The State of Play

System Reviews : the State of Play

The State of Play

The State of Play

System Reviews : the State of Play, 20th August 2014

As we approach the latter end of the flat season, several of our reviews have recently ended and we'll be bringing you several new ones next week, but more about those in a moment.

Firstly, I want to bring you all up to speed with the current state of play of the active reviews and I'll do this in order of publication with the details of the most recent ones first:

Hawkeye Tips is an occasional service that seeks out value bets and since we started looking at them, they have only made seven selections in 24 days. Just one of them was a successful bets, leaving them in a four point deficit at the time of going to press. You can see the review right here.

The Lay Maker service was withdrawn from the market and after 24 days on review, it was clear to see why. Laying horses at odds of up to 13.00 needs both unerring accuracy and balls of steel (sorry, ladies!) and to hit five bad lays from 17 in those 24 days was always going to be disastrous. At the point at which they put the service on hold, they were 26pts in the red, as you can see here.

Systematic Racing is an unusual service, in so much that they advise both back bets and lay bets and after almost five weeks on review , they're at an overall loss of almost 10pts. You initial response might well to be think that layers are letting the side down as is often the case, but it's the opposite in fact.

Our review shows that the short-priced (Max BFSP of 2.00) lays are running at 51.4% (18/35) for a profit of 3.9pts, wheras the back bets have only found 29 winners from 102 selections for a loss of almost 13.7pts to date: figures that could surely be improved by taking a BOG price.

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Master Racing Tipster has proved to be a little inconsistent of late, moving from a veery healthy position two weeks ago (13 winners from 44 for 17pts profit) to where they are now, staring at a 5.5pts deficit after 37 days on review. A run of just one winner from 18 has really hit them hard, as can be seen in our review.

Forty-four days have now elapsed since we started to review Gary Poole's Bookies Enemy service and there have been plenty of highlights along the way. The service currently has a strike rate in excess of 26% and has made profits of over £900 so far from stakes of just £10 per race. This one looks well set to get the Geegeez Seal of Approval and you can see why right here.

Other services that we have recently reviewed and that get my thumbs up include...

The Racing Consultants who made over £1000 profit in just 60 days with us at a strike rate of almost 22%. Every single selection is listed right here.

Value Racing Tips were also excellent under review and with a strike rate of almost 24% and profits of £409.50 at an ROIof over 27% led our reviewer Ernest Anthony to say this : "A truly worthwhile service – probably the best I have ever reviewed and have no hesitation in strongly recommending it and award it 5/5" and here's why Ernest said that.

I'm more than happy to endorse both of those two services above and I'm equally happy to give any more information on them (or any other services) should you want it. You know where I am! 😀

For more details on any of the services I've mentioned today, simply click on their name and you'll be taken to their homepage(s), or as above drop me an email at the usual address, I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Chris & the Geegeez review team.

P.S. Don't forget that all our reviews (current and concluded) live together in their own little section of the site, which is right here

P.P.S. Plenty of new stuff coming next week, including reviews of not one, but two ratings services!

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