'Neil Formula ? £50
The Trading Plan B £295/year
The Protégé B £95 12th May - 30th May
SureFire F £187
Serial Punter Arb £40
The Lay Trader L £40

Five Minute Profits Arb? £29

SmartMoneyPunter B £57

The Secret System B £19

Total Betting Club  B   £20/month

Perfect Punter   B £149/ quarter

Dutch and Win B £39 / month

Keep checking back, as more will be added each month...